30 types of discounts for all occasions

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    Nowadays it is more and more difficult to surprise people with any discount. Most of us are becoming less and less trusting of various marketing ploys in the form of discounts.

    In my article I want to share the most famous discounts that are used in sales.

    1. Off-season

    The most striking example is the sale of a fur coat in summer or a swimsuit in winter. Used to encourage sales of old collection items.

    1. Seasonal

    Provided with the sale of seasonal goods. During the winter season, ski goods will be in demand.

    сезонная скидка

    1. Quality Discount

    Used in several situations:

    • the presence of a defect in the product,
    • product expires.
    1. Discount for a certain period

    Allows shoppers to make unscheduled purchases when time is limited. For example: 30% discount on the birthday of a company or buyer.

    cкидка на определенный срок

    1. Holiday discount

    Definitely, you noticed this type of discount before the New Year. You can also apply discounts for smaller holidays. For example: accountant’s day, mother’s day or angel’s day. Experiment, and the results will not keep you waiting long.

    праздничная скидка

    1. Cross Discount

    Related products are offered. It is necessary to determine which additional product will be relevant in comparison with the main purchase.кросс-скидка

    1. Discount for reaching a certain check

    Introduced to raise the client’s check. Definitely, you have had situations when at the checkout of a store they offer to buy another inexpensive product and get a discount on a general check.

    1. Wholesale discount

    It is used with a larger volume of sales, which encourages to make even more purchases.

    1. Accumulation system

    It accumulates over a certain period of time. Subsequently, you can pay with this bonus. An example is a card from the Silpo supermarket.

    1. Personal discount

    Actively used today. Thus, it is personalized to a specific person. Definitely, you were handed a flyer for a discount to a fitness center, beauty salon, and more.

    персональная скидка

    1. Preferential discounts

    Allows you to stimulate sales for a certain category of people. The most famous example is the discount in pharmacies for pensioners.

    льготная скидка

    1. Partner discount

    All known network sales. The more customers you attract, the more profitable the price of a product or service.

    1. Discount-subscription

    Implemented for fitness studios, gyms and other sports services. When buying a subscription for a month, and preferably for 3, the price of one lesson will be much lower.

    1. Trade-In system

    Allows you to return the old product to the company and purchase a new one at a discount. Examples are mobile phones.

    1. Discount for the same item

    Buy two of the same item and get the third one for free.

    скидка на одинаковый товар

    1. Unexpected Discount

    The reason may be different. For example: “1000 customer”, “100 customer”. The winner receives a prize from the company.

    1. For online shopping

    Very often, when comparing prices in an online and offline store, you may encounter different prices. At what the price in the online store will be lower.

    1. For a recommendation

    Refer a friend and get a discount. Also, the bonus is received not only by the one who recommends, but also by the one who is recommended.

    1. Export discounts

    Discounts that are provided to foreign buyers in addition to those discounts that apply to domestic segment buyers.

    1. Instant discount

    It is actively used in the absence of a clear price. The same discount when the buyer asks: “Can you provide a discount?”.

    1. Email subscription discount

    Now implemented in many online stores. The value speaks for itself.

    скидка при подписке на email рассылку

    1. First Purchase Bonus

    Actively works on foreign projects, in Ukraine it is rarely used. An example is the well-known AliExpress or Asos.

    скидка за первую покупку

    1. Social media subscription discount


    Social networks are actively developing, not only for the purpose of communication, but also as a way of active sales of goods or services.

    In order to constantly communicate with your target audience, a small “carrot” is offered in the form of a discount when subscribing to social networks.

    скидка за подписку в социальных сетях

    1. Bonus for independence

    If you have taken your order.

    It is actively used in various cafes and restaurants. It is very convenient if you want to enjoy your favorite dish in a homely atmosphere.

    1. Rrepost discount

    The bottom line is to repost a specific post on social networks.

    скидка за репост

    1. Review Discount

    After receiving the necessary product, you can write a review, and already on the next purchase you will receive the product at a discount. Thus, returning the client to your company.

    скидка за отзыв

    1. App Download Bonus

    Noticed in public places. For example, presented in the Farsch restaurant. Each client immediately receives coffee as a gift, in the future each check is converted into points that can be exchanged for the menu of the establishment.

    1. Discount for speed

    The faster the client makes an advance payment, the greater the discount he receives.

    1. Cash Discount

    Most of us have a commission when paying by card, and this is very unprofitable, especially when it comes to a large transfer. Therefore, offer the client a discount for paying in cash.

    скидка за наличный расчет

    1. Discount on a specific item

    This type of discount is generally limited in time. A striking example is the goods that were marked with the price tag “Product of the Day”, “Highestseller”.

    скидка на конкретный товар

    As you can see, there is a huge variety of ideas for discounts, and you can choose the most interesting ones for your own business. Leave in the comments what type of discount you still use.

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