How MAVR is involved in the fight against COVID-19 – an interview with Roman Buchimensky, founder of the research center “Via Homeopatica”

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Roman Buchimensky is a homeopath with a name and vast experience behind him. When the coronavirus pandemic and total quarantine began around the world, Roman created a group of homeopaths from around the world, with the help of which sick people find support and treatment on the Homeopathic Help Hotline.

We at MAVR also made every possible contribution as volunteers for the development of this project, because he needed a promotion. None of the homeopathic doctors, volunteers, had the skills of maintaining social networks or marketing in social networks (Facebook and YouTube were chosen).

The project still needs volunteers: Facebook group moderators, translators, copywriters, etc.

We asked Roman Buchimensky questions and asked him to share with us the history of the creation of the “Homeopathic Help Hotline”.

Роман Бучименский

Roman Buchimensky

Roman, tell us how the idea of organizing the “Homeopathic Help Hotline” came about, how did it all start? Have you had any previous similar experience, which, perhaps, served as an example in the current difficult situation?

The question of homeopathic first aid has fascinated me for many years, at one time I even dreamed of opening a homeopathic hospital. I learned homeopathic first aid from many recognized masters, and during the second Lebanese war, this knowledge was especially useful, and I organized and then led the emergency service for 12 years at the Association of Classical Homeopaths of Israel. In addition to wars and terrorist attacks, there have been many other events when we used homeopathic remedies for first aid, and, fortunately, more often than not, we saw their effective effect almost immediately. When all the turmoil began in connection with the Coronavirus and it became clear that it was neither for 1 day nor for 1 week, I began to notice in many people the primary manifestations of shock, manifestations that were already familiar to me, and it became clear that in addition to help, one on one, it is necessary to respond to this epidemic with an “epidemic of homeopathy”, according to the principle “Treat like with like”.

Renowned homeopath Jeremy Sherr calls for the spread of a positive epidemic or posidemia. In our center, already in the first days, we organized online laughter yoga meetings with the participation of laughter therapists from Canada and Russia, because it is very important to relieve tension, get a person out of stress and stimulate the immune system. At the same time, patients approached me and my colleagues for personal consultations, and at a certain moment it became clear that it was necessary to unite in a homeopathic group and create a hotline, and then everything started spinning very quickly. I contacted colleagues from different countries to invite them to participate in the Hotline – Homeopathic Help project. By that time, such groups had already been created in Israel and the United States. In times of trouble, people come together and help each other.

Алина Левин

Alina Levin

Together with Alina Levin, a homeopath from Israel, we started from scratch, wrote down a plan, a list of colleagues we invited to participate in the project, opened a Facebook group “Homeopathy, Holistic Medicine and Coronavirus”.

Is it possible to say that the Facebook group you created was able to unite so many of its members in common aspirations and interests? How many homeopaths have you been able to involve in this project, and who are they, with what experience?

The topic turned out to be very interesting both for Russian-speaking homeopaths from different countries and for the general public. In just over 2 months, more than 2,600 people have joined our Facebook group. More than 50 homeopaths from 12 countries have applied to participate in the project. Any Russian-speaking certified homeopath with 2+ years of experience can join our project, we also need a recommendation from another homeopath and experience in managing acute cases. The first cases that the homeopath receives, regardless of his experience, he will handle together with the curator. This work is very uniting, the participants share their experience, pleasure and joy from the results. To paraphrase Yevgeny Yevtushenko, we can say that “many friendships and important connections” have been formed. High-class professionals and enthusiasts of their business came to the Hotline. We are seeing real homeopathy in action! In difficult cases, colleagues consult with each other, and the teams of Jeremy Scherr, Dr. Harry van der Zee, Dr. Ajit Kulkarni and others can always be consulted.

How is the exchange of experience and interaction among the specialists of the group providing homeopathic care to people? It must be a very active, dynamic process!

Every week we hold a general meeting of homeopaths participating in the project, where the most pressing issues, problems and plans are discussed. In addition, open International Online Conferences on the topic “Homeopathy is effective in coronavirus” are held every week. At conferences, homeopaths from our and other homeopathic groups share their experiences. For example, colleagues from the USA and Israel participated in the 18/5/20 conference together with our volunteer homeopaths, and homeopaths from Germany and India are invited to the next conference. So homeopathy without borders spreads its help posidemically!

Команда проекта в Zoom

Project team in Zoom

In your opinion, can homeopathic treatment compete with the generally accepted methods of treatment used by modern medicine, which are sometimes expensive and therefore not accessible to many?

It has long been known that the most effective type of treatment for epidemics is homeopathy. In 93% of those who contacted the hotline, very good results were achieved. You can compare these indicators with the indicators of allopathic medicine yourself. Any Russian-speaking inhabitant of the planet, regardless of place of residence, nationality and religion, can turn to us for help. We provide free assistance.

Currently, quarantine is interpreted by many as a kind of bifurcation point, a turning point in modern history, which gives us the opportunity to stop, dive into ourselves, get to know ourselves and our own capabilities. What has this quarantine been like for you personally? Has something changed in work, lifestyle, attitude?

For many, quarantine is a stop and an attempt to rethink, and this can be very useful, because the speed of our ordinary life before the coronavirus epidemic was only increasing. For many participants in the project, rethinking takes place in vigorous activity. I start my work day at 4:30 in the morning, surprisingly, I don’t use an alarm clock. My day has become more eventful, even though before that I thought that there was nowhere else to go. In addition to ordinary patients of the clinic, a Hotline has also been added. But such saturation gives strength, I wake up and look forward to a new day, because the results of efforts are now visible faster than usual. I am more disciplined in terms of daily routine, for example, my sports activities have become more streamlined. I always rest after dinner, there is time for a short nap. I made dietary changes to fill up faster and relieve stress. And this is not sweet, but only healthy products, I can’t afford harmful products now. It is good that a healthy lifestyle helps to maintain strength with an increased load. I go to bed no later than 23:00. I often remind my patients of the basic and simple principles of a healthy lifestyle. This knowledge and skills allow you to do a lot and get joy from it …

Are you following the situation in Ukraine? Are there any fundamental differences in the measures taken between countries?

Naturally, I am interested in what is happening in Ukraine and in other countries, and I conclude that in an emergency, people react the same way, and government measures in many countries are now very similar.

How would you briefly define the mission of a doctor?

Of course, in the words of the founder of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann: “The most important task of a doctor is to restore health to a person.”

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What results have we achieved?

Facebook group from zero to 2600 members in 2.5 months

Группа в Facebook с нуля до 2600 участников за 2,5 месяца

YouTube channel from zero to 200 subscribers, 797 hours of viewing in 1 month!

YouTube-канал с нуля до 200 подписчиков, 797 часов просмотра за 1 месяц

48 homeopathic volunteers from 12 countries signed up for the Hotline.

19 volunteer homeopaths are already involved.