Automatic YouTube channel collaborations with end screens

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    Any person or community that posts video on YouTube is interested in views and monetization of their content, in organic views, live viewers. Otherwise why take it off? Another question is how to popularize your channel or video? And most importantly, how to find a simple scheme or tool at work?

    One of the tools to attract the target audience to your video or channel are end screens. This tool is available to absolutely everyone in YouTube Studio. Place intros at the end of the video, and there can be several of them (according to YouTube rules, in their videos or videos of partners, friends, or those with whom you have an agreement on such cooperation).

    The end screen itself is an interactive window element that leads the viewer to the next video on a topic of interest. This allows the owner of the video material to get organic views, as well as retain the viewer.

    If you understand, the process of creating an end screen is a fairly simple procedure: go to YouTube Studio, select a tool, end screens and attach a video cover or channel playlist in the right place. And it’s good if there are already successful videos from which you can get viewers to your new videos. This will work if you already have subscribers, and the channel has a lot of video material needed to place an intro for new or continuing videos. Another positive side of end screens is the ability to earn money by placing other people’s videos in your end screen.

    But what if there is no such resource, but the video is worthy of attention. How to agree on cooperation with channels on the same topic? How much time and money will it take to find the right potential partners? To try to contact them? Negotiate a price? How to objectively calculate the result?

    The relevance of the video material in most cases will be limited in time. This is the so-called relevance of information – in the right place, at the right time. In order not to waste time on manual promotion, you can use a paid service that attracts the viewer to views.

    One of these is the Adbooro service. Its uniqueness is that you do not need to establish contacts with other channels manually, but just insert a link to the video and choose the topic of seeding your video material. During the existence of the service, there are already a huge number of partners who have provided their videos for placement of end screens for channels at the development stage. A collaboration on Adbooro can either be received or provided.

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    Collaboration is an agreement on the mutual interests of two or more channels, to help gain organic views or receive additional monetization from the provided traffic.

    The simplicity and accessibility of the Adbooro service allow you to solve the issue of promoting video material or a channel in a relatively short time and without requiring access to your account. You can also personally set the categories in which there will be an end screen for your channel. In addition, Technical support works 24/7, and you can always get adequate assistance in solving questions you do not understand. In the service itself in your account, you can see the number of interactions of the end screens, and through YouTube analytics of your channel, view the promotion result.

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