Pros and cons of a virtual (VPS) server

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    For uninitiated customers, the choice of hosting is complicated due to the huge number of offers on the hosting market. The optimal solution for corporate and other tasks is a VPS server with the required amount of capacity. This type of hosting service ensures the stable operation of popular sites on the network.

    The real server is divided into several virtual ones using VPS technology. The result is the possibility of using autonomous sites for the smooth operation of Internet projects.

    At a cost, it is much cheaper to rent a virtual server than an expensive dedicated one. Price reduction for VPS is possible due to the use of smaller volumes of dedicated resources.

    Качественный или самый дешевый хостинг?

    How much does a virtual server cost?

    The cost depends on the technical characteristics that the VPS / VDS server has: RAM (RAM), processor, amount of hard disk space, OS, etc. At the same time, the most expensive is RAM and processor, while a place can be bought inexpensively. Today, such a server in Ukraine can be rented from $13 per month. (with an annual subscription, the cost may be cheaper). True, I found such a tariff only with the Deltahost hosting provider: VPS with 4 GB of RAM and 90 GB of SSD based on the Linux operating system with a 64bit 2x Xeon processor.

    By the way, other companies (HostPro, Mirohost) have a slightly higher pricing policy. As an example, a monthly rental of a virtual server with a similar set of characteristics will cost at least 15 USD.

    Cons of VPS

    For customers who have administrative skills, this feature is considered a virtue. They can perform any manipulation. Those customers who do not have the necessary technical knowledge are forced to attribute obtaining administrator rights to a disadvantage. They will have to pay a specialist for each additional action. At the same time, the cost of VPS will increase significantly.

    In addition, high requirements are placed on the physical server. Implementing virtualization requires the processor to support it. The software must be compatible with the virtual server. Running many VPS sometimes reduces the speed of the main OS.

    Advantages of a virtual server from Deltahost

    A VPS server is considered indispensable for fast-growing Internet projects. It ensures the performance of websites. The client gets administrator rights. Therefore, it can manage server resources, optimizing processes.

    Advantages of a virtual server:

    • flexibility of software choice;
    • root access;
    • independence from neighbors. If neighboring sites on shared hosting can interfere with work due to a common server environment, then a VPS that fails on a shared server machine does not affect other host sites;
    • guaranteed capacities (disk space, CPU, RAM);
    • control over server resources;
    • high security;
    • separate IP address;
    • optimal cost in terms of price / characteristics.

    In the long term, VPS is an effective tool for medium-loaded projects, as affordable price and independence are harmoniously combined. It is possible to choose a tariff package that supports a powerful business.

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