How to earn in Telegram?

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    The advent of the Internet has allowed many people to earn income from the comfort of their homes. The way to earn income remotely is to launch a telegram channel.

    Ways to earn money in Telegram

    как заработать в Telegram

    To work in the messenger, you will need to master some skills, invest money. Working in Telegram can be turned into a business idea with a good income. It is worth deciding on the current niche and posting unique content.

    Possible ways:

    1. Development of your channel;
    2. Sale of other channels;
    3. Income from affiliate programs;
    4. Donations, registration of the Patreon service;
    5. Creation of bots;
    6. Create stickers;
    7. Winding up bots;
    8. Sale of advertising.

    Work in Telegram is in demand in the social network market. A beginner should choose one popular niche, develop it and attract subscribers.

    Development of the author’s channel

    This method is used to acquire permanent income. It can be automated.


    • Messenger audience – 15 million users. The bulk of the audience has a higher education, works in the field of information technology. Most users subscribe to 3-5 channels;
    • No advertising – 40% say that advertising posts are rare, and 10% are sure that they are not;
    • A large audience is a guarantee that there will be a subscription to a new channel;
    • Rare advertising gives you the opportunity to earn more on advertising posts.

    For example, my channel is about internet marketing.

    5 rules for a successful channel:

    1. The channel develops an expert theme – it is worth talking about what works well;
    2. Self-filling with content – you should work on posts on your own, without copying on third-party resources;
    3. Teamwork – promoting the channel on your own will not work. With regular growth, you will need the support of like-minded people who will be engaged in filling;
    4. Active communication – in order to earn money and start monetization, you will have to get in touch with other people. Communication will be useful in the preparation of advertising, evaluation of the blog by subscribers;
    5. No need to wait for immediate income – working on the channel will not give you earnings right away. The blogger will have to tune in to a long wait for profit. Monetization connection is possible when a certain number of subscribers is reached. The speed depends on the interest of the audience, the relevance of the topic, the speed of posting.

    Channel development takes 2-3 years or more. At the first stages, you should not make this resource the main source of income. The audience will be recruited through advertising, promotion and recommendations. But the first steps in the beginning of channel management will have to be done on your own.

    Work on other channels (advertising, content management)

    The development and sale of other people’s channels is another way to generate income with telegram. A developed channel will attract more subscribers and more money to the user.

    For development you will need:

    • Purchase of advertising daily;
    • Preparation of advertising posts;
    • Progress tracking.

    Most owners go through these stages themselves, but some outsource these tasks to others. It is easier for admins to delegate complex tasks and monitor progress. Owners pay for channel promotion. If you have a large number of subscribers, you will get tangible income.

    Revenues are made up of the standard monthly rate for promotion, % of the advertising budget, the rate received for reaching a certain number of subscribers, coverage and other indicators. The final income is made up of the skills and abilities of a freelancer. It is worth remembering that customers pay attention to reviews and portfolios. Each successful campaign will be a plus for other customers.

    Partnership income

    There are special services that offer partner services, goods. Working on affiliate sites is easy.


    • Registration;
    • Choosing a partner;
    • Attracting clients.

    The network gives the user% of the attracted clientele. In fact, such networks are like advertisers who need promotion. A freelancer is able to choose when to post and to whom to sell.

    Donations or How to work on Patreon?

    Patreon is a new platform that pays channel creators. Promotion on Patreon begins with a Telegram channel or another personal page on a social network. Patreon has the ability to connect subscriptions with different capabilities. The service has additional bonuses that the author of the channel adds.

    Depending on the theme of the channel, the addition may be:

    • Unknown selections;
    • Rare videos;
    • Posts with exclusive content;
    • Holding contests.

    Patreon is popular on the YouTube platform, VKontakte and other social networks. This stage helps in promoting an already established channel.

    Bot development

    Suitable for IT specialists. To launch the bot, you will need to understand the codes, constantly learn new things. Bots will be useful for small chat creators and bloggers.

    Bots are made for:

    • Replies to user messages;
    • Mass newsletter;
    • Audience analysis;
    • Translation of texts from a foreign language, etc.

    To create bots, you will need programming skills. But if there are no skills, then there are special services. For some of them, knowledge of codes is not required.

    Sticker drawing

    Telegram stickers are a separate highlight of the application. Suitable for members of freelance exchanges.

    Work features:

    • To work, you will need the ability to draw;
    • Useful knowledge of Photoshop;
    • A package of 7 stickers is sold on exchanges for 500 rubles.

    The artist is recommended to use the first works for a portfolio. This will help customers decide on the style and quality of the artist’s work.

    Bot promotion

    This method is popular, but close to fraud. Do not choose it to increase income.

    Sale of advertising

    The purchase of advertising is carried out through contact with other channels. The customer pays for the post and gives the posted information. The number of subscribers adds up. Monetization through advertising starts from reaching 5 thousand subscribers. To get good income, it is worth waiting for 10,000 subscribers to reach this number, advertising sales begin.

    Advertising rules:

    • It is worth choosing an advertisement that does not hurt the feelings of subscribers;
    • Per day, you should limit yourself to 1-2 posts so as not to clog the feed of subscribers. The volume of advertising depends on the number of main posts.
    • As advertising, goods, online courses (author’s or blogging) are promoted in the telegram. Profit will bring courses prepared independently or taken from the sites.

    Difficulties in creating a channel

    The main difficulty is attracting the first subscribers. If there are less than 100 members, the channel will not be included in the directory. The first subscribers can be acquaintances, relatives, friends. Assistance in promotion will be the purchase of advertising from beginner channels. Their prices are 300-500 rubles per post.

    Next, the blogger should apply to the directory, gaining the first 1000 members. At this point, other channels will start offering ads.

    The second difficulty in creating a channel is the low response. Chat will solve this problem. It is created after the appearance of the first 1000 participants. Chat allows subscribers to communicate with each other, track the wishes of participants, and eliminate shortcomings.

    Another problem is the loss of motivation. I want to close the channel when the volume of subscribers is frozen at 20-30 participants. In this case, you will need willpower, the ability to move forward. It is worth thinking about the content, think over the advertising system, ways to attract participants. You will need to show perseverance, invest time and effort. By choosing this strategy, you can find your audience. People will go to the channel that will be attractive to them with basic information and advertising.

    Messengers have become a new opportunity for earning. Telegram is one of the popular niches for bloggers and content creators. Many methods require investments, but they pay off with the volume of subscribers, emotions and connected monetization.

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