What are Micro Moments in Marketing?

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What is a micromoment?

Google introduced this term in 2015. A micro-moment is an intent-laden moment when a person taps into a device to act on a need—to learn, go, make, or buy. At such moments, people expect instant results and solutions. Companies can take advantage of these intent-driven impulses and capture the user in the current micro-moment by delivering exactly what they are looking for at the right time.

However, with the exorbitant amount of information we absorb every day, it can seem impossible to create something that stands out and engages a potential customer in a micro-moment. But believe me, it can and should be done.

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How can micromoments help?

Micro-moments in marketing are like steps in a garden. They bring potential customers to your site through separate steps, each offering a different view of the garden (also known as your company). This journey creates a deeper level of trust with every interaction, thereby increasing the likelihood of a conversion (such as a phone call, meeting request, or purchase from your online store).

Incorporating micro-moments into your marketing strategy

You can use Micro Moments on your website, social media accounts, blog, app, and more.

Step One: Understanding Your Audience

The first step to realizing Micro Moments is to understand your audience and what they want to do or know where they want to go and why. Common pet owner concerns that pop up include:

  1. “My pet itches. I need to understand why and give him the help he needs.” “I want to do” moment.
  2. “My cat hates going to the vet, but she needs vaccinations. Can I go somewhere where she’ll be less nervous?” “I want to go” moment.
  3. “Does my pet really need parasite prevention throughout the year? What is the risk of stopping treatment during the winter months? “I want to know” moment.
  4. “I’ve heard about laser therapy for pets and want to try it on my dog with arthritis.” I want to buy moment.

Step Two: Providing Valuable Content

The next step is to deliver valuable, easily consumed content to get them hooked. The main thing is to personalize your message for each client. With a little creativity, you can probably find ways to position yourself as the experts with the answers to their questions.

Here are some micro-moment marketing examples that you can apply to each of the situations above:

  1. Write a text about pet allergies in early spring and promote it on social media, inviting visitors to make an appointment or call you for more information.
  2. Make separate days at your clinic just for cats, such as once a month or weekly if possible. Highlight the amenities you provide for cats on your site. Add a call to action to set up an appointment.
  3. Offer a discount on pest control in your veterinary app targeting customers who haven’t purchased recently. Be sure to provide supporting information on why prevention is critical to pet health to meet their need for information.
  4. Create a Laser Therapy page on your site and include a direct call to action to encourage curious visitors to make an appointment.

Note that the common theme in each example is a call to action. Without a direct path to conversion, you risk losing potential customers. Also keep in mind that these examples are by no means the only options you can implement. You can use a combination of digital media to create multiple action moments. The possibilities are endless.