65 catchy and creative slogans of famous companies

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A slogan is a key phrase that advertisers use to verbally emphasize the uniqueness and present the main idea of their product or service. By and large, it is the essence of an advertising campaign that plays an important role in people’s lives. After all, it is the slogan that is able to attract the attention of buyers and influence their choice.

креативные слоганы

Having a slogan is so important that businesses around the world spend billions to develop a marketing campaign that will help make a brand easily recognizable. Every day we encounter millions of phrases and sentences everywhere: from print media to online advertising. And although there are slogans that we know by heart, there are also those that have appeared and disappeared without being noticed.

What is an advertising slogan that can make a company successful?

It is not only easy to remember, but also has a secret element that makes us take a closer look and think about a future purchase. A successful advertising slogan can impress your target audience and make your company’s product stand out from the rest.

According to Charles Whittier’s book Creative Advertising, a slogan should be strong enough to present a product or service in a quality manner and justify its frequent mention in advertising. According to the author, it should be so well articulated that people will surely remember it.

A guide to creating a successful slogan

креативные слоганы +для рекламы

  • Brand identification. A good slogan should remain closely related to the brand name that is mentioned or explicitly implied in it. It is best to directly indicate the name of your company in the slogan.
  • Easy to remember. Some of the well-known taglines and slogans are still in use today, although they were created a few years ago.
  • Feeling of benefit. Explain the benefits of your product in a language that the consumer can understand. Turn the bad into the good. Show clearly what will happen if your product is not used. Give consumers the opportunity to experience the benefit and enjoyment of using your product.
  • Differentiation. The modern service market is filled with various offers, so companies that operate in the same industry should use creative and original slogans to stand out from the rest.
  • Simple and clear. Use short keywords or phrases in your slogan that grab attention. One word is usually not enough.

65 famous company slogans


Think big.


Think small.

3. Blogger

Push button publishing.

4 Mac Pro

Beauty outside. Beast inside.

5 Harley Davidson

American by birth. Rebel by choice.

6 Calvin Klein

Between love and madness lies obsession.

7. Google

Don’t be evill.

8. Survivor TV Series

Outwit. display. Outlast.

9 Canon

See what we mean.

10 Johnnie Walker

If you want to impress someone, put him on your black list.

11. Matchbox

We sell more cars then Ford, Chrysler, Chevrolet and Buick combined.

12. Reebok

I am what I am.

13. 3M


14. Marks & Spencer

The customer is always and completely right!

15. Federal Express

When there is no tomorrow

16. Nikon

At the heart of image

17. Red Cross

The greatest tragedy is indifference

18. Playstation

Live in your world. Play in ours


There is no substitute

20. Disneyland

The happiest place in earth

21. Fortune Magazine

For the men in charge of change

22. Holiday Inn

Pleasing people the world over

23. Ajax

Stronger than dirt

24. Adidas

Impossible is nothing

25. Haagen-Dazs

Pleasure is the path to joy

26. Yellow Pages

Let your fingers do the walking

27. IBM

Solutions for a small planet

28 Abbey National

Because life’s complicated enough

29. Kodak

Share moments. Share life

30. McDonald’s

I’m lovin it

31. Hallmark

When you care enough to send the very best

32. De Beers

A diamond is forever

33. Levi’s

Quality never goes out of style

34. Nike

Just do it


Connecting people

36. Tag Heuer

Success. It’s a mind game

37. Sony

Make believe

38. Subway

Eat fresh

39. Electronic Arts

Challenge everything

40. Olympus

Your vision. Our future is your vision. Our future

41. Vodafone

Make the most of now

42. Maxwell House

Good to the last drop

43. Clairol

Does she… or doesn’t she?

44. Aston Martin

Power, beauty and soul

45 Burger King

Have it your way

46. Visa

Its everywhere you want to be

47. Coca Cola

Twist the cap to refreshment

48. M&Ms

Melts in your mouth, not in your hands


Grace, space, pace


Reach out and touch someone – Stay in touch

51. Kentucky Fried Chicken

Finger lickin’ good

52. L’Oreal

Because you’re worth it

53. Diesel Jeans

Be stupid

54. Metropolitan Life

Have you met life today?

55. Nintendo 64

Get n or get out

56. Dixon

The last place you want to go

57. Ebay

Buy it. Sell it. Love it

58. General Electric

Imagination at work

59. Du Pont

The miracles of science

60. The National Lottery

It could be you

61. Energizer

Keeps going and going and going

62. Volvo

For life

63. Rolex

Perpetual spirit

64. Michelin

When it pours, it reigns

65. Apple

Think Different