Marketing agency or freelancer – what to choose?

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    Every owner of Internet resources inevitably faces the problem of online promotion. And, if the company does not have its own full-time specialists who are engaged in marketing and SEO promotion, you will have to make a choice who to contact – a freelancer or a specialized agency. Below we compare these two options, their strengths and weaknesses.

    Features of promotion with the help of a freelancer

    The main reasons for choosing freelance services are, as a rule, the lower cost of promotion, as well as the ability to communicate directly with the performer. Thus, companies are trying to save money and keep the whole process of website promotion under control.

    In practice, it turns out that the services of a good specialist in terms of cost will be comparable to those of an agency, and the risks of losing contact with the contractor are too high. And it can be difficult to find a sufficiently qualified freelancer, because such performers are no longer looking for clients – word of mouth does an excellent job with this.

    In addition, even a highly qualified specialist is not immune from illness and other reasons why he will not be able to complete the project on time. As a result, most companies for voluminous and long-term promotion tasks turn to agencies that can offer better and more efficient work.

    Promotion with a marketing agency

    This option has much more advantages for the customer. One of the most significant advantages is the possibility of concluding an agreement and providing legal guarantees for the performance of the required amount of work. Practice shows that working with a promotion company has a number of advantages:

    • responsibility – in addition to the legal side of cooperation, the agency values its reputation and is interested in being constantly in touch with the customer;
    • a large selection of tools and strategies – the agency employs various specialists and uses professional tools. This allows you to find the best ways to promote, experiment, conduct high-quality analytics;
    • interchangeability of specialists – in case of illness of one, another employee of the company will work with the customer. The agency has much more opportunities to get the job done without missing deadlines;
    • extensive experience in the promotion of various projects – the agency has a rich portfolio, and its specialists have experience working with customers of various sizes and sectors of the economy;
    • an integrated approach – the presence of marketers, SEO specialists, copywriters, analysts and other professionals in one company allows you to approach promotion in a comprehensive manner. This is how high-quality promotion is achieved, and the customer’s position in the market remains at the required level for a long time.

    Marketing agencies tend to use their own tools and services to help them deliver better and more accurate analytics.

    Почему маркетинговое агентство лучше фрилансера

    How does the agency work

    If you contact a good marketing agency, you will not be told the cost of promotion until they receive all the necessary information. Be prepared to answer many questions and fill out a detailed brief. Only in this way is it possible to adequately assess the complexity and necessary costs of a project promotion campaign. A short list of the main marketing activities in the agency looks like this:

    • an analysis of the current state of affairs is carried out (position in the market, competitive environment and goals set by the company);
    • developing a marketing strategy and action plan;
    • promotion activities are carried out using various channels of communication with the target audience;
    • intermediate and final results are monitored, if necessary, the promotion plan is adjusted.

    If you find a freelancer who can do all this with sufficient quality, it is unlikely that his services will cost less than in an agency. But it will take more time to implement the whole complex of measures.

    By contacting an agency, you will spend more money on promotion compared to a freelancer, but you will get a better result in a guaranteed time frame.

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