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инструменты писателяWhat unites journalists, writers, copywriters and bloggers? Creation of texts! This is a sacred process that requires a combination of external and internal factors. On the one hand, inspiration is important, the very muse that comes from nowhere. On the other hand, absolutely trivial things are important – a comfortable desk, a good laptop or high-quality paper. Modern writers also have useful online tools that make the process much easier.

What working tools does a modern writer need?

Writers Habits

Mark Twain, when creating his works, could not do without a smoking pipe. Ernest Hemingway wrote by hand and then typed the best bits. Before creating a work, Vladimir Nabokov wrote down his future plan on index cards. And Haruki Murakami traded a cigarette, a popular writing attribute, for a daily run in the park.

Most people associate writers with a cup of coffee and a cigarette in their hand. But in practice, each writer has his own rituals. Someone helps a sip of good whiskey and silence, while someone writes beautifully on planes and trains. Some still write by hand in notebooks, others use antique typewriters, and still others enjoy creating text on a modern laptop.

Apps for writers

If you’re used to sketching, try Letterspace for iOS and Mac. The app syncs across all devices so your notes are always at hand. Day One performs the same functions, but this application remembers the date, time and place of each note.

Bloggers will benefit from the Desk app. This is a new text editor that allows you to immediately publish texts to your blog.

Scrivener 2 has been created specifically for writers and runs on Windows and Mac. It helps to structure the characters and plot twists and turns. And the concise text editor FocusWriter will allow you to focus only on the text.

The Daily Page service is useful for brain training. Every day they encourage the user to write a few lines on given topics.

Gift for a writer

On March 3 the whole world celebrates Writer’s Day. If among your friends or relatives there are masters of the verbal genre, it’s time to think about gifts. It could be a stylish Moleskine notebook. It will appeal to bloggers who are used to surrounding themselves with stylish accessories. You can also give the writer a designer art book where you can write and draw.

Connoisseurs of the classics will be delighted with the iconic Underwood typewriter. With her appearance alone, she is able to inspire the creation of a bestseller. The Parker gold nib pen is also a classic. Every writer needs it.

Well, for a gift, be sure to come up with an original congratulation, because it is quite difficult to surprise a writer with a word!