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    Lead generation on facebook and instagram has become an excellent solution for collecting applications, because for this there is no need to have a website or a promoted instagram account. The collection of applications is simplified as much as possible, just click on the ad and send the application!

    Сбор заявок

    Everything would be fine, but there is one “small” inconvenience 🙂 All applications must be downloaded in the facebook advertising account. And facebook does not report about their appearance!

    As a result, you are waiting for already cooled leads that have gone to competitors. Or the constant need to update the page in the advertising account in anticipation of leads.

    The ads-leads-generator.ru service provides the easiest and fastest way to set up automatic sending of lead form data to email.

    настроить автоматическую отправку

    To do this, you do not need to study the interface, set up bundles and bind CRM.

    Principle of operation

    You need to send an application and pay for the connection – that’s it! No further action is required.

    отправить заявку и оплатить подключение

    The system will automatically connect all lead forms to your mailbox. Moreover, what is noteworthy, both existing lead forms and all newly created ones will be connected. No additional steps are required to connect them.

    After connecting, you will receive applications by mail, which will contain all the completed data from the lead form, as well as the name of the lead form and the page to which it is linked.


    You can manage all connections through your personal account:

    Обзор сервиса ads-leads-generator.ru

    First we connect the page, then enter the mail for notifications, click save and voila! All leads begin to fall on the mail immediately after they appear.

    You can add up to 3 mailboxes for free, you need to connect the page 3 times and enter the mail. Don’t forget to click “Save” at the end.

    Main function

    Sending data of completed lead forms by mail.

    Service benefits:

    1. 10 days trial period.
    2. 14 days money back guarantee if something doesn’t fit.
    3. Ease of connection.
    4. There is no need to connect each lead form separately.
    5. Unlimited lead forms.
    6. Unlimited leads sent.
    7. Ability to connect up to 3 mailboxes to one Facebook page.
    8. Leads instantly arrive in the mail.
    9. The cost is 499 rubles / month, this is the most budgetary solution to this problem.
    10. Operational tech. support.
    11. A detailed manual for launching advertising on leads as a gift.

    Service Disadvantages:

    1. There is no way to send leads to the CRM system.
    2. No personal account.

    Rates ads-leads-generator.ru

    There is a single tariff of 499 rubles / month, which includes the ability to connect 1 facebook page, up to 3 mailboxes for sending leads, an unlimited number of lead forms.

    When paying for 6 and 12 months, they give a discount of 10 and 15%, respectively.

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