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    Style is a set of features that characterize individuality. It is just as important for a copywriter to have his own style as it is for an artist or writer. Having your own style of writing texts allows the copywriter to stand out from the rest, gives zest to his texts.

    However, it is hardly possible to develop your own style of writing articles right away. This requires experience and a desire to constantly improve. The writing style comes gradually and is unique. If a novice copywriter initially tries to adhere to a certain style, then it will be more like a stamp and most likely will have a negative impact on his texts than vice versa.

    копирайтер, начать писать статью

    The job of a copywriter is such that the articles he writes can have very diverse topics. Properly developed writing style is appropriate in any article. And again, I repeat, it should not look like a stamp, but a nuance. The style of the author can partly be compared with handwriting. And handwriting, as you know, can be even, crooked, with squiggles, large or small, rounded or sharp, with or without pressure. All these comparisons can also be applied to texts.

    Can an article not be good enough if the author has his own style of writing? – Maybe!

    Can the text be of high quality if the author does not have a style as such? – Yes!

    What determines the quality of a text?

    The conclusion suggests itself that it is not the style of writing the text that determines its quality. What then?

    • Literacy.
    • Ease of presentation.
    • Accuracy and clarity.
    • Connectivity of the text.

    Experienced copywriters perform these steps automatically, while newbies often have to dwell on each of them. The whole point is that none of these points can categorically be neglected.

    The article must be of interest, otherwise few people will want to read it beyond the first paragraph. A copywriter should be able to hook the reader with a headline, engage him in reading and interest him so much that he wants not only to finish reading the article, but also to take the action to which it leads – to buy. Call. Order. At the same time, the reader should not have the feeling that they want to force him to do this.

    Not easy, right? There are no acting characters, no storyline, no climax. Everything is extremely simple and clear: Headline. Introduction. Disclosure of the topic (problem). Conclusion (problem solving). And the right style of writing the text will be a good helper in this difficult task!

    Writing styles

    I propose to consider five working styles and their scope:

    • Conversational style – resembles the informal communication that we are used to in everyday life. Characterized by maximum simplicity. There may be slang, emoticons. This is a lively bright emotional speech that each of us uses every day when writing letters on social networks, blogs, comments, notes. Sometimes authors specifically use it to bind the public to themselves.
    • Artistic style – has a bright emotional coloring. Rich in metaphors and comparisons. The descriptions are detailed enough, the sentences have an easy-to-understand construction. Popular for writing essays, reflections, narratives.
    • Journalistic style – its goal is to convey information to the reader as clearly as possible, to report facts. The text is as logical and consistent as possible. A classic example of texts in a journalistic style is news in the media.
    • The official business style is emotionally neutral and rich in terminology. The sentences are monotonous and complex. This is the style of laws, reports, reports, orders and instructions.
    • Scientific style – it, like the previous one, does not carry an emotional coloring, here are the facts of discoveries, developments, biographies. In the texts written in a scientific style, their essence of presentation is clearly presented. There are reasons and conclusions. May also be rich in terminology.

    Examples of different writing styles

    The same text, written in different styles, is perceived differently. Let’s look at them using the example of New Year’s greetings.

    С Новым Годом

    • Irochka! Happy New Year! I wish you happiness and success! May this year bring you much joy and pleasant surprises. Let the smile never leave your face, and loved ones please and appreciate you. You are a very dear person to me and I want to wish you prosperity, health and love! Happy New Year!
    • The atmosphere of the holiday is felt stronger and stronger. Even the weather seems to be conducive to the New Year mood. Choosing a gift for you, I wandered between the shelves for a long time and did not know where to stop my eyes. I wanted to give you something special, something that would remind you of how dear you are to me! And suddenly I heard a slight chime, and turning around, I saw an incredible brilliance. I realized – this is what you need! Irochka, accept this modest gift from me and let the smile always shine on your face as brightly!
    • There are four days left until the New Year. But since I’m leaving today and I won’t be able to personally congratulate you on New Year’s Eve, please accept my congratulations in advance. However, first I want to sum up the outgoing year. You achieved high results in the implementation of your ideas, learned a lot of new things yourself and shared this knowledge with others. You have many new interests. You’ve made new friends. There were some difficulties in the outgoing year, but I wish you, dear Irina, that everything goes smoothly this year. And success has always accompanied you in everything. Happy New Year.
    • Dear Irina Nikolaevna! Our company wishes you a Happy New Year. We appreciate your responsibility and diligence. As a New Year’s gift, you are given a voucher to a sanatorium at the expense of the company and a cash bonus. We wish happiness to you and your family. Sincerely, administration.
    • Celebrating the New Year on January 1 began in 46 BC. So established the Roman ruler J. Caesar. Since then, the new year is celebrated on this day every year. According to the Eastern calendar, 2020 will be held under the symbol of the white metal Rat. This sign is considered bright and sociable. He loves attention to his person, as well as compliments and praise. Irina, I wish you to be in the spotlight this year, you, as a bright personality, deserve to be always on top. Happy New Year 2020!

    I think it will be interesting for the reader to independently determine in what style the congratulation is written.

    In conclusion, I want to say that the style of writing texts comes with experience. Be individual, but do not forget to follow the basic rules of copywriting. Then your articles will be interesting and bright!

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