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    A significant part of modern Internet marketing is promotion in social networks. As with other communication channels, the quality of the content is very important here, but the requirements for quality differ significantly. For this reason, the use of attorneys on websites for methods and approaches to creating texts does not bring the expected result on social platforms.

    What should be effective texts for social networks

    копирайтинг в соцсетях

    The most common types of texts posted on public pages in social networks are selling and informational. Both types have as their ultimate goal the sale of a product or service, but they work in different ways. At the same time, the characteristics of the audience of social platforms leave their mark on the requirements for such texts. Among the main signs of successful texts in social networks, it is worth highlighting the following:

    • personalized approach – a specific person refers to another person. Users of social networks come there primarily to communicate, and therefore the use of neutral and impersonal sentences and phrases will not bring the desired result;
    • unobtrusiveness and lack of aggressiveness in an effort to sell. The copywriter must write the content in such a way that the user cannot understand from the very first lines that he has a selling text in front of him;
    • more brightness and catchiness – the emotional component in the texts for SMM is of great importance. Unconventionality and provocativeness are essential qualities of a successful text in social networks, which will receive the maximum number of “likes” and reposts;
    • exclusivity – refers, rather, to the subject of texts. It is unlikely that users will be attracted by reposts of already published information. The increased time and money spent on creating exclusive content will pay off with an increased number of active subscribers;
    • user involvement – the text should appeal to the reader, engage him in a dialogue, provoke him to feedback. And, of course, having received such a connection, one should maintain it;
    • brevity is not only the sister of talent, but also a distinctive feature of texts in social networks. Most users don’t tend to read long sheets of text. Therefore, the task of a copywriter is to use small text as efficiently as possible.

    To write truly effective texts for SMM promotion, it is better to use the services of specialists who understand the specifics of the target audience. The lack of a systematic approach and non-compliance with the above principles of creating content can negate the time and money spent on promotion.

    How texts are created for pages in social networks

    Good content on a company page on a social network is always the product of the work of various specialists. It all starts with the development of a social media strategy and a plan for its implementation, and ends with the sale of a product or service.

    Marketing agency specialists analyze the market and the target audience, draw up a plan of events and content placement, publish texts and other materials, and communicate with users. The work of the copywriter in this scheme is an important element that establishes the initial connection with the target audience. Loyalty, the degree of user involvement and, ultimately, the success of an advertising campaign depend on his professionalism.

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