Secrets of generating ideas for creating a website

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    How are truly interesting ideas for creating websites born? Where to draw inspiration? What topics can and should be used? What niches to consider when creating a website?

    In fact, any idea can claim success, recognition and, most importantly, profit with the right and constructive approach. Let’s try to understand in more detail what is required for the selection of a successful idea for creating a site, and its further successful implementation.
    Идеи для создания сайта

    3 simple steps that take part in the formation of the idea of ​​websites

    No. 1. First of all, you need to answer yourself three short questions:

    1. What do I like to do the most? (For example, make an omelet or cross-stitch).
    2. What do I manage to do best and most successfully, and what do I feel sorry for sharing with others? (Even if it is the preparation of an omelette or vyshyvanka).
    3. And which of these will arouse interest and demand among people around me? (Perhaps you own a unique algorithm for making that very omelet or an unfamiliar embroidery technique).

    No. 2. The next step will be useful for both beginners and old-timers of the worldwide network in developing an idea for creating a site. Thus, monitoring forums, blogs, competing sites that cover topics in the selected niche will indicate how popular the thematic idea for creating a site is among users.

    TOP 10 popular themes for creating a website:

    Популярные темы для сайта

    1. Auto
    2. Real estate
    3. Medicine
    4. Financial services
    5. Industrial goods
    6. Housing renovation
    7. beauty and health
    8. Personal items
    9. Connection
    10. Furniture

    No. 3. No less important is the stage of studying the target audience, the trust and genuine interest of which is vital for the promotion of the site. In the end, any Internet creation is created specifically for people. For example, women give more preference to such rubrics (in descending order):

    • Acquaintance
    • Leisure and recreation
    • Services on the Internet
    • Personnel search
    • Housing renovation

    While men prefer (desc):

    • Auto
    • Education
    • Leisure and recreation
    • Industrial goods
    • Real estate

    Often the basis is not just a beautiful idea of ​​creating a website, but a business strategy. Business is always profit (or its increase). As practice shows, websites that are good not only for the presence of a virtuoso plan (idea), but which are based on a well-thought-out commercial component, enter the TOP.

    7 vectors to help you decide on the idea of ​​creating a website

    1. Идеи для сайта Realization of a product / service for a target audience that is obviously of interest.
    2. Creation of an advertising platform. In this case, it is important to consider the following factors:
      • target audience – as the main consumer of advertising;
      • maximum traffic to the website as a result of the high speed of promotion and popularization of the site.
    3. Provision of paid services / consultations online. In this case, it is the theme of the site that should attract more potential users.
    4. Improving the image, trust in the eyes of the mass consumer (in the case of fairly popular goods / services that do not require additional advertising). The site will rather be informational, telling about the history of the creation of a company, product, service, than commercial.
    5. Minimum costs on other advertising options (for example, offline).
    6. Attracting potential business partners or investors.
    7. Achieving long-term business relationships with overseas business partners.In the process of development, the website is filled with technical details, meaningful content, attractive pictures. Of course, when working on the design of the site, in order to save time and effort, it is reasonable to turn to SEO specialists, designers, copywriters, marketers, etc. As they say, everyone should mind their own business.Remember: you can reinvent the wheel again, or you can use the principle: “everything ingenious is simple.” Commonplace ideas often work, capable of attracting unexpectedly close attention to a wide audience. Quite a bit of interpretation, creativity and an “unexpected” solution with an interesting idea for the site is ready!
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