What is an auto-webinar? TOP services for setting up autowebinars

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    What is an auto-webinar and who is it suitable for?

    An auto-webinar is a type of webinar that is held automatically without the participation of a presenter in real time. These are pre-recorded video or audio materials that are broadcast to participants according to a schedule. This format is ideal for training courses, marketing presentations and other events where it is important to deliver information to a large number of people without being tied to a specific time.

    Advantages and disadvantages of auto-webinars

    Advantages of autowebinars:

    1. Reduced costs: organizers do not need to spend resources on conducting live sessions each time, since the webinar is recorded once and can be used multiple times.
    2. Scalability: autowebinars are easily scalable, allowing you to reach a large number of participants without additional costs.
    3. Analytics and reporting: Autowebinar platforms often provide detailed statistics about user attendance, interaction, and behavior.

    Disadvantages of auto-webinars:

    1. Lack of real-time interaction: Participants cannot ask questions and receive immediate answers, which can reduce their engagement and satisfaction with the learning process.
    2. Limited feedback: Organizers may have difficulty assessing the effectiveness of the webinar as there is less opportunity to gather immediate reactions and feedback.
    3. Inability to adapt content to the audience in real time: the presenter cannot change the approach or delve into topics that cause the greatest interest or difficulty for listeners while watching the auto-webinar.

    How to make an auto-webinar

    Creating an effective auto webinar starts with careful planning. You need to clearly define the theme and goals of your event. Prepare meaningful and structured content that will be of interest to your audience. Then move on to creating the script and recording the webinar itself. Particular attention should be paid to the quality of sound and image, using professional equipment for recording and editing.

    Choosing the right platform for hosting your auto webinar is also critical. It is necessary that the service supports automatic playback, registration of participants, sending reminders and providing useful analytics. It’s important to do extensive testing before launch to make sure everything works smoothly.

    Don’t forget about marketing: promoting your webinar through social networks, email newsletters and online advertising will help attract more participants. During the webinar, it is important to monitor the process so that if technical problems arise, you can quickly respond to them. After the webinar is completed, be sure to collect feedback from participants and analyze the findings to improve future events.

    Main startup errors

    One of the main mistakes when launching autowebinars is insufficient testing. This may result in unexpected technical failures that will impact the entire event. It is also important not to lose sight of the quality of the content. Poor preparation and poor recording quality can alienate the audience, even if they were interested in the webinar topic.

    Many organizers also forget the importance of marketing. Without proper promotion, the webinar may go unnoticed. In addition, ignoring the needs and interests of the target audience can reduce the level of engagement and interest of participants, which in turn will affect the overall rating and effectiveness of the webinar.

    TOP 8 platforms for setting up auto-webinars


    Link to the service – https://zoom.us/

    Zoom is a well-known video conferencing platform that is also great for hosting self-hosted webinars. It offers convenient tools for scheduling and automatically broadcasting recorded webinars. Thanks to high video and audio quality, as well as stable performance, Zoom is the preferred choice for many companies and educational institutions.


    Link to the service – https://www.goto.com/webinar

    GoToWebinar is a platform specifically designed for hosting webinars. It has many features that make organizing and hosting webinars easy, including automatic participant registration, reminder sending, and email integration. One of the important advantages is detailed analytics and reports that help evaluate the effectiveness of the event.


    Link to the service – https://home.webinarjam.com/index

    WebinarJam stands out for its advanced marketing features. This platform is ideal for those who are looking not just for a technical solution for webinars, but also want to actively attract an audience and increase sales. WebinarJam supports various forms of advertising and marketing integrations, including the creation of landing pages, the use of popups and the implementation of automated email campaigns. In addition, the platform offers tools for highly interactive online seminars, such as chats, polls, and the ability to divide participants into groups for more effective communication.


    Link to the service – https://home.everwebinar.com/index?r_done =1

    EverWebinar specializes in automating webinars, making them as similar to live events as possible. This platform is ideal for those who want to create a real-time feel for their recorded events. EverWebinar offers options to customize live streaming schedules, automatic notifications, and registration forms, making the process convenient for both hosts and participants. The platform also includes tools for interactivity, such as chats and polls, which can be scheduled at specific points during the webinar.


    Link to the service – https://clickmeeting.com/

    ClickMeeting is an all-in-one webinar platform that offers a wide range of features for organizing, hosting and analyzing online events. It is especially suitable for companies looking for flexible solutions for customizing their webinars. ClickMeeting allows you to customize registration page designs, add logos, and personalize invitations. In addition, the platform has powerful analytical tools that help track the effectiveness of webinars and the behavior of participants.

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    Link to the service – https://www.demio.com/

    Demio stands out for its modern interface and focus on ease of use. This platform is suitable for marketers and educational organizations that need simple yet powerful tools for conducting interactive webinars. Demio provides capabilities for live webinars, autowebinars, and webinar series, and supports real-life participant interaction through chats, polls, and Q&A. The platform also automatically records webinars in the cloud, which simplifies access to materials after they have taken place and expands the possibilities for subsequent use of the content.


    Link to the service – https://www.bigmarker.com/

    BigMarker is a comprehensive webinar platform that combines powerful tools for running online seminars, marketing campaigns and virtual conferences. One of the key features of BigMarker is its ability to integrate with marketing platforms, which allows organizers to effectively attract audiences and increase conversions. The platform also offers advanced customization features, including the ability to create branded web pages, personalized invitations and landing pages. BigMarker is equipped with interactive presentation tools such as polls, chats, and the ability to divide participants into groups to work in rooms.

    Adobe Connect

    Link to the service – https://www.adobe.com/products/adobeconnect .html

    Adobe Connect is one of the most flexible webinar and online learning platforms available, allowing you to create interactive virtual classrooms and seminars. The platform is known for its advanced customization capabilities and control over the interaction of participants. Adobe Connect allows presenters to customize the room interface and add various learning and communication modules, such as polls, tests and games. In addition, it has powerful analytical tools that help track participant progress and training effectiveness. This makes Adobe Connect an ideal choice for educational institutions and businesses looking to provide deeply immersive and personalized learning experiences.

    In conclusion, autowebinars are a powerful tool for delivering educational and marketing content to a wide audience without being tied to time or place. Choosing the right autowebinar platform plays a key role in the success of your event. The platforms reviewed offer a variety of features that can meet the different needs of organizers and participants.

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