FONDY Payment Acceptance Review: 7 eCommerce Solutions

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In Ukraine, the number of buyers who prefer to use bank cards instead of cash is growing every year. In the largest cities of Ukraine for the whole of 2019, the share of non-cash trade turnover crossed the threshold of 50%. Given the pace of business development on the Internet, in 2020 the number of cashless payments may grow even more.

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Business owners offer Ukrainian customers convenient online payment methods. And while large companies spend money on developing their own software, representatives of medium and small businesses prefer to connect ready-made solutions. The review describes in detail how to accept payments on the Internet using the FONDY payment system.

Solution 1. Accepting payments on the site through the payment button

Freelancers, developers of games and mobile applications, owners of hosting, taxi services, financial and microcredit organizations – anyone can set up online payments on the site without the involvement of web developers. Instead of 2-3 weeks and several thousand dollars, it will take a maximum of 15 minutes to connect online payments.

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The payment button can be edited at any time: customize the style for your own business, add or remove fields, supplement the payment page. To create a comfortable payment process, you can create your own payment button design or use ready-made templates.

You can connect the acceptance of payments through the payment button by copying a small code or a special link to the site. After clicking on the button, the user will be redirected to a page where he can specify payment details. After entering the details and confirming the payment, you will receive money and a satisfied buyer.

Solution 2: Adding Unassisted Payment Acceptance

To connect the Internet acquiring service, it is not necessary to make changes to the site code or pay specialists. In your personal account, you can download the plugin, add and activate it in the control panel. The FONDY team has created turnkey solutions for 30+ CMS, including WordPress, WooCommerce, and more.

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The developers have prepared detailed instructions with screenshots, which are available on the official website. In most cases, it is enough to download the plugin, add it to the resource through the control panel and activate it.

Solution 3: Automatic entry of buyer’s payment information

Not every person is ready to spend time entering details: you need to find a bank card without a limit on online purchases, enter the payment details correctly. If a customer is distracted by a phone call or text message, they may forget about the payment process altogether and close the tab.

By connecting the acceptance of payments from FONDY, you save customers from searching for a card and entering payment data. It is enough to enter the details once, after which they are automatically entered as soon as the user visits the payment page. To complete the purchase, the visitor just needs to click on the appropriate button.

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Automatic input of bank card details is absolutely safe. Thanks to special encryption technology, no one will be able to use payment data.

Solution 4. Accepting payments without a website

You can use forums, social networks, message boards to sell goods or provide services. This method significantly saves money on creating and managing a web resource, and also allows you to quickly find customers due to the popularity of the site.

It is dangerous to accept payments on your own, as the buyer can receive the goods without paying. Online invoicing from FONDY allows you to make the payment process more convenient and safer. You no longer have to constantly send details, ask to transfer money to the card.

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You can send invoices in a foreign currency, and the system will automatically convert. If you need to send several invoices at once, then you can make a small table with a list of customers, their email addresses and amounts due. It is enough to upload the resulting table in your personal account, after which the system will send invoices to the specified email.

To receive funds, the seller needs to generate an invoice form and send it to the client. The buyer only needs to provide payment information. Then FONDY will independently make the payment, send a notification to the buyer, and send a receipt. You can study the issued invoices and payments on them at any time of the day in your personal account.

Solution 5: Resolve Transaction Processing Issues Online

There are a lot of payment systems, but most of them work with one bank. Such cooperation does not give the buyer any guarantees, because if there is a breakdown, an increase in the processing load or other problems, his payment will not be processed. It is unlikely that customers will wait until the bank restores transaction processing, because of which you will lose potential profit.

Problems often arise when processing transactions in another currency. For example, the bank works only with hryvnias, dollars and euros, and the client wants to pay for the order in pounds sterling. It is easier for the buyer to go to another online store than to think about converting funds on their own.

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In order for you to retain loyal customers, FONDY has implemented a ton of tools for successful payment processing. The platform works with the largest banks in different countries of the world, so if a transaction is rejected by one bank, it is instantly redirected to another.

The platform supports 36+ payment methods and 150+ currencies, including Euros, Dollars, British Pounds and Kazakhstan Tenge. If the client pays for the order in another currency, the system itself converts at the most favorable rate and sends the funds to the seller’s account.

Solution 6. Full support for the delivery cycle

Online stores often face the need to return money. For example, a person paid for an order, received a product, but the color or size did not suit him. In order not to worsen the image of the company, you need to return the money to him as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Using the FONDY Internet acquiring service, you can transfer money back to the buyer’s account in a few minutes. When a person pays for the goods, the system will temporarily block the funds in the account. In the personal account, the seller can confirm or cancel the payment with one click.

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This feature will allow you to get ahead of even large online stores, because in the latter it takes up to 14 days to return. The Internet acquiring service makes it possible to quickly return the money, so it will be possible to avoid negative reviews and maintain the company’s image.

Solution 7: Apple Pay and Google Pay for fast and secure payments

According to the Baymard Institute, based on 41 studies, 69.57% of shoppers abandon their shopping carts at the checkout stage. It would seem that there is only one step left on the way to receiving the goods, you only need to enter the card details, but one phone call and the user has already forgotten what he wanted to do.

If distractions cannot be controlled in any way, then the creation of the most simple and comfortable payment process is in the hands of the seller. The ability to pay via Apple Pay and Google Pay from FONDY helps to increase the conversion.

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Now the user can select a product, go to the payment page and confirm the payment by going through the security system, for example, by entering a special code. The payment platform will carry out the transaction, ensuring the quick receipt of funds through a secure channel.


The FONDY payment platform is an opportunity for every business owner, regardless of the number of customers and turnover, to accept payments on websites, in mobile applications, social networks, via email. The Internet acquiring service works with the largest banks in different countries of the world, which guarantees the successful completion of transactions.

The company offers connection, configuration, various methods of accepting payments and the help of specialists absolutely free of charge. For processing each payment, the system charges a commission of up to 3%, which is much more profitable than regularly attracting third-party programmers.