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    The usual task of expanding the site can bring a lot of problems if you make one mistake in the redirects. For example, you have a blog and you decide to add a new content category. You already have eligible content published and need to collect it in a new category. At the same time, it is important to put redirects between the old and new url addresses of articles in order not to get 404 errors on the site, not to lose positions and traffic.

    CheckURLs is designed to avoid these problems. This is a service for mass verification of the server response code with a non-standard approach to the process and verification results. The service allows you to check up to 30 url at a time (the number of checks is not limited).

    массовая проверка кода ответа сервера

    Briefly about how to use it on the example of a new category in the blog:

    1. Create a project with a list of article urls before changes and save the project link. Don’t forget to make sure that the test result is Successful. In order not to look for a non-existent error later.
    2. Make any necessary changes to the site. Collect relevant articles in a new category.
    3. Check the project again to make sure that the result of the check is Succeeded – so everything is in order and there are no errors.

    Now more about the main features of the service.

    Checking the entire redirect chain

    If after a redirect there is a redirect again, then the whole chain of redirects is checked up to 10 steps inclusive. If there are more than 10 redirects in the chain, this is considered a cyclic redirect and is marked as an error.

    массовая проверка ответа сервера онлайн

    Global result of the project

    массовая проверка ответа сервера списком - успешно массовая проверка ответа сервера списком - есть ошибки

    All group urls that are checked are considered as a project and are the result of checking this project:

    • Success – all urls eventually result in a 200 OK response.
    • There are errors – something went wrong.
    • There are dangerous redirects – all urls eventually result in a 200 OK response, but there are redirects with more than 3 redirects in a chain (this is not desirable).

    The result of a mass check of the server response online allows you to quickly determine the presence of errors in the project, which simplifies the work with the service.

    Check results statistics

    Статистика результатов массовой проверки ответа сервера

    Detailed statistics show the number and types of successful, unsuccessful checks. As well as statistics on redirects. Plus the ability to quickly filter the desired group.

    Filtering test results

    массовая проверка ответа сервера

    There are 10 options for filtering the results of the mass check of the server response with a list for a more detailed analysis.

    Project permalink

    Each project receives a permanent address for verification. It can be used for a quick recheck, or to share with colleagues or clients as proof that everything is working as expected. For example, a demo project that clearly shows the operation of the service.

    Choosing a user agent

    An additional option when creating a project is the ability to select a user-agent from the list or specify your own. This will help avoid blocking by the hosting.

    Especially for MAVR

    Especially for readers, you have the opportunity to use an extended limit – check up to 100 url at a time. To do this, use the link, which will be valid until 09/01/2020.

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