Anastasia Evsyukova: “Cinema has become a business, but there is still more creativity in the theater”

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    The whole world is a theater, and the people in it are actors – this is exactly what Shakespeare assured us. Anastasia Evsyukova, the founder of the acting school “Actor-psycho”, the director of the theater “Lyudivnas” shared with us her vision of the development of the theater and told us how each of us can become an actor.

    Anastasia, Psycho Actor, what is it?

    This is a family school. A place for change, growth, exit from the familiar everyday world into a new ideal creative world. 5 years ago it was an acting-psychological course, where part of it was devoted to acting, part of psychology, and now, “Actor-psycho” is a school. At the moment we have 10 groups, master classes on weekends, children from 4 to how many years old are studying.

    Classes help everyone who is ready for development and change for the better, improve their speech, liberate themselves, gain confidence and inner freedom, be more emotional, team, be able to apply acting skills in life.

    What changes should take place in my life after I come to you for courses?

    Анастасия Евсюкова

    Very different, development is not always pleasant and joyful, but we work in a safe and trusting, creative environment, which makes the process deeper and more productive. Specifically, everything that you think will happen, it all depends on you, the coaches and the group will help. Be careful what you think you will get in the end, because you will get more.

    Anastasia, is there a lot of competition in your niche now?

    I think, rather, yes, since it is now fashionable to engage in development. But there are no schools, family acting schools, this is our uniqueness.

    Anastasia, how can I get into your theater as an actor?

    This is possible for everyone who comes to our school, finishes the “Basic” or “Speech Improvisation” courses, then our second level “Actor-psycho 2.0”, then after an interview with me there is an opportunity to study at the Lyudivnas theater. This is a great opportunity to fulfill your dream of becoming an actor / actress at any age and without special education.

    Is it true that the cinema will soon completely kill the theater?

    It depends on what performances to put on, because. theater, in my opinion, is becoming an increasingly popular form of leisure, through performances you can influence the viewer, talk about culture, society, the meaning of life, give a different range of emotions, think about different situations, just have a good time. Cinema has been made into a business, but theater still has more creativity than strategy and analytics, so it’s still a less popular genre. Let’s compete! 😉

    What advice can you give to young actors?

    I would recommend that young actors always look for searches for their self-development, do not forget about tasks, share, do not exalt themselves above others and do not go into star disease.

    Why is the director screaming on the set?))

    The director yells on set for a number of reasons, just like everyone else. Scream is always pain. I don’t shout, I can sometimes raise my voice if it boils, when the deadlines are running out, when the same thing has to be repeated. Our team is very friendly, we are together of good will, so there are minimal reasons for swearing. Everyone is interested in a joint worthy result and getting high from the process.


    What will you do if during the rehearsals you realize that the actor is not suitable or cannot play at all?

    Several times I had such a situation, everything somehow mutually came to the fact that we parted. You understand, we are a young theater, without a crust, but with a soul, the guys pay for classes, prepare their images themselves, all other tasks are on my shoulders, if the actors were paid, then I think there would be some changes in areas of responsibility. We are growing, now we have a backbone, someone for 2.5 years, someone for six months. The guys come to classes after the main work and master a new, different profession. We are Family.

    What directors do you admire?

    From Kharkiv directors I like: O. Dmitrieva, A. Vusik, I. Ladenko.

    What actors do you like? (can be from the movie)

    K. Khabensky, J. Kerry, E. Hopkins, J. Depp, W. Meat, DiCaprio, A. Abdulov, V. Mashkov, Y. Nikulin, A. Guskov, J. Chan, E, Leonov, Jean Reno, P. Cruz, N. Medvedeva, Louis de Funes, A. Demyanenko and many others

    How do you decide which play you will put on next?

    In total, in my experience – 6 performances, at the moment in the repertoire – 3. The sequence of performances is built from a number of reasons, unfortunately. There are a number of nuances:

    • actors come and go
    • I don’t have my own premises, I have to go somewhere and ask,
    • we play not often and each time we recreate the performance anew,
    • many improvements and reworking of the script,
    • presentation (we play original performances, we write ourselves).

    Now we go out to the frequency and play one of three performances once a month.

    How can a young theater make itself known? What methods do you use?

    Our friends, friends of the actors, students of the Actor Psycho school go to our performances. We always manage to fill the hall, we spend a lot of resources, the viewer is always surprised at how well actors can play without a crust. You need to declare that you play a lot and honestly, share your experiences, create uniqueness. I don’t know who performs without a crust in Kharkov, it seems to me that there are none, maybe I’m wrong.

    Anastasia, now stand up is gaining popularity. Do you teach this genre?


    Yes, we have a course “Speech improvisation”, in the classroom we work on quick switching, improvisation, the ability to speak correctly, be interesting and learn to keep the audience.

    How is a theater actor different from a movie actor?

    I haven’t played the movie so I can only guess. Of course, these are different professions that require knowledge of the details, subtleties of craftsmanship. I think theater suits me better. It’s about the here and now. It is to feel and be among people during a performance. Not all actors can work both in the theater and in the cinema. Someone considers it impossible, and someone can be in two paths and feel great.

    The Yi quartet managed to transfer their theatrical productions to the big screen. Is this an exception to the rule or reality?

    I talked a little about this today, it is possible when creativity and business are combined. With a strong desire, everything is possible! 🙂

    How is it possible to learn the entire text of the script?

    With good motivation, everything is possible 🙂 We have performances without intermission, there are not many words, the performance “Egg”, for example, is generally semi-plastic.

    Who makes backdrops for performances?

    I take care of all issues. Music, lighting, scenery, costumes, text, of course, not without the participation of the team.

    Anastasia, what performance do you dream of staging?

    I even started, but there is not enough time, the play “She” about the psychological state of women who have become mothers for the first time, this is a plastic autobiographical performance.

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