Overview of the possibilities of PromoPult – an automated advertising system for promotion on the Web

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    Internet marketing is not an easy thing, and it is unrealistic to understand all the processes associated with it “from a swoop”. Therefore, it makes sense to turn to network services that automate (read – simplify) the solution of tasks related to this very Internet marketing.

    With the help of such services, small and medium-sized businesses can solve the problem of lack of money: you don’t have to hire a full-time marketer, you can set up promotion campaigns on your own, and at the same time learn the basics of Internet marketing. Large companies, with the help of such services, can optimize the work of a full-time marketer: unload him, get rid of routine and direct his resources to solving, for example, creative tasks.

    One of the most advanced internet marketing automation services is PromoPult, an automated advertising system. Let’s see what it gives users.

    Functionality for promotion in search engines

    Let’s start with the fact that PromoPult offers a comprehensive set of SEO services. The toolkit includes tools for selecting keywords, an express audit of the technical condition of pages, predicting traffic and budget, taking site positions, analyzing competitor content, and automating work with natural links.

    As an example, let’s take a closer look at the last tool. Underneath this lies the following: PromoPult algorithms detect sites that are similar in subject matter to the client’s resource and are in the TOP-20 search engines. They are offered cooperation in the form of placement in their content of recommendatory links to clients’ resources with the correct textual accompaniment.

    The user only needs to contact the webmasters of the sites selected in the PromoPult system and agree on embedding links. The effect of natural links is as follows: people read the content on the affiliate site, including the text accompanying the link, and go to the client’s site. In addition, such links are liked by search engines, which take them into account when evaluating resources and ranking them in search results.

    ранжировании их в поисковой выдаче

    PromoPult also has a tool for traffic promotion. Its work is based on the data of the analytical counter UpToLike, installed on the largest sites of the Runet, and leads to the attraction of the audience most interested in the goods or services offered on it to the promoted resource.

    Roughly speaking, with the help of data from UpToLike, the system finds an audience that asked your keywords in search engines or visited related sites. If such a visitor is successfully detected on the Internet, he is shown an advertisement, through which he gets to the promoted site.

    реклама на продвигаемый сайт

    Another PromoPult service included in the SEO complex is article promotion. This should be understood as the purchase of unique articles that are placed with links to your site on high-quality sites with a high level of trust from search engines. Everything here is also extremely automated: the user only needs to select keywords, set site parameters and place an order. After that, the system calculates the budget and offers venues. The user either approves them or asks to replace some of the options.

    Further, the system does everything automatically without user intervention: it orders unique articles from copywriters and places them with links to your site on sites with a high level of trust from search engines. The user can only follow the dynamics – automatically generated reports are in the “Promotion articles” tab.

    Продвижение статьями

    At the same time, with the help of PromoPult, you can “saturate” your website with content (the same unique and at the same time interesting articles) – these can be blog posts, reviews, news, as well as texts for promoted countries, for example, describing services, products, sections directories and so on.

    The user selects keywords and sets pages where texts are required; then the system calculates the budget and transfers tasks to performers – professional authors. Topics for articles and posts can be suggested by you or PromoPult copywriters themselves, if you are not sure about your own options. PromoPult’s order fulfillment time is 3 business days, the price is 200 rubles per thousand characters. Information about the readiness of texts appears in the customer’s account. If there are difficulties with placing texts on the site, PromoPult specialists will come to the rescue, the company also has such a service in its arsenal.

    Contextual advertising functionality

    Despite the fact that the system is called PromoPult, its capabilities are by no means limited directly to SEO tools and services. PromoPult also offers almost the maximum range of contextual advertising tools for the market.

    Let’s immediately cite a curious fact: contextual advertising systems belong to search engines and bring them more than 90% of their income, so they are not too eager to save advertisers’ budgets; meanwhile, the PromoPult contextual module offers savings of up to 30% due to unique “branded” advertising campaign management functions.

    During the campaign, the system monitors the cost per click of competitors’ ads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, automatically adjusting the client’s bids. Moreover, he does it in such a way as to maintain an advantageous position of the PromoPult system user’s ads. This allows the site owner to spend the advertising budget more rationally without losing promotion efficiency, while saving a lot of his time.

    Функционал для контекстной рекламы

    Reputation management

    We go further and come to reputation management, PromoPult has such tools in its arsenal. They are necessary to eliminate the negativity regarding your company or product in the search engine results.

    According to statistics, more than 70% of users before ordering a product look for reviews on search engines about the company they are going to place an order with, and more than 80% of these users trust these very reviews. The presence of even a small amount of negativity can make a potential customer abandon a purchase. PromoPult allows you to find in a matter of seconds all the pages in the TOP-20 where there is a mention of the client’s brand. After that, the user can contact these resources and agree on the removal of inappropriate content.

    Functionality for content marketing

    Complementing the picture is content marketing, that is, promoting a brand, product or service through the creation and distribution of content, in which the customer and his products will be presented in a positive way.

    The content marketing service offered by PromoPult is maximally automated, that is, everything is again in the best traditions of this system. It all starts with site selection. The client can use the filter and mark those sites on which he is interested in placement, and transfer it to the PromoPult manager for work.

    The task of PromoPult is to negotiate with the sites on the publication, help with the preparation of high-quality advertising materials and, ultimately, carry out the placement. Payment for the order occurs after the approval of the sites selected by the client by the PromoPult manager. It should be emphasized that platforms should be understood not only as media and ordinary sites with content related to your product, but also posts on social networks, communities, forums, integration into YouTube videos and video reviews.

    Функционал для контент-маркетинга

    Free functionality

    To access the PromoPult system, simply register. Some modules are free, such as reputation management. When launching advertising campaigns, payment is made according to a different principle, depending on their type: in some cases for advertising tools (context, natural links, and so on), in others for specialist services (for example, when it comes to writing texts).

    However, it should be understood that it makes sense to carry out promotion in a complex way, using all the described means. Only in this case, you can get a noticeable effect in a reasonable time. Therefore, ideally, use all the possibilities offered by the PromoPult system. In the event that the user, for some reason, cannot cope with setting up an advertising campaign or has difficulty using one or another element of the system, he can order the “Personal Manager” service. This is a PromoPult specialist who, for 3,000 rubles per month, will provide personal user support 24/7.

    PromoPult also trains users in the field of Internet marketing. The company cooperates with the CyberMarketing Center, organizing free seminars and paid intensive courses of various levels of complexity. Both beginners and experienced professionals who are thirsty for new knowledge will find their option. In addition, PromoPult offers a blog with useful articles, a newsletter, and a video channel with educational content. All of these options are available free of charge.

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