15 services that will find your target audience in social networks for successful targeted advertising

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    Do you want to get more interested visitors to your site, landing page or group, but don’t know where to find them? One of the most successful options is targeted advertising on social networks. There you can not only find a lot of people who can become your customers, but also learn about their other interests that will expand or narrow your target audience for a successful advertising campaign.

    Searching for people on social networks manually is impractical. There are already convenient online services that do this automatically. The process itself is called parsing the target audience in social networks, and we have selected 15 services that can be useful to you in this.


    pepper ninjaCost: 190 rubles for 2 days or from 490 rubles per month, flexible rates.

    Works with: VK, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, Facebook.

    User-friendly interface, dozens of parameters for parsing and the ability to process large amounts of information. A nice feature: it can collect an audience on sites where the Vkontakte widget is installed, that is, you can subsequently set up retargeting for people who visited the site or landing page.

    Pros of Pepper.Ninja:

    • 3 days free trial period;
    • A month of free use with small restrictions for joining the VK group;
    • Convenient interface;
    • Can work with large amounts of data;
    • Cleans the collected audience from bots and offers;
    • Can be operated from a smartphone or tablet;
    • There is an autoparser to search for a similar audience;
    • You can buy a ready-made audience on the exchange;
    • Flexible rates;
    • Transfer of the collected audience directly to the VK advertising account.

    Cons of Pepper Ninja:

    • Limited functionality for Facebook and Odnoklassniki.

    Read also the full review of the parser of VKontakte, Odnoklassniki groups – Pepper.Ninja.

    Cerebro target


    Cost: from 750 rubles per day, from 1225 rubles per month.

    Works with: VK.

    The most famous service for finding the target audience on VKontakte was recognized as the best by the Like Awards in 2014. In it, you can set up a search for more than 100 criteria, combine them. There is a search for birthdays, which is convenient for some business areas.

    An extensive FAQ for training and subsequent setting up of targeted advertising will help with the first parsing and advertising campaign on VKontakte.

    Advantages of Cerbero Target:

    • Free trial period;
    • More than 100 search criteria;
    • Analysis of results;
    • Periodic gifts and promotions for users;
    • Convenient unloading of the base for uploading to the VK advertising account;
    • Expanding the audience through the analysis of friends.

    Cons of Cerbero Target:

    • High rates;
    • Works only with VKontakte.

    Target Hunter

    сервис для таргетированной рекламы в ВКонтакте TargetHunter

    Cost: from 18 rubles per day.

    Works with: VK.

    The service is an official partner of the social network VKontakte, which guarantees the correctness of the results when parsing the audience from there. In addition, you can add a VK advertising account to the service in two clicks for the convenience of filling the database after it has been prepared.

    There are “chips” that other services do not have. For example, searching for new, “hot” or exited community members, parents, birthday couple by date of birth, etc.

    Target Hunter Pros:

    • There is a free plan with limited functionality;
    • More than 150 search parameters;
    • “Autopilot” for targeted advertising;
    • Collects Instagram accounts from VK;
    • Finds VKontakte accounts by Instagram account;
    • Convenient unloading of the database in VK;
    • Exchange of ready-made bases for the Republic of Kazakhstan;
    • Saves collected databases to the cloud;
    • Acceptable prices.

    Cons of Target Hunter:

    • Parses only VKontakte.



    Cost: 399 rubles per month.

    Works with: VK, Odnoklassniki.

    The service has been operating since 2014. The administration quickly adds new features at the request of users, which made it one of the most customer-oriented.

    This version of the audience parser is convenient for a beginner who wants to “just try it out”, since the free plan differs from the paid one only in the amount of data in the results, but the set of functions is the same. There are many functions for searching for ordinary VK members, as well as for searching for specific groups and their administrators.

    Pros of Vk.barkov.net:

    • There is a free plan for small tasks;
    • Saves databases to the cloud;
    • High speed of work;
    • A large number of instructions understandable for a beginner;
    • Weeds out closed groups and accounts, removes duplicates;
    • Performs analysis of the collected audience;
    • Finds group administrators;
    • Search for accounts in other social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Skype.

    Cons of Target Hunter:

    • Work only with VKontakte, Odnoklassniki;
    • Only two paid tariffs.

    Segmento Target

    segmento target

    Cost: from 399 rubles per month.

    Works with: VK, Odnoklassniki, Instagram.

    Tracks any actions in social networks, automatically generates a database immediately for uploading to the VKontakte advertising account. For parsing the target audience, it is possible to configure more than a hundred different parameters – from likes of certain posts to participating in a survey or having a subscription to certain specific groups.

    Advantages of Segmento Target:

    • Convenient interface;
    • Free demo version;
    • Detailed instructions;
    • Work in the cloud;
    • Collects contacts – phone numbers and logins in Skype;
    • Collects a database of Instagram accounts from VK;
    • Collects contacts of community owners for b2b sales;
    • Monitors new group members;
    • Makes an analysis of the collected audience;
    • You can additionally select the most appropriate audience after parsing according to several parameters.

    Cons of Segmento Target:

    • There is no full free trial period;
    • Many settings can confuse a novice user.


    smm up

    Cost: free.

    Works with: VK.

    It helps not only to find the target audience, but also to choose the right time for publications so that they are seen by the maximum number of people. A convenient service for community owners to analyze and properly develop their public, as well as for advertisers to evaluate sites before paying for advertising

    Advantages of SMM Up:

    • Completely free;
    • It is possible to select groups with the most suitable target audience;
    • Quickly analyzes VKontakte groups;
    • Allows you to choose the optimal time for publications in communities.

    Cons of SMM Up:

    • Works only with VKontakte;
    • It is impossible to fully collect an audience for targeted advertising.
    • Limited number of parsing tools.



    Cost: from 29 votes, about 200 rubles.

    Works with: VK.

    An application that is designed for one purpose – to find those who left the group or who joined it. This allows you to “return” the fugitives by personally talking with the person and finding out what exactly did not suit him.

    Deserter Pros:

    • There is a free plan;
    • Exact data on joining or leaving the group with a date;
    • Targeting exited members to bring them back;
    • Welcome message for new members of competitor groups;
    • Protection from “peeping” through the “Deserter” for an additional fee.

    Disadvantages of the Deserter:

    • Limited functionality;
    • Pretty high cost considering the modest feature set.

    Audience Comparison

    Сравнение аудиторий

    Cost: free.

    Works with: VK.

    Helps to identify an audience in two communities that may be interested in your products or services. If there is a match in members, you will get their ID.


    • For free.


    • Works only with VK;
    • Limited functionality.



    Cost: from 990 rubles per month.

    Works with: Odnoklassniki, VKontakte.

    A convenient service for parsing the target audience on VKontakte and Odnoklassniki. The administration of the service quickly introduces innovations that customers ask for.

    Advantages of OKTarget:

    • There is a monitoring of the entered participants;
    • Lots of parsing options;
    • Audience analytics, search for intersections;
    • All results can be saved to the cloud;
    • Collects the names of Instagram accounts, if they are listed in the profile;
    • You can search for relatives;
    • You can work from a smartphone, and not just from a PC.

    Cons of OKTarget:

    • Parsing only from Odnoklassniki and VK;
    • There is no way to test for free;
    • Pretty high price.

    Centro Target

    Поиск аудитории ВКонтакте

    Cost: from 240 r

    Works with: VKontakte

    Functionality: search for subscribers, groups; cleaning from deleted and blocked group members; link converter (converts VK id into links of groups or personal pages). In development: number and email parser; removal of duplicates; search by people and donors.

    Target Training (closed)

    target training

    Cost: free.

    Works with: VKontakte.

    A convenient simple tool for collecting a retargeting base for certain search words. It returns about 2.5 thousand results for your query, which is searched for in posts published by users. It is impossible to analyze the collected audience or somehow further refine the search filter.

    Benefits of Target Training:

    • Can be used for free.

    Cons of Target Training:

    • Limited functionality only for searching in VK;
    • Shows only the last 2500 records, sometimes less.



    Cost: 199 rubles for 3 days, 499 rubles for a month.

    Works with: VKontakte.

    A specialized tool for collecting a retargeting base. Simple and user friendly interface.

    Pros of SMM sexy:

    • 7 days of free use;
    • Convenient simple interface;
    • A large number of filters and search tools;
    • It is possible to search for popular people, relatives, parsing marital status;
    • Communities can be analyzed;
    • There are tools for filtering results.

    Cons of SMM sexy:

    • Works only with VKontakte.



    Cost: 100 rubles per week, 300 rubles per month.

    Works with: VKontakte.

    Convenient and simple audience parser with a wide range of filters and functions. The results are stored in the cloud and sent by mail.

    Advantages of Limbotarget:

    • There is a test period;
    • More than 80 search filters;
    • There is an analysis of the collected audience;
    • Can be operated from a smartphone or tablet;
    • Uses a cloud service;
    • Low cost.

    Cons of Limbotarget:

    • Parsing only with VK.

    TargetoLOG (Closed)


    Cost: free.

    Works with: VKontakte.

    A new free service for parsing the target audience and subsequent uploading to the VKontakte advertising account. Quite a lot of functionality and user-friendly interface.

    Benefits of TargetoLOG:

    • Completely free;
    • Community analysis;
    • Search for similar audiences;
    • Collects links to other social networks of users;
    • Working with received reports.

    Cons of TargetoLOG:

    • Search for the target audience only in VK.



    Cost: from 290 rubles per month.

    Works with: Vkontakte, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.

    A specialized service for tracking mentions in social networks with parsing, which will help you set up an advertising campaign.

    Pros of StarComment:

    • 5 free days of trial period;
    • By VK, Instagram and Facebook, you can unload users by tracked events for use in advertising campaigns;
    • There is a filter by stop words;
    • Possibility of team work in the service;
    • Quickly receive updated information in a convenient way;
    • Tracks 5 social networks including Youtube.
    • Relatively low rates.

    Cons of StarComment:

    • Limited functionality when monitoring on Twitter.
    • No monitoring Odnoklassniki.

    BorstchРетаргет (Closed)

    borstch таргет

    Cost: from 500 rubles per month.

    Works with: VKontakte

    A simple interface, similar to VKontakte, for parsing the audience in the same social network. The convenience of the service is that you can use a pro interface with a large number of settings. For beginners, there is a light interface with a basic set of filters.

    Pros of BorstchRetarget:

    • Simple interface;
    • Free training on getting clients from VK in the format of a webinar;
    • You can independently set up audience parsing with a large number of filters and conditions.

    Cons of BorstchRetarget:

    • Works only with the social network VK;
    • A small set of functionality in the light version;
    • There is no analysis and filtering for the already collected audience.

    All these 15 services are good and convenient in their own way. They definitely help to speed up the collection of the target audience for targeted advertising. The choice of a specific tool depends on your personal preferences, as well as the goals and volumes of information processed.


    What services exist for analyzing the target audience?

    There are several services that provide the ability to analyze the target audience. One such service is Google Analytics. It allows you to track your site traffic data, visitor demographics, interests, site behavior, and more. Another popular target audience analysis service is Facebook Audience Insights. It allows you to get information about users of the Facebook social platform, including their demographics, interests, behaviors, and more.

    What are the free services for analyzing the target audience?

    Among the free services for analyzing the target audience, one can single out Google Analytics, which provides many functions for analyzing your website visitors. Also worth mentioning is Facebook Audience Insights, which allows you to get valuable information about Facebook users. In addition, Yandex.Metrica provides data on site traffic, user behavior, and other useful metrics.

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