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    ClickMeeting is a convenient and reliable service that will make online meetings and webinars interesting and productive. It is easy to use and also contains various tools with which, in addition to interacting with the audience, you can create presentations and observe the results of the online meeting. ClickMeeting makes it easy for participants to connect with each other, share YouTube videos to make your communication more lively and exciting.

    It immediately seems that this online learning webinar platform is great for those who want to gather their target audience, share knowledge and experience, and improve their sales. In this article, we will see if this is true, and also consider the main features of ClickMeeting. Let’s find out what it is good for and what its prices are.

    Features and functions of ClickMeeting

    The main task of this platform is to create all the conditions for holding webinars. Clickmeeting webinar recording software is quite functional, and this allows you to make online meetings more diverse. The webinar service offers the following opportunities for its customers:

    1. Control Panel. It contains all the functions and tools that are necessary for conducting webinars:
    • interactive board;
    • presentation of the presenter’s screen;
    • start video from YouTube;
    • activation of the question or survey mode with the ability to instantly switch the function;
    • webinar launch.

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    1. “My data”. The updated section allows you to quickly access information about the event, files necessary for the presenter, and individual information for the audience.
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    2. Video module and interface. The ability to move the video module, as well as the automatic closing of the side menu, both for participants and organizers, allows you to create a more comfortable atmosphere for an online meeting.
    3. Chat. This platform allows webinar participants to chat with each other. A user-friendly interface will help make communication more enjoyable.
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    4. List of participants. The updated version contains new features that help you have quick and convenient access to all the settings of the chat participants.
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    5. Notifications. You can track the new actions of the participants and adjust the webinar plan. It should be noted that notifications are received not only by the organizers, but also by the listeners.
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    6. Questions. With this feature, you can highlight questions that you would like to answer during the webinar, and then highlight them in the main window.
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    7. Event Ribbon. You can watch webinars, including past ones, analyze their statistics, which will help increase your efficiency.
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    8. Reception. Not sure how to keep your audience engaged until the meeting starts? Then this feature is for you, because with it you can publish the webinar program to warm up the interest of the audience.
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    9. Registration page and invitation to the webinar. Create a registration page for your webinar in order to track the number of participants, as well as find out information about them. Customizable invitations, in turn, will help facilitate the process of confirming participation.
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    Clickmeeting is a webinar service that allows you to enjoy simultaneous translation and desktop sharing. It should be noted that these are quite important functions that are needed to optimize the work.

    Stages of working with this platform

    1. First you need to register on this site. You can use both trial 30 days and choose the most suitable tariff for you.
    2. Prepare a memorable meeting with your participants. With features such as creating presentations, using a whiteboard to effectively present your ideas, quizzes and quizzes, and a convenient way to answer questions, you can create useful and exciting seminars that will stand out for their clarity and colorfulness.обзор ClickMeeting 12
    3. Work analysis. Many experts call this part the key one, since the webinar platform allows you to create forecasts, analyze event statistics, get an opinion about your work, and also keep files in a special storage. You can also publish invitations on social networks for a meeting of the target audience.
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    ClickMeeting Pricing Policy

    This online learning platform ClickMeeting presents different plans depending on the goals you are pursuing. Immediately, we note that the cost of holding a webinar in each package varies depending on the number of participants that you choose, it can be connected both for a month and for a year.

    MyWebinarsTM is a great solution for a webinar program that is designed for 25-100 people. The price per year is from $25 to $55. Per month from $30 to $69.


    • 2 speakers;
    • 4 video streams;
    • Rebranding tool – adding a logo and corporate colors;
    • 4-hour webinar screen recording.

    MyWebinarsTMPro – Suitable for an audience size of 50-500 people.

    The price per year ranges from $30 to $145. Per month from $45 to $179.


    • 4 speakers;
    • 4 video streams;
    • Rebranding tool;
    • 6-hour webinar screen recording;
    • 3 multi-user accounts;
    • HD;
    • Storage for 24 hours of records.

    For companies. This package is for large companies with an audience size of 500-5000 people. Please note that this plan has special conditions and pricing, please inquire with the sales team. However, when concluding a contract for a year, the price is from $165; for a month from $209.


    • Tailored packages – the ClickMeeting team will customize this platform and interface to suit your requirements;
    • Suitable for institutions – it is possible to add your label, brand;
    • Customer service manager support;
    • Expert Consultations – The ClickMeeting team also offers training for successful webinars;
    • Advanced add-ons;
    • Live broadcast – the ability to broadcast video from multiple cameras;
    • HD broadcast quality;
    • Rebranding services.

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    As you can see, ClickMeeting’s rates are quite advantageous. An additional advantage is the ability to expand the starting functionality by connecting additional functions.

    Disadvantages of ClickMeeting

    No matter how good this service looks, it also has its drawbacks.

    • You can not buy part of the options, you need to buy the whole package at once. Many users of this service would like to choose the services themselves, since they may need some for work, and they will not use others.
    • Some users have 2-3 second problems with sound.
    • You cannot copy text from displayed slides.
    • Paying in dollars is also a disadvantage, since the rise of the dollar significantly increases the price of this platform.

    Benefits of ClickMeeting

    ClickMeeting is a versatile service that helps you keep in touch with colleagues from different parts of the world and conduct training sessions. However, what puts it ahead of the competition?

    • Since the program for webinars is cloud-based, it does not require the installation of additional software and works on various devices, including mobile ones. Clickmeeting webinar app supports both Android and iOS system.
    • Allows you to conduct exclusive webinars with the least amount of time. As mentioned earlier, the user interface includes functional tools that make the workshops attractive to both parties. Agree, the simplicity in creating various elements, appeals to listeners, adding corporate colors and a brand logo will make the presentation stylish and allow you to set the audience in a working mood.
    • Profitability is a very important factor when choosing any service, and the material side of working with ClickMeeting is very attractive.
    • With the ClickMeeting webinar platform, you can meet people around the world to promote a product or service.
    • Provide training to employees and customers based on illustrative examples (presentations, use of the whiteboard, etc.).

    Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that this webinar platform is developed and functional. Each user will find something interesting for himself, which will allow him to stand out from the background of others and make the webinar interesting for his target audience.

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