What Is Churn Rate And 7 Rules For Successful Communication With The Client

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    One of the main parameters in assessing the relationship between a company and a consumer is the churn rate. This is a measure of the percentage of customers who have terminated their relationship with the business over a given period.

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    Harvard Business School, which conducts research in this area, measuring this indicator monthly, quarterly, and annually depending on the industry and product, claims that not only marketers but also investors are interested in the results of the work done, thus evaluating the reliability of the company in the market: the higher churn rate, the less willing they are to invest in such a firm.

    Finding and acquiring a new customer costs 5 to 25 times more than keeping an existing one. Communication with the client is an art that every employee of the company should master. The psychology of successful communication helps build relationships with the client in such a way that the client not only makes a purchase but also returns. In this article, we will talk about online communication. Any business, small or large, today has its representation on the Internet or is thinking about it. Compared to offline means, the main advantages of this type of marketing include a wide reach and lower transaction costs. It’s a powerful tool, but you need to know how to use it.

    Online customer service is more important than offline, as there is no direct face-to-face contact between the entrepreneur and the customer. Understanding what your customers want and need will set you apart from the competition, and more importantly, you will be an important part of the consumer’s life, and your business depends on it. By following the most general rules of online communication with customers, you will immediately see the result in the form of increased sales of your product or services.

    7 rules for successful communication with the Client

    1. Online counseling system is the most correct way. It is affected by the promptness of the operator. We try to reduce the time for the response of the Internet consultant. Properly chosen techniques and technical means will make it possible to significantly reduce this time. Online consulting in recent years is gaining more and more popularity in small and large businesses. Its motto is: we meet at a place and time convenient for you. Examples of this are psychological centers, law firms, and travel agencies. If you must respond to a client on social media, respond on time, and develop a culture of urgency and urgency.
    2. Don’t use a template autoresponder. Do not answer with marketing terminology and dry words, such answers create a feeling of insincerity on your part. Remember, the more we love the client, the more he likes us. Therefore, the easier the communication, the better the result you will achieve.
    3. Entrust communication with clients to the most experienced managers of the company. When buying your product or service, the client is actually buying the experience of communicating with you, the feeling that he received from using what you offer him and how you offer it. Do not forget that a huge number of consumers are elderly people who need special attention and a lot of patience, as using new technologies is difficult for many.
    4. Your client is a superstar. This is the motto of a successful company that cares about its customers. Everyone likes to be surrounded by care, and your client is no exception. Respectfully call him by his first name and patronymic: “Hello, Natalya Nikolaevna!.. I hope you were satisfied.” It relaxes and sets in a friendly way. And at the same time, keep the business tone that characterizes your company.
    5. Be professional. The response to a customer’s question or feedback must be to the point and complete. The right tone and style of conversation or writing will help identify the needs of the client and encourage them to make a purchase.
    6. The client is always right. People sometimes make mistakes, and this can happen to you and the client too. But no matter who is right, immediately correct yourself and apologize. Let the client feel that he has won.
    7. Social media is the strongest catalyst for your business. Express appreciation to customers for their feedback. Give thanks for their loyalty. People remember who helped them get what they want. A good result is followed by a generous reward.

    Look for your customers, communicate with them correctly, and the result will not keep you waiting!

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