Content Manager Resume in Online Builder: Compilation Guide for Jobs in Ukraine and Abroad

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    Greetings, dear readers!

    I hasten to share with you my experience of writing a resume for finding a job in different countries. Since I am a free person and always open to new experiences, I decided to try my luck by submitting my resume to several different companies from the USA, Canada, Europe and Ukraine.

    Initially, everything seemed very simple, but in practice it was confirmed that one resume for all companies will not work. After exploring the possibilities of the Internet, I chose three online resume builders that seemed easy to use and quite functional: SweetCV, VisualCV and Zety.

    When looking for a job, I want to present myself to the employer as a delicious candy in a beautiful and original wrapper. Such packaging in the labor market is a resume – a summary of the biography of the candidate and all his professional achievements. Resume templates come to the aid of experienced, and not quite experienced, applicants. Everyone chooses for himself the ways of searching for the sample he likes, starting from the usual Word, ending with all kinds of online services. But, in any case, everyone is looking for ways: on the one hand, to simplify the task of compiling a document, and on the other, to present their skills and experience in a modern, correct and attractive form.

    To properly structure such an important document, you need to clearly understand what a resume is. And take into account the specifics of the labor market for which it is formed.

    Summary – what is it and why is it needed

    A resume is a document that contains brief biographical information about a job candidate:

    • professional skills;
    • successes and achievements;
    • work experience;
    • education data.

    One of the most important requirements for such documents is information content, presented in a brief form. The optimal length of the resume is 1-2 pages.

    The structure of the document is divided into main blocks:

    • Applicant’s contact information. It includes the first and last name, city of residence, phone numbers and e-mail. Recently, candidates are also expected to provide links to pages on social networks.
    • Description of the position for which the candidate is applying. Should be multiple phrases.
    • A brief description of the main professional skills. Ability to work with specific software, language proficiency, typing speed, etc.
    • Work experience in the chosen field of activity, presented in reverse chronological order.
    • Education. This paragraph must include data on diplomas received, internships completed, certificates from courses, lectures, conferences, etc.
    • Achievements and recommendations. Includes received certificates, awards and thanks, as well as testimonials from previous employers or from teachers and lecturers.
    • Hobbies and hobbies – a few phrases about your favorite literature, needlework, sports and outdoor activities.

    The salary level, as well as the motivation for obtaining the chosen position, can be written in the cover letter to the resume. The secret of a successful resume can be called not the amount of information presented by the candidate, but the quality of its presentation. Brief and truthful information will be the key to success. Do not forget that lies in the resume will sooner or later come true. It is better to provide reliable data (albeit, in your opinion, not so impressive) than to blush later at an interview in front of a recruiter.

    In response to a specific vacancy, you should indicate the experience and professional skills that relate specifically to this field of activity. It is equally important to take into account the specific aspects of document processing for various labor markets. After all, a resume is the main tool for finding an interesting job. The future career of the candidate directly depends on the appearance and quality of writing this document.

    What should be a resume for the domestic labor market

    To write a professional resume for a content manager position, you should first consider a few important points. The content manager is responsible for creating, editing and posting information (text, images, infographics, etc.) that is of interest to the target audience of the resource. Sometimes, domestic employers expand the list of tasks in a vacancy. This may affect the title of the position and, for example, the position of a content marketer will appear. And although these positions are similar, we advise you to study in detail the direction of work and the requirements of the company you have chosen.

    Evaluation of the specifics of work

    To get the position you are interested in, carefully analyze the topic and style of presenting content on the selected resource. Compare them to materials you have previously worked with. Evaluate whether you can get into the format of already posted content.

    After evaluating this information, select your resources and publications in a similar style to include in your resume. If there are no ready-made examples, you can write the text in the desired style and attach it to the cover letter.

    We weed out the unnecessary

    Many applicants are wondering if it is necessary to draw up several resumes of various directions for the domestic labor market. We can unequivocally answer – it is necessary. Those who have not yet found a field of activity to their liking, but are ready to try various options, should identify a few main areas and write summary according to each of them.

    For more experienced applicants who already know exactly what they do best, it is all the more important to get into their stream. Therefore, they should weed out all the husks from the resume and focus on the main thing. Firstly, it will create an advantage over other candidates and reduce the risk of being excluded at the very first stage of selection. Secondly: who, if not an experienced content manager, knows how to properly present interesting information to your reader?

    Convincing Information

    In a resume for the position of a content manager, data on specialized courses and examples of work results in numbers will look good. For example: an article in a well-known blog got a certain number of views or the number of your livejournal subscribers exceeded 10K. Of course, such data must be supported by references.


    Don’t include too much information on your resume. Many HR managers and HR departments won’t bother looking for relevant qualifications in a 5 page job list. Try to fit the description of each block into just a few basic phrases. During the interview, you will have the opportunity to tell more.

    Образец резюме для отечественного рынка труда

    An unbroken document template and the information provided in essence will allow you to show the employer your sincere interest in the vacancy. A cover letter is rarely used in Ukraine and is often compiled only at the request of HR managers or company executives.

    The structure of the resume for the domestic market is very different from the standards for this document for Canada and the United States, but is quite similar to the European market. Let’s get acquainted with the features of their design.

    Resume features for the Canadian market

    When compiling a resume for the Canadian labor market, it is important for candidates first of all to be fluent in English and to easily translate all specific terms into this language. Believe me, not a single employer will try to understand what you wanted to say with this or that offer. Everything should be clear, correct and simple.

    There are a lot of differences when compiling a resume for the domestic and Canadian markets: there are points that absolutely cannot be indicated, but there are those that need to be added.

    What not to do

    When creating a resume for Canada, you should NOT add a photo, and indicate:

    • your age;
    • floor;
    • race or religion;
    • personal information that is not related to work.

    The absence of this information may seem strange, but such an approach is quite understandable: such data can influence the choice of a recruiter. To avoid any discrimination on any of these grounds, tolerant Canadians have excluded such items from their resumes.

    In other words: the document should allow the HR manager to select worthy candidates based solely on their work skills and experience, and not on any other factors.

    What to pay attention to

    When forming a resume, you should also be guided by the principle: brevity is the sister of talent. Document size should not exceed 2 pages. Try to describe your work experience to the point. If a more detailed form of describing a candidate’s capabilities is acceptable for Ukrainian employers, then structuredness and conciseness are very important for Canadians.

    Document formatting should be taken very seriously. Accuracy of design and a clear block structure also play a significant role in evaluating a resume. Carefully check the text for grammatical or syntactical errors. It is better to write in short phrases, without unnecessary heaps.

    Пример резюме для канадского рынка труда

    Please refrain from listing work experience that is not relevant to the position you have chosen. Very often resumes of candidates with overqualification (excessive qualifications) are screened out at the preliminary stage of selection. It is better to indicate the quality indicators of your work with links that confirm this. Reverse chronological order of work experience and training is maintained.

    It is worth noting that employers do not often pay attention to information about education. Work experience and examples of publications, and not a list of educational institutions and conferences, will tell them about your qualifications. But a couple of sensible lines in the cover letter about why you chose this particular company will help to qualitatively distinguish you from other applicants.

    What should be a resume for the USA

    There are a lot of similarities in the summary for Canada and the USA. Just like in the previous option, you should not add photos or indicate personal information that is not related to the vacancy. But there are also differences.

    CV preparation

    If for the Canadian market you can play with fonts for visual separation of blocks, then in the American version, strictly one font should be used. And don’t forget about the margins: set the formatting to at least 1 inch for all 4 document margins. Everything should be as simple as possible, without unnecessary highlights with colors or backgrounds.

    The text structure of the standard summary is preserved. Try to use one form of tense and indicate the list of core skills separately from the description of work experience.

    Пример структуры резюме для рынка труда в США

    Document structure

    Work experience and educational achievements are indicated in reverse chronological order, from last place to first, again – briefly, specifically and essentially the vacancy you are applying for.

    Newcomers to the labor market, for lack of special work experience, can indicate their average university score, but only if it is high enough.

    Additional options

    In the resume for the USA, it is worth briefly mentioning your volunteer work experience. For this country, this type of employment is very important, and adding it will help you stand out from other candidates. Links from the resume to letters of recommendation from previous employers will not be superfluous.

    Covering letter

    For the American market, a cover letter to a candidate’s resume plays no less a role than the document itself. Do not forget to add a few practical phrases to it when sending your resume. In the cover letter, you need to describe why you should work in this company and in this position, how well your skills and abilities meet the requirements stated by the employer.

    When compiling a resume for US employers, pay attention to the correct translation of the titles of the positions and areas of work for which you were responsible. Also, do not forget about literacy.

    Features of a resume for the European labor market

    Of course, each country in Europe has its own rules for preparing a resume. Let us dwell on the review of universal points that are worth paying attention to.

    Design nuances

    So: in the European labor market, adding a photo to a resume is not prohibited. But it will not cause a negative reaction if you do not. Personal data, such as date of birth, marital status, and others, can also be indicated.

    Feel free to describe your skills and abilities, but do not forget about the specifics and the direct relationship of work experience to the chosen vacancy. All information should be presented in the most understandable and simple way. Also, it would be useful to add a link to your profile on LinkedIn or Xing.

    The resume structure is pretty simple:

    • name and contacts;
    • specialist profile;
    • competencies and achievements;
    • work experience – in reverse chronological order;
    • education is also in reverse chronology.
    • Skills:
      • the languages you speak;
      • possession of specialized programs, PC, etc.;
      • hobbies and interests.
    Do not forget that it is necessary to indicate the degrees of education received and previous positions in accordance with European standards. A literal translation of terms, so to speak – “on the forehead”, not only will not give you advantages, but can also cause significant harm to your reputation. Resumes for European companies should not include contact details of people who can provide recommendations. The first thing a recruiter pays attention to is work experience. Pay more attention to this point.

    Pay attention to the e-mail you use. In European companies, anything other than variations of your first and last name in the name of the mailbox will not be welcome.

    By the way, about the name of the file itself: you should not use something like “Resume of a candidate for a vacancy …”. It is better to sign the document with your last name and first name – this will be enough.

    Пример шаблона резюме для европейского рынка труда

    No less important in European countries is also considered a cover letter. Use this tool to convince a future employer of your high and relevant qualifications.

    Comparative characteristics of resumes for different countries

    After reviewing the requirements of several countries for the design of a resume, it is worth summarizing the information received.

    CountryPhotoPersonal dataDecorCovering letter
    Canadanot requirednot requiredrequires careful handlingNecessarily
    USAnot requirednot requiredmaximum ease of designrequired
    EuropeMaybeAllowedfree design format (font, fill, etc.)Written at the request of the company
    Domestic labor marketMayberequiredfree design format (font, fill, etc.)Written at the request of the company


    Do not forget about the quality translation of your skills and abilities, the correct grammar and the accessible presentation of the text. Recruiters are people too, and a simple presentation of even complex things can be a significant plus for you.

    Using samples and templates

    Online resume builders like VisualCV, Zety, and SweetCV will make it easier and faster to create the right resume. All designers have a large number of free templates and samples that will allow you to create your own resume with a modern design and a clear, understandable structure. In addition, all platforms support the function of tracking the success of created resumes directly in the user’s account. But still, the differences between these services are visible to the naked eye.

    Using the Zety platform

    Adherents of simplicity and step-by-step instructions can use the constructor from Polish developers called In addition to a wide range of templates, this platform offers the possibility of compiling cover letters and automatic substitution of template phrases for professions. The advantage of the constructor is the ability to upload an already created resume and, so to speak, “fit” it to the selected template.

    But there are also a couple of snags. The platform works exclusively in English, so it is suitable for creating resumes for Canada and the United States, even, perhaps, for European countries, but with Ukraine it is already more difficult – you will have to translate all the blocks manually. In addition, when uploading a previously created document in Russian or Ukrainian, the resume is read quite “crookedly”, automatically substituting information that is absolutely not related to them into the fields.

    Образец резюме, созданного в конструкторе Zety

    The templates presented in the constructor are of a rather concise design. Colors and fonts can be edited in your personal account. But another feature of the constructor is the fact that the user will see pagination only after exporting the finished document.

    Creating a Resume at

    Fans of seeing the results of their work immediately and with their own eyes will be attracted by the multilingual platform The constructor supports the ability to generate a cover letter and write a resume in 9 different languages, including Russian.

    The developers have separated the concepts of resume and CV by adding an impressive number of colorful and vibrant templates to the site, but the most interesting options, unfortunately, are available only in paid packages. It is possible to upload an already created document and adapt it to the selected template, as well as use a ready-made sample.

    Образец резюме, созданного в конструкторе VisualCV

    Despite the fact that the constructor has a wide range of settings, a kind of “fly in the ointment” remains a wide blue strip with the constructor’s advertisement, which the user cannot remove or edit (at least in the free package). If you don’t take this as a matter of principle, then this block will not cause problems.

    You can download a resume in PDF format, but you can share it on social networks or export it to Word format only after purchasing the package.

    SweetCV Online Constructor

    A relative newcomer to the market of sites of similar subjects, but quite capable of competing with already promoted and eminent platforms. The developers of the SweetCV constructor are the Kiev team of programmers. Although there are not very many resume and CV templates yet, they are quite original and modern. In addition, you can use samples of already completed documents. The main advantage is that the entire range is currently available absolutely free of charge.

    Образец резюме, созданного в конструкторе SweetCV

    The platform works in three languages – Russian, Ukrainian and English with automatic translation of block names when changing the language. The template can be changed at any stage of document creation, viewed, exported to PDF, sent by e-mail or shared via a link. Colors, fonts and block layout can also be changed according to your own ideas.

    Using the SweetCV online builder, job seekers can view a variety of templates and samples of ready-made and completed resumes, designed to meet the requirements of each of the indicated countries. The user can choose any template that he likes and create his own resume according to the given sample.

    Look for the best option for yourself and create a professional-level resume to conquer any desired heights, the main thing is to take the first step!

    Thank you for your attention and good luck!

    Author: Julia Siryk, content-creator at SweetCV

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