What is copywriting and rewriting? Overview of exchanges for writing texts

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    Copywriting and rewriting are the two main components of the income of a novice stock writer. There are often disputes about what exactly is considered one type of work with texts, and what is another, since it is indeed often difficult to distinguish between these two concepts.

    Copywriter and copywriting

    копирайтинг и рерайтинг

    People working in the field of writing articles and texts can be sensitive to the correct use of terminology. Resentment can be caused by both the phrase “copywriting of texts” and the proposal “copywriting”.

    The process of writing new unique text content is copywriting. Other word forms are incorrect. At the same time, the author who is engaged in writing unique texts from scratch based on the information he already has is a copywriter.

    In Western terminology, copywriters are mainly those people who are engaged in writing sales and advertising texts. Their main goal is to increase sales of certain products or product groups. Their work is closely related to marketing and advertising.

    In the Russian-speaking Internet, a copywriter is a professional who creates any content for Internet sites – from informational, SEO and news articles to advertising slogans. Text copywriting in this case is sometimes also called webwriting, meaning by it not only the creation of articles from scratch, but also a simple or more complex processing of existing printed or electronic materials – rewriting or rewriting.

    Rewriter and rewriter

    Rewriting differs from copywriting in that it does not involve independent research or careful study of the materials available on the topic. In this case, the author uses one or more articles to write his own, which will be unique to search engines. There is nothing new in the semantic component of this text.

    With terminology in this direction is the same as in copywriting. Rewriting is the process of writing a unique article based on existing ones, and a rewriter is an author who does this work. Sometimes they also use the word “rewrite”, meaning by it both the result of the work – a simple processing of the text, and the writing service itself, which is actually called a little differently.

    For more than 10 years, it has been periodically said that due to the development of artificial intelligence and software, rewriting and even copywriting will soon cease to exist. Writing texts will be performed by special programs called synonymizers. They independently select synonyms for all the words of the source article, but the result, as a rule, is very far from being grammatically and stylistically correct, so such automatic translation can deceive only a search robot, but not a person. Therefore, for a long time copywriting and rewriting of articles will be a relevant option for earning money and a service in demand.

    How and where do rewriters and copywriters work?

    There are two options for the work of a rewriter and a copywriter:

    • Selling articles, copywriting or rewriting on your own topic, that is, writing for yourself, and then putting it up for sale on the stock exchange. In this case, it is difficult to predict exactly when the article will be bought and the author will receive his money.
    • Write to order. In this case, the author definitely receives payment if the article fits the requirements and wishes of the customer, but the choice of topics is usually limited.

    There are also four main employment options for the author:

    • Work on the copywriting exchange. Most often, such sites have the sale of articles, copywriting and rewriting under the order. The advantage of such platforms is the transparency of the conditions, convenient functionality, guaranteed payment after the acceptance of the article by the customer and a large number of customers. The disadvantages of working on the exchange include the need to strictly follow the rules of the service, a small number of orders with high pay and the lack of interesting large turnkey projects.
    • Exchange for freelancers. Here you can find different orders - from inexpensive one-time orders to full filling with articles and descriptions of an online store or regular writing of texts for an information portal. As a rule, competition on freelance exchanges is higher. Not all customers here are ready to work through a “safe deal” with commission payment, in this case there is a risk of not getting paid for the work. In addition, it sometimes takes quite a long time to find a suitable project, since tasks for money are placed not only for copywriters.
    • Working with a studio. which is engaged in the promotion of sites. In this case, the author does not need to independently search for clients, but there is no opportunity to independently choose a topic for an article or an interesting project. It is necessary to write according to the terms of reference that they give. It is possible to work both remotely for the studio and with your own workplace in the office.
    • Working directly with customers. The most risky, labor-intensive, but often the best paid option. In this case, the copywriter himself is looking for clients and assumes all the risks of cooperation. In rare cases, for such work, a contract is concluded that can protect the contractor from an unscrupulous customer. But to sign such a working agreement, as a rule, it is necessary to open an individual entrepreneur, which is associated with bureaucratic difficulties and the payment of taxes.

    Copywriting exchanges or where to make money with copywriting and rewriting?

    Aspiring authors usually hone their skills on copywriting exchanges. Most experienced copywriters agree that this is a necessary step, which, however, must end at some point. Although there are examples of how some performers have been doing “article copywriting” on the exchange for many years, and this suits them quite well in terms of earnings and comfort.

    The generally accepted exchange standard for valuing texts in monetary terms is the price per 1000 characters. On most portals - no spaces. At the same time, the uniqueness of articles can be checked both by the exchange's own service, and by any other on the Internet. As a rule, the customer chooses the desired uniqueness parameters and the program.

    Consider these sites:



    Link to the site - 2polyglot.com

    Convenient copywriting exchange with the possibility of placing an order for free. Offers to earn money not only on writing articles on any subject, but also on translations. The platform has a large database of performers who will be able to choose an order according to their strength. The system provides for payment for the finished text only if the terms of reference are met.

    In order to save time, the exchange offers authorization using social network accounts. The platform administration ensures complete security and confidentiality of data, as well as transparency of transactions. Customers additionally have access to a store of ready-made articles on various topics.



    Link to the site - https://wordfactory.ua/

    The copywriting exchange is a format of a content studio that has been operating in the virtual space for over 12 years. The use of the site is available in three languages - Ukrainian, Russian and English. The company works officially, offers payment by bank transfer with signed acts, contracts and invoices.

    Technical support is ready to answer all questions on weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm, not only by e-mail or instant messenger, but also by phone. Customers can choose experienced authors of any subject and get a high-quality text according to a given TOR.



    Link to the site - https://ua.seoware.ua/

    This platform is not just a copywriting exchange, but a real freelance database where you can find a contractor to receive almost any service aimed at business development. You can take advantage of the offers of qualified specialists in the following areas:

    • creation of "eternal" SEO links and SEO articles;
    • development of effective sites with any navigation;
    • designing logos with a high level of originality;
    • work on advertising publics;
    • programming of any level of complexity;
    • multimedia development, etc.

    One of the advantages of the site is the ability to find high-quality services at a minimal budget. The search system for performers and finished works is available even for beginners and saves time.


    Link to the site - https://uatxt.com/

    This is a worthy exchange for fans of making money on writing texts. You can register on the platform as a customer or contractor, you can also buy or sell ready-made articles at competitive prices. The exchange has a fairly extensive database of writers with rich experience in creating both simple and SEO texts. In addition to copywriting, on the platform you can order high-quality rewriting in Ukrainian from the source.

    Work on the exchange is transparent and completely safe for both the contractor and the customer. The platform administration monitors compliance with the rules, and also offers linking a profile to a phone number, which is a guarantor of additional protection.



    One of the most famous and oldest copywriting exchanges on the Russian-speaking Internet. If you believe the statistics of the service, over the past years, almost 9 million orders have been completed on it, almost 1 million authors and more than half a million customers have been registered in the database.

    The advantage of the exchange is that there is an Articles Store where you can place ready-made unique texts and there are always orders for articles for various projects. Sometimes there are even requests with a price of 200-350 rubles per 1000 characters, but there are many who want to fulfill such requests, and only an author with a certain rating level can send an application.

    On eTXT, you will have to work hard and complete some very cheap orders to start normal earnings. There is even a certain group of customers who offer new authors to write articles for them at 5-7 rubles per 1000 characters for the sake of rating. It's practically free. But without a good rating on this exchange, it is impossible even to put an article up for sale in the Store.



    This portal is better known for its uniqueness program, although the exchange for copywriters and rewriters has been operating on it for several years. There is also an Articles Store where you can put ready-made unique texts on any subject.

    The competition on text.ru is quite strong, there is a well-established TOP authors. A feature can be called the fact that the exchange is divided into two parts: copywriting and rewriting. Usually on such portals this is not the case. Also here sometimes there are orders not only for regular texts for websites, but also for other formats: commercial offers, selling texts, coursework, reviews.

    To receive an order, you must take part in the tender. This is standard procedure for most exchanges. But to apply on this site, a certain rating is not always necessary.



    Until 2014, this exchange was one of the best for novice authors, because most of the orders could be immediately taken to work. Now such a system has remained only for very inexpensive projects. For example, the work of writing reviews, comments or making reposts.

    A feature of Advego is annual thematic contests with nice prizes, active communication on the portal forum, a large number of "buns" in the form of virtual stamps in user profiles and detailed statistics on completed or accepted orders there.

    Prices for Advego are low: rewriting from 20 rubles per 1000 characters, copywriting and translations - from 30. Most interesting projects are not visible to beginners at all, they are received by authors with a high rating. The exchange has an Articles Store.



    The only exchange where you still have the opportunity to simply go in and immediately take an order from the general access to work. Of course, there are certain limitations here: the author sees only those tasks that correspond to his level and below. But in order to “catch” more expensive orders, you need to be online almost around the clock.

    For novice authors, only microtasks are available before passing the tests: comments, likes, reviews, etc. For those who have a “basic” or “intermediate” level, the bulk of tasks cost 40-50 rubles per 1000 characters. To get into the number of "gurus" is quite difficult. There is an opinion that for this it is necessary to have good relations with the management and moderators of the portal.



    For beginners, this exchange will be useful in that there is a Copywriting School and several specialized training courses. Access to orders can be obtained only after passing the entrance test. You should start work only after the end of the tender and confirmation that you have been selected as a contractor. Or in the event that you received an order as a selected copywriter or an individual one, that is, only for you.

    The prices on this exchange are quite modest, although it was originally conceived as a platform for pros with a high cost of work. Now rewriting and copywriting on average here cost from 40 to 120 rubles per 1000 characters. There are not too many tasks, but there is less competition than on more well-known exchanges.



    Closed exchange for copywriters. It is believed that the selection there is very difficult, but even for a beginner, nothing is impossible.

    The prices on the site are varied - from 40 to 150-200 rubles per 1000 characters, depending on the level. You can write on any topic you choose. All articles are moderated by a full-time editor, which helps protect customers from receiving low-quality texts. There is a system of rating and penalties. Heavily fined for missed deadlines.

    In general, the exchange is not bad, with a user-friendly interface and a large number of orders. There is no article store.

    Monica (closed)


    A kind of exchange, which administrators call "content workshop". Its distinguishing feature is a fixed price for writing texts - from 35 to 50 rubles per 1000 characters. It changes depending on the subject, which the author chooses independently immediately after registration. This can be seen as a kind of preparation for specialization and nicheing, which some experts call one of the ways to achieve high earnings in off-exchange copywriting.

    Orders for the “content workshop” come from clients of their own agency, so it is highly likely that the author will write constantly for the same project of his subject. There are always tasks, before acceptance they must be moderated by the editor of the service.

    In order not to sit on the stock exchange for a long time, the author needs to constantly improve his writing skills. This applies not only to the study of spelling rules, but also to the expansion of competence. To do this, you can read books and articles on copying, take paid or free training, participate in specialized conferences and, of course, try and hone new text formats, constantly expanding the list of services.

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