Overview of the PRPosting content distribution platform

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    A website is the face of a company, product or expert in the online world. It serves as the first stage of communication between the manufacturer of a product or service and a potential buyer. The pumped site causes more interest and trust among the audience. But there is not enough internal content – as many people as possible should learn about the site.

    The main task of website promotion is to increase its position in the issuance of the main search engines. This attracts traffic: new customers, readers and subscribers. It also increases brand awareness and reduces product advertising costs. Potential buyers are looking for information, products or services on Google. If, as a result of the search, they see your site on the first page, and even better – in the first lines of the first page, then the likelihood that they will visit and buy from you increases many times over.

    One way to increase the search positions of a site is to distribute content. In simple terms, the more sources linking to your site, the better it is indexed, that is, it is higher in the search results.

    PRposting is a content distribution platform. It works in three main areas:

    • Link building is link building for the purpose of search engine promotion of the client’s website.
    • Content marketing is the creation and dissemination of useful information for potential buyers of a client’s service or product.
    • Hidden marketing is the formation of the image of the brand or product of the client among the target audience.

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    What sites can be promoted with PRposting?

    Promotion rules are the same for all sites. In some niche, the competition may be higher, in some it may be lower, but the logic is the same: the more sources refer, the more mentions in expert blogs or social networks, the more often users visit the resource and the longer they stay there, the higher the rating site for a search engine.

    The PRposting team has already implemented 950 content distribution projects for clients from different niches and countries.

    Advantages of the PRposting platform

    Link building is often associated with so-called link exchanges. At one time they worked effectively, and most of the experts in search engine promotion used them in their work. But on the Internet, everything is developing rapidly: search engines now recognize sites that abuse promotion through exchanges, so you have to look for new formats. The PRposting platform works on a different principle: it uses rare narrow-profile platforms to distribute content, segments the audience by geolocation, and selects an individual strategy for each client.

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    The content for PRposting clients is placed manually: the team monitors the publications, checks the quality and the deadline for completing the task. If for some reason it is not possible to place your article on the desired site within 7 days, the paid funds will be returned in 100% volume. If the placement was successful, the content will be on the site as long as it exists, you will not have to pay extra for “renewal”.

    If you do not have the time or opportunity to create content for posting yourself, the authors of the PRposting platform will write it for you. It will fully comply with your task and website promotion strategy.

    An important advantage is that there are no commissions when replenishing and hidden payments. The PRposting platform saves you money. After registration, you can replenish your account balance in 19 ways in 5 currencies – and all the money will be in your account.

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    In your personal PRposting account you will find the following tools for website promotion:

    • “My projects” – creating a separate project for each URL. You can promote both the entire site and its individual pages, such as pages for partners or a company blog with useful thematic information for potential customers.
    • “Create Article” or “Buy Article”. After creating a project, you can upload your own content to it or create a task for PRposting authors.
    • Filter. After adding content, you can select publishing options from the catalog – site topics, location countries, rating, – add a stop list or domain zone, specify a price range, or set up smart search by meta tags or domain parts.

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    You can look at the personal account of the PRposting site from the inside and evaluate the catalog of sites for placement even before replenishing the balance.

    If you cannot find the sites you need, you can contact PRposting support and the team will try to find the right option for you.

    Disadvantages of the PRposting platform

    There are no site owners in PRposting, the platform represents the client, that is, you. Therefore, the prices of the entire range of 40,000+ sites cannot be fixed: sometimes they change without notifying partners. In 90% of cases, placement is carried out at the price stated in the catalog, in the remaining 10% of cases it can be more expensive or cheaper. Each time the content is posted manually, after negotiations with the site.

    Working with PRposting will take your website to the next level

    The platform constantly receives positive feedback from website promotion experts, as it satisfies complex requests and helps to bring sites to the top quickly and efficiently. PRposting itself was developed by SEO experts who created a strategy for their projects. It turned out so well that they decided to bring it to the public space in the form of a service.

    Try PRposting to promote your site and you will see how effective the platform is.

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