25 things you need to know about Instagram

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    • Over 500 million active users (about 200 million more than Twitter).
    • In the last two years alone, the user base has grown by more than 300%.

    And many more facts you need to know about Instagram in our infographic.

    25 фактов об Instagram

    For those who don’t like to read from pictures:

    • Since 2012, the number of adult online users has quadrupled.
    • Instagram is growing 5 times faster than any other US social network.
    • 55% of youth aged 18 to 29 used Instagram in 2016.
    • Over 75% of Instagram users live outside the US.
    • 59% of users log in to Instagram daily.
    • 35% of users log in multiple times a day.
    • In 2017, all mobile users will use Instagram at least once a month.
    • 13.2% of Instagram posts are videos.
    • Engagement rates are up 53% for the top 100 brands compared to last year.
    • The average engagement rate is 4.3%.
    • Posts with a location tag have 79% more engagement than posts without it.
    • In the TOP 100 Instagram brands, there are about 2.5 hashtags per post.
    • Brand posts take over 19 hours to reach 1/2 of their total engagement.
    • Posts that have 11+ hashtags get about 80% engagement per 1000 followers.
    • There is an almost negligible relationship between headline length and engagement rates.
    • Images that include faces get 38% more likes.
    • In 2016, brands posted an average of 4.9 posts per week.
    • More than 80 million photos are shared daily.
    • The best days to post are (Monday and Thursday) any time except between 3 and 4 am.
    • 36% of B2C brands consider Instagram “very important” or “essential” for their social media marketing.
    • 13% of B2B brands rated Instagram as “very important” or “essential”.
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