TOP best neural networks that will improve the quality of your photos

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    Neural networks for photo processing: how the technology works

    Modern neural network technologies have significantly changed the way we perceive and process photographs. Neural networks, especially deep neural networks, allow you to automatically analyze and improve images with amazing accuracy and detail. These networks are trained on large amounts of data, allowing them to “learn” patterns related to the colors, textures, structures, and style of images. Thus, neural networks become a powerful tool for improving photo quality.

    TOP 13 photo enhancement neural networks

    Topaz Labs Sharpen AI

    Link to the service:

    Topaz Labs Sharpen AI is an advanced neural network developed by Topaz Labs, a company specializing in image processing tools. One of the key aspects of this neural network is its ability to enhance the clarity and detail of photos, making them more realistic and professional.

    How Topaz Labs Sharpen AI works

    Topaz Labs Sharpen AI uses sophisticated deep learning algorithms to analyze the structure of images. It recognizes different elements and textures in photos, identifying where improvement is needed. As a result, the neural network automatically corrects soft or blurry edges, sharpening them and giving the whole image a sharper and more defined look.

    The improvement process with Topaz Labs Sharpen AI takes place in several steps:

    1. The neural network is trained on a lot of photos to understand what details and structures make the images more realistic.
    2. When a photo is loaded into the program, Topaz Labs Sharpen AI analyzes its contents, identifying areas with soft edges and lack of clarity.
    3. Based on the analysis, the neural network automatically applies optimal corrections to blurry areas. It sharpens, enhances contrast, and restores detail.
    4. After processing the image, Topaz Labs Sharpen AI provides the user with a sharper and more detailed version of the photo while maintaining its natural look.

    Topaz Labs Sharpen AI is widely used by professional and amateur photographers who want to achieve the best results in image sharpening. It provides the ability to achieve high quality processing even in the case of photos with a slight blur or lack of sharpness, which makes this neural network a valuable tool in the arsenal of any photographer.

    Price: There is a free plan, paid options start at $80.

    Adobe Photoshop Neural Filters

    Service Link:

    Adobe Photoshop Neural Filters is an innovative technology integrated into the Adobe Photoshop software. They use neural networks to enhance and transform photos. This function provides a wide range of tools for automatic image processing using sophisticated AI algorithms.

    The workflow of Adobe Photoshop Neural Filters starts with training neural networks on large datasets. This allows them to recognize structures, styles, and patterns in a variety of photographs. When a user loads an image into Adobe Photoshop and activates Neural Filters, the neural network analyzes its content, highlighting key elements, textures, and details.

    The user can then apply a variety of filters provided by Neural Filters. These filters can change the sharpness, color balance, styling, and other aspects of an image. It is noteworthy that through the neural network, the filters are automatically adapted to a specific image, taking into account its features.

    In addition, Neural Filters are able to automatically correct imperfections in photos, such as blur or noise, making images clearer and better.

    The result of using Adobe Photoshop Neural Filters is a processed image with new effects and style, while maintaining the natural aspects of the original photo.

    This integrated technology gives the user a wide range of opportunities for creative processing and enhancement of photos using neural networks. It allows both experienced professionals and novice photographers to experiment with different styles and effects, greatly expanding the horizons of creativity in Adobe Photoshop.

    Price: There is a free plan, paid options start at $21

    Luminar AI

    Link to the service:

    Luminar AI is an innovative photo processing solution created by the Skylum team. Its functionality is based on the use of neural networks that work as intelligent assistants to the photographer. One of the key features of Luminar AI is its automated editing approach. A neural network trained on thousands of photographs of various styles analyzes the image and suggests optimal corrections based on its knowledge.

    Luminar AI recognizes objects and scenes in a photo, allowing you to fine-tune color balance, lighting, and details. From retouching portraits to enhancing landscapes, the neural network is able to automatically adjust to the needs of each photographer. As a result, users can quickly create professional images without having to delve into complex editing tools.

    Price: No free plan, paid options start at $12

    Pixelmator Pro

    Link to the service:

    Pixelmator Pro is an image editor where neural networks are used to complement and enhance editing. It combines a powerful set of tools with intelligent processing, making it the perfect choice for those who want professional results without the hassle.

    The Pixelmator Pro neural network helps improve colors, contrast, and detail in photos. It recognizes the features of each image and automatically adjusts the settings to achieve the best quality. This is a handy creative tool that allows both beginners and experienced photographers to quickly achieve high-quality results.

    Price: There is a free plan, paid options start at $50

    DxO PhotoLab

    Link to the service:

    DxO PhotoLab is software that uses neural networks to automatically process and enhance photos. It combines deep learning and image analysis technologies to achieve professional results with a single tap.

    The DxO PhotoLab neural network analyzes each image, determines its parameters and automatically makes optimal corrections. From exposure to color balance, the program is capable of making a better version of a photo. Due to its adaptability, it is suitable for photographers of all experience levels.

    Price: There is a free plan, paid options start at $130


    Link to the service:

    Photolemur is an application that allows you to quickly and easily enhance your photos using neural networks. His approach is to automatically process images, which is based on complex artificial intelligence algorithms.

    The Photolemur neural network recognizes faces, objects, and elements in an image, allowing you to automatically optimize color palette, contrast, and lighting. She also knows how to remove small defects and noise. This application has an intuitive interface and aims to make photo editing easier for all users.

    Price: There is a free plan, paid options start at $12


    Link to the service:

    Remini is an innovative service designed to restore old and blurry photos using neural networks. It is a powerful tool for preserving and retrieving valuable memories.

    Remini neural networks are trained on huge amounts of data and are able to restore details, clarity and colors in images of any degree of degradation. The service allows not only to save old pictures, but also to give them a new life, making them relevant and of high quality.

    Price: There is a free plan, paid options start at $10


    Service link:

    NeuralCam is a unique mobile app that uses a neural network to dramatically improve low light photos. This application allows even photography lovers to take high-quality pictures in low light conditions.

    Powered by the NeuralCam neural network, the app automatically increases brightness, enhances contrast, and adds detail to photos taken in low light. It is suitable for a variety of scenes, from night landscapes to low-light environments. NeuralCam demonstrates how artificial intelligence can dramatically improve the resolution and size of images at any time of the day.

    Price: There is a free plan, paid options start at $6


    Link to the service:

    Bigjpg is an online service that uses powerful neural networks to improve the quality of images. Users can upload their photos to the platform and apply neural network algorithms to increase their sharpness and detail.

    The Bigjpg service is especially useful when you need to increase the size of a photo without losing quality. The neural network is able to compensate for the loss of details and make the image clearer and more realistic. This is a handy program for those who work with high-resolution photographs.

    Price: There is a free plan, paid options start at $6

    Let’s Enhance

    Link to the service:

    Let’s Enhance is an online platform that specializes in photo enhancement using neural networks. Users can upload images and apply various filters and algorithms to improve sharpness, enhance colors and detail.

    Let’s Enhance neural networks work with images of different sizes and qualities, adapting to the needs of the user. The service is ideal for those who want to quickly improve their photos without having to learn complex editing tools.

    Price: There is a free plan, paid options start at $9

    Vance AI

    Link to the service:

    Vance AI is an online service that uses neural networks to improve images. The platform provides the user with a variety of photo editing tools, including sharpening, color enhancement, and noise reduction.

    Vance AI neural networks are based on deep learning and are able to adapt to different types of photos. They allow you to make photos more professional and attractive, while maintaining the naturalness and original style of the pictures.

    Price: No free plan, paid options start at $5

    Icons8 AI Image Upscaler

    Link to the service:

    Icons8 AI Image Upscaler is a tool that provides the ability to scale images using neural networks. It is based on powerful deep learning algorithms that allow you to increase the size of an image while maintaining image quality.

    Users can upload their photos to the platform and get enlarged images with higher detail and clarity. This is a handy solution for those who want to prepare images for printing or other purposes where high resolution is needed.

    Price: No free version, paid options start at $250

    SnapEdit Enhance

    Link to the service:

    SnapEdit Enhance is a photo enhancement tool built using neural networks. It gives you the ability to quickly and easily enhance your photos, making them brighter, clearer and more attractive.

    With the help of neural networks, SnapEdit Enhance analyzes photos and applies optimal corrections, improving colors, contrast and details. This is an intuitive tool for those who want to quickly achieve high-quality results when editing photos.

    Price: This service offers its services completely free of charge.


    Neural networks for processing and enhancing photos have become a significant tool in the field of photo editing. They provide the user with new opportunities to create professional and attractive images with minimal effort. From automatic color and contrast correction to restoring old and blurry photos, neural network solutions bring innovation to the editing process.

    Together, these neural network solutions open up new horizons for creativity and photo editing. They demonstrate how the fusion of technology and artificial intelligence can simplify and improve the process of creating and editing images, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of experience level.

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