Interview with Sabina Karyazova, marketer at KP Municipal Guard

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    Working in the security industry, confronting the interests and “pain” of clients on a daily basis, tell us what exactly is in demand among security services today?

    We have an increased demand for remote security. Clients are interested that in the event of a hack, someone would urgently come to them and resolve the issue, so that this scheme would work reliably when creating a dangerous situation at the facility. This is exactly how we work, an alarm signal from the system installed in the apartment / house goes to the security control panel and the RRT leaves for the facility.

    Where does your client come from? Highlight the main channels of your audience

    Сабина Карязова

    We use various channels to attract customers, and they all work. The main digital channels today are contextual advertising and competent SEO promotion.

    What is the basis for choosing a client in favor of a particular security company? How do you see these criteria, based on experience?

    The choice of the client is influenced by many factors, first of all, we use only certified reliable equipment, we improve the service every day at all stages of interaction with the client. Most of our clients react positively to special offers, as well as to the quick arrival of the Rapid Response Team in a difficult situation. We have many regular customers, some of which are large-scale public utilities, such as the Department of Entrepreneurship and Consumer Market (Administrative Services Center) and KP Oktyabrskoye Tram Depot. We are delighted to serve such valued customers, and at the same time, we are actively working every day to increase our monthly flow of new customers.

    What difficulties in the development of the company in the market could you point out?

    The difficulty is that it is sometimes difficult to convince a client of the need to install an alarm before the moment of theft. And here we are helped by understanding how to properly offer each specific service. Our managers successfully find an approach to each client, which is why the number of loyal customers is growing every month.

    Which security companies do you consider worthy competitors, how to win this fight?

    One of the main competitors today is the security company Kratos, which is the leader in terms of coverage of advertising channels. However, we see from experience that a large coverage of advertising channels is not always the right decision, we are selective in this matter in favor of the most effective channels.

    We win the competition due to the fact that we offer our customers a wide range of services in demand: security of housing, enterprises, physical security, video surveillance, security of valuables, installation of fire alarms, technical security. At the same time, many security companies specialize in one area, for example, in the installation of burglar alarms.

    Do you have a burglar alarm installed or are you planning to? Your point of view from the position of the consumer is interesting.

    In the company, I learned a lot of useful information on the issue of protecting an apartment from burglary and theft. To date, GSM-technologies make it possible to easily and quickly install a wireless alarm system, as well as control security in the territory of housing in one’s absence. At the moment, I am thinking about installing a security alarm in the future, because this is a profitable investment and peace of mind for the safety of my home.

    What are the biggest “victories” of the year in terms of the development of the company in the market can you note?

    Since 2015, we have joined the Ukrainian Federation of Security Professionals, and in 2019, as part of the Business Reputation 2019 competition, we were awarded a diploma as a “Reliable Partner”. This is valuable, because a quality partner and individual training of specialists is always a priority.

    The staff of KP “Municipalnaya Okhrana” constantly improves its level by attending specialized events and inviting representatives of the security alarm manufacturer to conduct internal master classes on using the latest technological breakthroughs. One of the latest events was the November master class on getting acquainted with the wireless alarm system called “Max Pro”, today our managers are successfully implementing this system in the city and region.

    Today, we are happy to have a large part of loyal customers who, among the variety of offers, have chosen us and entrusted the most valuable thing – the safety of their home.

    We are proud that every day the flow of new customers is growing!

    Can you advise something to a simple Ukrainian who thought about the security of his home, but doubts whether it is necessary to do anything to strengthen his borders?

    Yes, I would like to advise such people to pay due attention to the security of their home / apartment, because in our difficult time there are quite a few thieves’ groups. The statistics in this matter are disappointing, a very small part of such crimes is solved by law enforcement agencies, so everything is in the hands of each individual person. He himself must take care of the reliable protection of his house, and we will offer him the best modern solutions that will cope with this task.

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