Justification or “sale” of the price when writing a selling text

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    How can you profitably present the price of a product or service in a selling text? The following five methods are most often used, the effectiveness of which has been proven by time:

    • fragmentation;
    • comparison with other goods or services;
    • division into components;
    • ROI – return on investment;
    • different versions of a product or service with different prices.

    «продажа» цены при написании продающего текста

    Breaking into pieces

    The first thing that can be done is to visually reduce the cost of a product or service by breaking it into smaller components, parts.

    A simple example: we sell radio ads. Everyone knows that this kind of advertising is expensive. In our example, it will cost $400 per month to broadcast 4 times a day during prime time. Having calculated the cost of the total number of all placements per month, we get the price of one broadcast equal to $3.5. At the same time, the selling text should indicate that the permanent audience of the radio station is at least 10 thousand listeners. As a result, the price for contact with one person from the general audience will be less than one cent – $ 0.00035. A potential customer, looking at the presented rates, can conclude that the cost of advertising is not so high, almost for nothing, especially when compared with distribution promotional materials.

    Comparison with other goods or services

    You can also compare the product or service you offer with other similar ones. Let’s take an example. How to sell “Training on Family Happiness”, which is quite popular for the modern female target audience, if this service costs 3,000 hryvnias?

    The selling text can be started with the words: “What can you, dear women, buy for 3 thousand hryvnias? In the boutique – a new dress or boots. Looking into the jewelry salon, – a small gold jewelry. But, dear women, against the background of the opportunity to get a chance to find a happy family relationship – all material acquisitions fade. After all, having bought a fashionable dress or a small ring, you can lose something more valuable: a loving husband who meets you after a working day with a ready dinner, children who run towards you with a joyful exclamation … “.

    What did you do in this example? They compared family happiness and banal material values on the same plane. Of course, the opportunity to get “family happiness and well-being” for only 3 thousand hryvnia looks like a very tempting offer compared to the one-day pleasure from acquiring some ordinary thing.

    Separation into components

    Another working option to profitably present the price of a product or service is the division into components. This technique is most often used when a potential buyer has a complex and incomprehensible service, an innovative product or a product that works in conjunction with other things. Such proposals include, for example, the development of a website, a set of audit activities, the implementation of CRM, consulting services, new products created on the basis of the latest scientific inventions, and so on.

    Consider an example with website development. We will designate the conditional cost of development in $1000. The primary task when writing a selling text for this service is to remove the primary negative perception of the price factor by breaking it down into components. That is, a potential client should demonstrate everything that the general process of developing a site involves:

    • business analytics – it is worth indicating the cost of 1 hour of work of a specialist in this area, as well as the minimum time required for his work for a quality result;
    • building a site architecture with the involvement of an SEO specialist can be divided into two services, also with a clear cost for 1 hour of work for each specialist required at this stage;
    • design – you can add about the complexity and creative component, as well as the fact that all stages of creating a layout are agreed with the client, and the design of the site itself must be approved before being put into operation;
    • layout so that the site looks correctly in different browsers and on various devices, including mobile phones and tablets, the popularity of which for accessing the Internet is constantly growing;
    • programming – here you can also specify the cost of 1 hour of the programmer’s work and the minimum amount of time he needs to create the site;
    • testing – a service that includes a whole range of works, including checking the technical part, site conversion abilities and usability;
    • possible improvements.

    Ultimately, the sum of the cost of the work of each of the specialists should, when calculated, be greater than the one that was originally indicated for the client – $1000. In this case, the potential client was given to understand that the complex service does not come out for him at full cost, but is much cheaper than when ordering the services of each of the necessary specialists on his own.

    ROI – окупаемость инвестиций

    ROI – return on investment

    ROI – return on investment – is often used in commercial proposals. One of the successful copywriters used this technique very clearly in the following text: “You are selling your 4-room apartment. You buy 4 hotels. You live in one yourself, you rent out 3. Net monthly income from 7000 UAH/month”.

    Different versions of a product or service

    If we consider services, then this technique implies, for example, the presence of 3 packages with a different number of functions: economy, basic and premium. For example, cars. Each model has a basic version that the buyer can upgrade to business or vip class.

    If we are talking about a product, the example of mobile phones will be illustrative. Different versions of the phone of the same brand differ in technical characteristics and in design. Pricing depends on these factors.

    All the options for substantiating the price presented in the article can be successfully applied in practice. But it should be clearly understood for which goods and services they are best suited.

    Increased motivation for a conversion action or purchase

    What does it mean by selling an action or increasing motivation for it? These are special “hooks” for potential customers that increase the likelihood that they will place an order or leave their contact details. For this use:

    • limitation of the offer by the term;
    • limiting the number of remaining or produced units of a good or service;
    • price increase;
    • “early bird”;
    • “magic” words: get … if you answer or order today; without obligations; do not delay: either now or never, etc.;

    Term limit

    Indicate in the text in a prominent place that the term of the current offer is limited. It would be best if you add this information to the offer. This is the so-called deadline, that is, the deadline or deadline, date or time by which an order for a certain product or service must be completed.

    Limiting the number of goods or services

    The next way to push a potential customer to the action you need is to point out the limited series of the proposed product or service. At the same time, a specific limit should be written so that the buyer strives to be in time, while there is a product in stock or there are places for training, the opportunity to order a service.


    обоснование цены в тексте

    Price increase

    Raising the price after a certain time is one of the most common and sought-after techniques regarding the sale of an action. The following position is clearly indicated in the selling text: “order today, because tomorrow the price will increase by an order of magnitude.” At the same time, it is not necessary to indicate the reasons for the increase in cost, but it is desirable.

    For example, a suggested discounted price is justified by the fact that the seller plans to move. To save on transportation costs, he sells off the leftovers from the current warehouse and the like.

    “Eearly bird”

    “Early bird” in translation means “early birds”. What is the essence of this approach? For example, if services are taken into account, then the cost of participation in a conference or training will depend on how quickly a potential participant has time to register and pay. Three months before participation there will be one fixed price, for two – a little more than one month before the appointed date. Right before the start of the event, the price will be the highest.

    If we talk about goods, then there is an order for something in advance, when it is not yet in retail sale or available from the seller. In other words, this is a pre-order at a better price for a potential buyer.

    “Magic” words

    As for the “magic words”, it is worth noting that their use attracts attention, enhancing the sale of the action. That is, they even more provoke a potential buyer to the necessary conversion action. For example, “Promotion! Buy 3 items for the price of 2” or “Only we have this novelty, by purchasing which you can get a free ticket to the sea”.

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