What is a CDN and why does your website need it?

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A Content Delivery Network (CDN), otherwise known as a “content delivery network”, is often represented by servers that speed up the delivery of “content” to the user. This is necessary to minimize the response time to visitors to your site.

These “distribution networks” allow sites to better manage their traffic as user requests are processed faster.

Что такое CDN

CDN in Ukraine

As for the domestic use of CDN, Ukraine started to apply the system relatively recently. This service is gaining popularity every day as website owners see clear benefits of using these networks:

  1. Decreased throughput. Thanks to this, you can reduce the cost of the site. It is implemented by increasing the number of points of presence, server optimization also helps, for example, caching, when information is placed in temporary storage (it can be different servers, computers, mobile devices) to make it easier to access them.
  2. Increase in speed. Nobody likes delays when information takes too long to transfer between the user and the source. The reasons for this can be very diverse, but most of them are solved completely or at least partially by using CDN.

Увеличение скорости

  1. Security improvement. Logically, if information comes to the site from only one server, then your site’s vulnerability to “bad” events like “denial of service” (DDoS), etc. increases. The goal of DDoS attacks is to cause a server crash using traffic overload. Often implemented through bots. Thus, the site “lays down” and is no longer available to legitimate users of the site. Therefore, site owners use DDoS filters and distribute requests across multiple geolocations.

Today, distribution networks can be used to protect against hacker attacks while keeping your data safe. This is achieved by constantly updating the CDN TLS/SSL certificates. The latter implies improved standards for encryption and authentication. In the same way, traffic is diverted from the source (server) to the proxy.

  1. Improved content delivery. Hardware failures + significant traffic loads = increased downtime. If the load is distributed across two or more content delivery systems, we reduce the load on both the servers and our infrastructure.
    Улучшение передачи контента


It is well known that search engines (PS) take into account the response time from the server. This is the time it takes for the server to respond when it is accessed. In fact, there are much more factors that affect the download and its speed. Returns to the search results are also important, when the user did not wait for the full loading of the web page and returned to the search. This means that Google interprets this as the fact that the resource does not contain useful information upon request, which in the future may lead to a decrease in the position of the site.

According to studies, almost 50% of users will not wait for a page to fully load if this process lasts more than 10 seconds. 70% of mobile device users do not wait more than 5 seconds. Thus, the introduction of CDN technology will increase website traffic, and hence conversion, making the use of distribution networks commercially viable.

Image CDN

Storing images on another server is a great solution! Advantages:

  • fast image caching – improves performance;
  • automatic compression and optimization of drawings and photos for faster transfer to users;
  • quick conversion of image format is possible;
  • the ability to change filters and effects;
  • reshaping, cropping, rotation, etc.

As you can see, using a CDN to store images is often justified and convenient.

Is it necessary to use a CDN?

The IT-sphere is developing rapidly, and in order for the site to move to the TOP of search engines, it is necessary to use modern technologies. Having qualitatively worked out the scheme of optimization and promotion of your site, you will get real results. You can order CDN implementation, for example, on the website https://itfb.com.ua.

We sincerely wish you TOP positions!