A tool for optimizing processes in the MAVR company – Worksection

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In the life of every company there comes a turning point, after which it changes and becomes better. If it doesn’t, then it definitely loses. Losses in time, in human resources, in the inability to process more information, free up time for training and development of employees.

Such a moment came a few years ago when we implemented the Worksection online project management system.

This is a tool for

  • setting goals;
  • data storage;
  • systematization of processes;
  • monitoring the implementation of deadlines;
  • communication;
  • time tracking;
  • building a Gantt Chart.

The functionality is not limited to this list, but be prepared that even this obvious range of benefits can be met with resistance from employees at first. To understand that this is really necessary and useful, it is necessary to educate people, it will take time, but the investment will pay off, it has been tested on our own experience, and now we at IAVR simply cannot imagine how to work differently.

For implementation, hold a general meeting with all employees, present the idea and purpose of the project management system. Ask if someone has already worked in others, for example, Bitrix24, Zoho, Jira – these employees will become your intermediaries in the team, because they have already appreciated the benefits of the tool for organizing tasks and workflows in the company.

A number of advantages in terms of implementing WS in MAVR and organizing work in digital marketing:

  • Starting a PM project with all available information from the sales manager, adding members of the project team.
  • Setting tasks for the head of the department and further distribution between the project participants in terms of workload and their knowledge.
  • Deadline control – you can always set 2 mental deadlines in case the first one is overdue for one reason or another.
  • Adding a client to WS as a direct participant in the project – this can be a marketer on the client side, a business owner, a programmer, a sales manager, etc. The number of chains of letters is reduced in order to inform all interested participants and receive the necessary answers in a timely manner. The client is always aware of the ongoing work, understands the sequence of actions in the long term, can intervene in the process if priorities in promotion have changed.
  • Create automatic regular tasks if the task is repeated from month to month or every week, day. Convenient for regular reports.
  • Storing the history of the project makes it easy to return to the work done a month or two ago, for example, if there was a stop in the promotion for an off-season period.
  • Convenient distribution of roles for project participants in WS allows you to control the actions taken on tasks and hide confidential information, if necessary.
  • WS has a built-in ability to build a Gantt Chart: Calendar-Tasks-Gantt Chart. This is a visual tool for displaying dependencies between tasks, performers, deadlines – you can see, for example, that if the task “drawing advertising teasers” is not completed, then the task “Launch targeted advertising” will not start and send forces in a timely manner to eliminate obstacles with a question teasers.
  • With the help of time tracking, you can understand which projects / tasks take the most time and understand what needs to be improved so that it takes less time in the future. For example, remove this task from one employee and delegate it to another, for whom it turns out faster in conditions when deadlines are limited. Or customize the business process accordingly.
  • In WS, you can work according to the Kanban methodology, where, like on a board with stickers, tasks are transferred by columns – a general list of tasks, in progress, on review, ready, implemented – you can customize the list for yourself. The only thing that is needed from you and the team is to change the statuses of tasks in a timely manner, then it will be interactive and visual.

Of course, the Worksection online project management system is an important tool in the hands of every manager and is applicable not only in marketing.

Author: Anna Dudchenko, Senior PM, MAVR marketing agency