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    Смешные слоганы

    As you know, the slogan for any company or product is of great importance. What tricks do copywriters go to to make it memorable. But the most effective way, in my opinion, is to compose funny slogans.

    In fact, it is the phrases that make you smile that are most often remembered. Funny slogans turn into jokes that we tell each other in the office at lunchtime. They flood the Internet and thus attract more and more potential consumers. Composing funny slogans is a whole art that requires a sense of humor, measure and common sense. If all this is combined, then success will certainly come.

    So, to make your slogan memorable, follow some points:

    • The phrase should contain humor. Make the consumer smile. Most often this is achieved through wordplay and ambiguity of meaning:

    For big and small things” (SantekhUyut)

    “Morning does not start with coffee” (Shop “World of plumbing“). Moreover, in order to understand what it is about, the picture shows a toilet bowl.

    • Create an allusion. A fairly common technique when a company makes fun of its direct competitors:

    Think different” – “Think differently” (Apple Company). An allusion to direct competitors – IBM, whose slogan sounds like “Think”, that is, “Think”

    Uncola” – “Nekola” (producers of the drink 7up). It is easy to guess who the creators of the advertisement are hinting at. 😉

    • Don’t bend the stick. Indeed, the line between permitted and unacceptable pun exists. The same is true with humor.

    “A hair dryer that does not dry” (Panasonic). The question is, well, why do you need such a hair dryer? 🙂

    “Your legs will walk like a Swiss watch” (Compression underwear company). Here I will refrain from commenting, otherwise my brain will simply explode if I start imagining this.

    By the way, at this point it was possible to place the Euroset slogan – “Neither … yourself! Everything to the people!”, if not for the fact that it was a huge success 🙂

    There is another nuance that is worth paying attention to. If a company imports goods to other countries, it is necessary to take into account how certain slogans will sound in the state language of these states. Sometimes, it comes to the point of absurdity.

    Perhaps one of the most famous failures can be considered the delivery of new Chevrolet Nova cars from General Motors to Spain. At first glance, nothing special, if not for one fact. The word “Nova” in Spanish means “not going.” Needless to say, how low were the sales?

    Or that famous curiosity that happened to a foreign perfume manufacturer in Russia. The company decided to launch a series of perfumes called “Blue water”. It doesn’t seem to bother anything. Well, “Blue Water” … Now imagine how Russian buyers pronounce this name in English, and how it eventually sounds in their native language.

    So, friends, in order to remember your company, use funny slogans. However, remember: humor is a delicate matter! 🙂

    P.S. What humorous or absurd slogans have you come across? We write, as usual, in the comments. Until new posts!

    Author: Dmitry Tunkov

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