The impact of hosting on website promotion

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    Does hosting affect website promotion? Or is it not worth spending money on an expensive option and turn to a more economical one? Every novice blogger and administrator faces the question of where to place the site. This decision should be taken scrupulously – if you are not interested in site traffic, its ranking in search engines and the site will not experience load, then you can choose the most economical tariff from a mediocre provider. Well, if you are interested in the above, then you should deal with this issue more seriously.

    Качественный или самый дешевый хостинг?

    Quality or cheapest hosting?

    If your site is popular and has a certain number of visits per day, then it is under load. Being located on a simple hosting, you will have many “neighbors” (up to several hundred), who will experience load, DDoS attacks, and sometimes go beyond their tariff in the same way as your resource. High-quality hosting stops this by monitoring user loads at rates and helps to control the resource without going beyond, cheap hosting does not. If your site suffers due to third-party factors, then on an economical option, you will have to deal with it yourself.

    The cheaper the hosting, the more customers will be around, and the likelihood of getting into the list of unwanted sites from search algorithms and supervision increases – if the hosting is cheap, then it is unlikely that it will be worried about the quality and intentions of customers: prohibited sites, mirrors, phishing tricks, fake resources – this is not a complete list of “neighbors” who may be near you. Search engines solve this problem at once: if such sites prevail on the server, then the entire server gets blacklisted, which means a complete disconnection from external traffic.

    Based on the logic, it becomes clear that using the services of a cheap provider, in the event of promotion, you can not only fall, but also completely disappear from search queries. Do not expose the site to such dangers, it is better to use the services of a proven hosting.

    Скорость хостинга и влияние на сайт

    Hosting speed and site impact

    In 2009, Google announced that one of the fundamental factors for ranking a site would be the speed of loading its pages, and later other search engines began to work on a similar principle. The higher the page loading speed, the more additional benefits will be received by sites that open faster compared to others. This principle directly affects the promotion of the site.

    By placing the site on a cheap and unbalanced hosting, the page loading speed will be 5-9 times slower than with all equal if the site would be hosted by HostPro. After all, page loading speed is not only noticed by search engine algorithms, but also by visitors: more than half of users subconsciously expect that a page should load in 2 seconds or less, and on a mobile device in 4. And if this did not happen, 80% of dissatisfied will go looking for a new site, and this is a loss of traffic and money.

    Don’t take risks and don’t ignore the importance of hosting in website promotion. In the worst case, you will simply lose time, and in the worst case, the site.

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