10 most interesting podcasts in Russian

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    After many interesting podcasts became widely available thanks to popular online platforms (iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube, Yandex), these useful audio clips aroused great interest all over the world.

    Now, by installing one or more applications, you can listen to the latest on the topic that interests you in any convenient place, from the treadmill to the subway car.

    What are podcasts and why are they so popular?

    Podcasts are audio interviews with well-known and authoritative personalities in a particular niche. The main acting voice of such a conversational audio broadcast can be either a guest star or the presenter directly, who shares his experience or highlights an interesting and relevant topic.

    The popularity of such content is easy enough to explain – you can listen to it in the background if you don’t have the opportunity or just don’t want to watch the video. Also, the format is extremely convenient for business people who value every minute of their time.

    How and where to listen to business podcasts

    To learn a lot of interesting and useful things from the best podcasts of 2020, it is enough to have a mobile device – a smartphone, iPhone or iPad, headphones and a good mood.

    You can get acquainted with well-known educational projects and channels:

    • during a morning run;
    • in public transport or in a private car – on the way to work;
    • in the bathroom, before leaving for work or at the end of the working day;
    • in the kitchen while preparing your favorite meals.

    The real life experience of speakers is an invaluable resource in a business environment. Today, free access to the Internet makes it possible to speed up the study of a new profession for novice marketers or to simplify entry into a certain niche for businessmen with experience.

    10 best podcasts in Russian about business and marketing

    1. Podcasts of the marketing agency MAVR. Interesting interviews with business owners, well-known marketers and business coaches. The host, the head of the Internet marketing agency MAVR, Vlada Rykova, talks about how to increase business efficiency in difficult times, competently organize and conduct an advertising campaign, and improve your management skills.

    2. Productive Romance. Roman Rybalchenko hosts a popular podcast about companies that produce various IT services, gadgets and applications. Business owners answer questions and share their practical experience, while Roman talks about the latest trends in the IT industry.

    3. DeepSEO Everything you wanted to know about SEO, from the technical optimization of websites to the features of promotion in different niches.

    4. Semi-sweet podcast from DNative. Two marketers, Alexey Tkachuk and Dmitry Prokopenko, discuss interesting events and trends in the industry, interview marketers, and taste good wine during the conversation.

    5. Podcast of the Internet project Lifehacker, which has been in the top of Runet for a long time. Here you will learn about everything that will help solve problems in business, study, education, health. A lot of useful information on the topic of a healthy lifestyle, modern technologies, education and finance.

    6. Will be done! – audio interview about self-development with Nikita Maklakhov. All about personal effectiveness, achieving goals and living in harmony with yourself. The host was visited by well-known writers and philosophers, public figures, marketers, organizers of Internet marketing events. By listening to interviews with bright personalities, you can learn how to live without stress, find yourself and do the maximum possible in less time.

    7. Marketing and reality (closed) – a podcast about everything new in the IT field by digital marketer and brandologist Alexander Dyachenko. The author has recently appeared on the air, but has already managed to collect on his resource a lot of useful information about the digital world, well-known brands and IT business development strategies.

    8. Project Websarafan businesswoman Taisiya Kudashkina. These are honest dialogues about self-development and new ideas to improve business efficiency. The speakers are well-known entrepreneurs and businessmen, experts and business coaches.

    9. Brandyatin – a project of Radio Station “Mayak” about famous brands and not only. Over more than 300 episodes, host Rustam Vakhidov told a lot of interesting and unexpected things about such market sharks as Geely, JVC, Lada, Airbnb, WhatsApp, John Deere, Netflix and many others.

    10. NextMedia Podcast (SMM without cats) – closed. Marketing podcast by Elnara Petrova, founder of NextMedia Expert Marketing Agency. The guests of the issues are business coaches and consultants, well-known entrepreneurs, psychologists and experts in time management.

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