Effective online advertising: the most complete guide with examples

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    Advertising forms the mass consciousness and dictates the lifestyle of consumers. Its role has grown even more with the emergence of the consumer society. What are the main secrets of effective advertising? What you should pay attention to? How to effectively convey information to the consumer and increase sales? Let’s plunge right here and now into all the subtleties and find out the main aspects of effective advertising!

    3 main rules for selecting the most effective advertising

    Rule number 1. The goal is to increase customer flow and sales

    Rule number 2. Advertising is an investment. It is important to understand which advertising campaign to invest in and what return on investment they will bring.

    Rule number 3. The most effective advertising should combine 5 main components:

    1) Having a problem. The main task is to get the attention of the target audience of the target audience), make them listen and take a closer look at your offer. At the beginning, you need to show that the target audience has a problem that needs to be solved.


    • Are you ready to start losing weight today?
    • How to get out of debt and get rich?
    • How to look at 43 at 63?

    2) Problem solving. The attention of the target audience is attracted – then you should show her the solution to the problem. This will be a continuation of your promotional offer.


    • The new additive guarantees a weight reduction of up to 7 kg. per month.
    • You need to carry a magical amulet in your wallet for good luck and wealth.
    • The cream helps to prevent wrinkles by enriching the skin with a wide range of vitamins, trace elements and amino acids.

    A potential client has received an answer to his question, but does not dare to make a decision. There may be various reasons: compare with other offers, want to think about it, bookmark it. Next, you need a push that will lead him exactly to you.

    3) Unique offer. At this stage, you should answer the questions: why should the client choose you? How does your offer compare favorably with those of competitors? Formulate these answers in your sentence. Your uniqueness is the main highlight of effective advertising. The client is almost ready to take action, but needs one more push.


    • Natural composition: B vitamins activate metabolic processes and reduce appetite.
    • The amulet, according to a ritual based on the power of prayer, is made and tied to a specific person, in his name.
    • In our cosmetics, we prefer only natural ingredients. Before going on sale, our cosmetics undergo dermatological control.

    4) Restriction. Leave no room for thought! Choose a time or quantity limit. Your potential client will definitely want to be among the lucky ones. The main task of the restriction is to make the client act faster.


    • First 100 packs with -50% discount. There are 7 items left in stock.
    • Only until December 31: 20% discount and delivery as a gift!
    • First 12 buyers +50 ml. cream as a gift.

    5) Call to action. The final touch of successful advertising is a call to action.


    • Hurry up to order now to feel the update. Click (button “Order”)
    • Click here and place an order now
    • Only today you can order a cream with a 43% discount and receive a gift. Hurry up! The number of goods is limited.

    The same advertising campaign can bring different results in different industries and projects of different scale. However, these general rules can always be applied and will give maximum results. Be bolder – test advertising texts or layouts – test your hypotheses, scale up and go to the plus.

    How to evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign?

    The advertising campaign has been carried out. What’s next? You need to evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, among several options.

    The main indicator of the effectiveness of advertising is the increase in sales and the receipt of more profit than advertising costs.

    For analysis, you can use some methods:

    Method 1. Find out from the client how he found out about you. Pros: This method does not require any costs. Cons: the client may tell a lie, may forget how exactly he learned about you, such a question may scare the client away.

    Method 2. Use different email and phone numbers. You can have several phone numbers and several contact emails and use them in different types of advertising campaigns. Thus, the most effective campaign will be the one for which the largest number of sales will be recorded.

    Method 3: Use unique codes. You can add a unique code to your promotional offer (for example, a promo code with a discount). Thanks to this method, you can accurately calculate the number of conversions and sales.

    Method 4. Utm tags. If you are advertising on the Internet, then each advertising source must be tagged with utm tags. To do this, use Google’s URL Builder, for example. Now, when placing advertising links on the Internet, you will clearly see in Google Analytics where the transition came from and how many orders there were.

    Method 5. IP-telephony. If most of your Clients call you, but do not leave a request on the site, then the best option would be to implement IP telephony or a call tracking service, for example, Ringostat.

    In short, depending on where the person came to your site from, he will be shown different phone numbers. Accordingly, depending on which number will be called more, you can find out the most effective source of advertising.

    P.S. All methods can be combined with each other.

    Myths about effective advertising

    Мифы по поводу эффективной рекламы

    You have probably heard more than a dozen myths about the effectiveness of advertising, I propose to dispel them immediately.

    Myth one. “Advertising doesn’t work. Why invest in it?”

    You think that advertising does not work and you do not get the desired number of new customers.

    Advertising works. Of course, using old methods or incorrectly determining the type of advertising campaign for a particular business will not be able to bring the desired number of customers. But it will be enough to identify effective selling chips and this will significantly increase efficiency.

    Myth two. “Ads cost a lot of money”

    Image advertising really needs serious investments. And the return of advertising money will not always be positive.

    But! With a minimal budget, you can use direct response advertising, test the effectiveness of various low-cost advertising sources. For example, sms or viber mailing, email marketing, targeted advertising in social networks. networks can be launched with a budget of $ 3 per day, etc.

    After each advertising campaign, it is necessary to evaluate the results and refine them in order to evaluate the effectiveness.

    Myth three. “The more often and longer ads are shown, the more effective they are”

    Indeed, in an advertising campaign, its duration and consistency are important. The principle of “more often is better” leads to overspending of the advertising budget in the hope of increasing sales. In most cases, the expected result is not.

    It is worth considering other more important factors that affect the success of an advertising campaign. For example, the demand and quality of the product, the quality of the promotional offer itself. It is necessary to conduct a comprehensive analysis of advertising and only then decide on the frequency and duration of its impressions.

    Do you know what is the most expensive advertisement in the world?

    The advertising industry surprises more and more. Luxurious, captivating and the most expensive advertising makes us admire. The most expensive commercial in history is considered to be an advertisement for an MCE (Melco Crown Entertainment) casino. An impressive cost of 70 million dollars! Hollywood actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese were invited to the shooting. Thus, the company advertised its branch in the city of Macau, where, according to the plan of MCE, the Asian Las Vegas will be located.

    Pros and cons of different types of advertising

    Outdoor advertising on the streets

    The effectiveness of outdoor advertising is determined by the transmission of information in the background. There are such forms of outdoor advertising for every taste and budget:

    • LED screens.
    • Advertising billboards on the roads.
    • Advertising on cars, in elevators.
    • “Stretches”.
    • Building signs.


    • large audience coverage: the ability to reach people living in a particular city or area;
    • recognition/prestige;
    • unobtrusiveness – “flickering in the background”;
    • creative;
    • for special offers and mass promotion products – the best option;
    • possible low price.


    • difficulties at the initial stage;
    • competition;
    • targeting inaccuracy;
    • short contact with the target audience.

    Printable advertisement

    Виды заголовков

    Advertising in the press is a universal channel for disseminating information.

    The cost of print advertising depends on the popularity of the publication, its circulation, advertising block, and even on the placement.

    The following types of print media can be distinguished:

    • Newspapers magazines.
    • Flyers and brochures.
    • Business Cards.
    • Catalogs and reference books.


    • Reach specific audience segments.
    • Reputation management.
    • Exposure time.
    • Budget control.


    • Additional preparation costs.
    • local frames.
    • Long start.
    • Volume restrictions.
    • Short life cycle of an advertising publication.

    Advertising on TV and radio

    Достоинства и недостатки СМИTelevision advertising remains the main means of attracting the attention of an audience that does not use the Internet. And just like television advertising, radio advertising provides a wide audience reach.


    • Maximum audience coverage.
    • Brand recognition.
    • Sales promotion.
    • Taking advantage of video ads.
    • Locality (the possibility of advertising in a certain area).


    • Difficulty of preparation.
    • High cost (airtime, video production).
    • Prejudice attitude.
    • Dependence on the quality of advertising material.

    Does your business need offline advertising? It all depends on the features of the product, the target audience, the field of activity and other factors.

    As before, the only growing segment of the market is online advertising. The trend of overflowing advertising budgets continues to gain momentum.

    Contextual advertising

    The main services of contextual advertising:

    • Yandex. Direct.
    • Google Ads


    • Quick start.
    • Effective cost control.
    • The ability to fine-tune your audience.
    • Increasing brand awareness, company, product, promotion.
    • Minimum budget.


    • External display restrictions.
    • Difficulties in getting started.

    Advertising in social networks

    СМО, или Раскрутка в социальных сетяхPros:

    • The ability to fine-tune your audience.
    • Audience loyalty.
    • Impact on image and recognition.
    • Introduction of audience activation mechanics: contests, polls, discussions.
    • Reposts increase audience reach in a natural way.


    • The need for constant monitoring and modernization of the site.
    • Temporary resources.



    • Perspective (works for the long term).
    • Favorable price for 1 visitor and 1 buyer.
    • Trust (by natural perception).
    • Efficiency control.
    • Maintaining the effect, even after the end of the advertising budget.


    • Mandatory presence of the site.
    • Having specific knowledge.
    • The influence of search engines and the level of competition.

    Despite the fact that offline advertising is still in demand, online advertising still occupies a leading position due to the ability to control the budget, targeting settings, unlimited media opportunities and detailed and most detailed statistics.

    Effective advertising for different areas

    100% success is a well-executed advertising campaign. Let’s define an effective campaign for each type of service:

    Services (b2c)

    • Glossy flyers. Quite an expensive form of advertising, but also effective. We need a high-quality layout and order a print. You can distribute both independently and order services from an advertising agency.
    • Posting ads. Although simple printed ads with a tear-off phone are a thing of the past, they nevertheless remain an effective advertising source for the service sector.
    • Advertisements in local newspapers. The advantage of such advertising is a relatively inexpensive cost, an accurate definition of the service heading, it must be given constantly and it will work out its money. It will be more effective to purchase several numbers and create a different clickmeeting advertising text for each of them.
    • Discount business cards. Order business cards with a 5% discount and give them to each of your clients. This will increase loyalty to your service and in 80% of cases the client will return to you.
    • Internet advertising. Post your ads on local forums, message boards and thematic publics on social networks.
    • TV ads.
    • Word of mouth radio. The most effective ad. But there is a minus – it does not start working right away. You need to establish yourself as a master of your craft and provide quality services, then customers will begin to recommend you as a professional.

    For trading (b2c)

    Passive one-time advertising

    • A group in a social network: its creation is free, it will improve the effectiveness of promotion on the Internet and increase income.
    • Online store. For the sphere of trade, this is simply a must-have, it is worth spending money on creating and promoting and stable sales in your pocket. In terms of efficiency, the online store is second only to word of mouth.
    • Word of mouth radio. If buyers are satisfied, this type of passive advertising will work in about 6 months. Your customers will bring their friends to the store.
    • Internet ads. As in the case of the service sector, posting ads on city forums and sites is also suitable. Since it is free, you should not neglect it.
    • Electronic reference books. Are there electronic directories in your city? Great. Place your data there too – some people will still turn to you when they see the information.
    • Required 100% the same as the sign. The efficiency is low, but it will bring you a steady stream of customers.
    • Must-have #1. From how interesting and intriguing it will be depends on a small but stable flow of buyers.

    Constant advertising in trade

    • A television. Monthly advertising on TV will give you a powerful effect and the lion’s share of regular customers. You just need to determine what is right for you: a TV newspaper, a ticker or a video.
    • The effectiveness is slightly lower than TV advertising, but again it depends on the products you advertise.
    • Leaflets for mailboxes. Flyers with offers of discounts and promotions will give the proper effect.
    • Advertising on packages. It will increase the status of the store with the buyer, thereby providing its advertising. Be sure to make a free package for your customer’s purchases.
    • Discount cards. Order discount cards with a discount for customers. This will increase loyalty to your store and the buyer will want to come back to you again to take advantage of the discount.
    • Business cards. Order business cards and give them to each customer.

    You should not constantly use the same promotional offer, change it at least once a month.

    B2b advertising

    The main purpose of advertising in b2b is image-building, it is it that provides a large volume of sales. It aims to be recognizable.

    • Professional magazines. Be sure to post publications about your business, if these magazines are your subject.
    • Reference books 2GIS and 4Geo. Information about your company in such directories will increase consumer loyalty to your production.
    • Videos on TV. Remain the most effective advertising for this area.
    • Be sure to have a website that will indicate what your company does, services, contact details.
    • Plasma panels on city squares.
    • Advertising on transport. He will see a large number of people and some of them will remember the product or service.

    Top 7 most effective moves in the history of advertising

    1. Philip Morris during the war years was the owner of a tobacco shop. He started making cigarettes when he noticed that it was uncomfortable for soldiers to smoke pipes. So, thanks to the idea and advertising, the largest tobacco corporation in the world was born.
    2. “Love and other drugs” – this is how they renamed Maupassant’s book “Pushka” and it was instantly sold out. And when the title was changed to “How a French prostitute was slaughtered” – circulation increased 10 thousand times.
    3. Vladimir Ulyanov made a large-scale political coup, while using advertising only in the newspaper.
    4. Harley Davidson motorcycles became world famous thanks to bikers who, having received discounts on the company’s services, made a tattoo with the Harley brand name.
    5. In one of the Bond films, Goldeneye, BMW products were highlighted and received orders for more than $ 300 million after that.
    6. Napoleon Bonaparte made a grand advertisement for his country and currency: he spread the news that a bank check for a million francs was sealed in one of the 5-franc coins.
    7. Coca-Cola has the largest advertising budget and is the most expensive brand in the world.

    Which ad is the most effective?

    Какая реклама самая эффективная

    So, let’s sum it up – what kind of advertising is the most effective? To do this, it is worth revealing some secrets.

    Secret number 1. Title. The first thing a reader notices is a powerful headline. The title should be catchy. The main focus should be on what you offer.

    Secret number 2. Create a unique selling proposition. Focus on the uniqueness of your product, compose the text in an interesting and intriguing way, make the potential customer feel your product in their hands. Use a limit (set a time frame for your offer, a limited number of products, etc.). The ad must contain a call to action – “call now”, “order right now” and others.

    Secret number 3. VIJD formula.

    How to write an advertising text so that it is as effective as possible? Use the AIDA formula.

    A – Attention
    I – Interest
    D – Desire
    A – Action

    First, we capture the reader’s attention, then we arouse interest, after that – the desire to have a product, service, product and say what actions need to be performed.

    Secret number 4. Emphasis on the benefits rather than the features of the advertised product or service.

    Speak in your promotional offer about the benefits that the customer will receive by purchasing your product or service. How is this useful for him? How will it save money and what bonuses will it bring?

    Secret number 5. Guarantee. If your products or services have warranties, be sure to mention it. Guarantees always strengthen the credibility of the company.

    Secret number 6. Ease of ordering.

    Secret number 7. Ease of payment.

    Secret number 8. Experiment. Unfortunately, there is no universal recipe for effective advertising. Everything is individual for each project. Experiment, test hypotheses, try new things, analyze the effectiveness and you will definitely succeed.

    The main principle is to be as close as possible to your audience. A person acquires both a product and the values associated with this product. An important rule – your idea should be simple and understandable to everyone, and you will definitely succeed!

    All successful advertising campaigns and grateful customers!


    What types of advertising are the most effective?

    The effectiveness of types of advertising depends on the specific situation and business goals. However, some types of advertising that are often considered effective include contextual advertising, social media advertising, influencer collaborations, and video advertising. Each of these types of advertising has its own benefits and can be effective in certain situations, so it’s important to test and analyze the results to determine the most effective type of advertising for your business.

    How to create an advertisement on the Internet?

    There are several platforms and tools for creating online advertising. One popular way is to use the Google Ads advertising platform, where you can create and customize search, display network, or video ad campaigns. To create ads on social media such as Facebook or Instagram, you can use business accounts on these platforms and customize your ads through their tools. It’s important to define your ad campaign goals, select your target audience, create an engaging ad, and set your ad delivery settings (placements) correctly to achieve the best results.

    Anna Grib, SMM specialist

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