Review of the You to Gift service: determining the winners by comments, likes among Instagram followers

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There are a lot of contests on Instagram every day. This allows blog owners to talk about their accounts, promote products and brands. Subscribers can get nice prizes for simple actions. True, the organizers often have problems with summing up the results. I want to tell you about the You to Gift service, which will greatly facilitate the holding of drawings on Instagram. Winners will be determined by comments and likes.

Обзор сервиса You to Gift

Main features of the service

The You to Gift service has a number of noteworthy features that attract attention. It is worth considering them in more detail:

  1. Safety. You do not need to enter your account information or register. Simply provide a link to the desired publication.
  2. Versatility. The service allows you to choose a winner according to any criterion to the blogger’s taste. If you wish, you can upload the subscriber base in any convenient format. The most important thing is that an Instagram account is open.
  3. Honesty. The service will unload absolutely all information without exceptions. All information will be collected in an Excel document, the participants will be numbered. You can also share the tablet with subscribers so that they are convinced of the honesty.
  4. Reliability. The service has been operating since 2019, it has proven its reliability. Almost 2 million competitions were held with its help. Users are very happy with it.
  5. Screen recording capability. The application will remind you to do this before starting to sum up. Upon completion of the manipulations, the video will be saved in the smartphone’s memory. They can then be shared on social networks.

These are the most interesting features that deserve attention. In general, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the functionality in detail.

Choose an Instagram Winner

It is worth considering the program in more detail in order to better understand all its capabilities. First of all, you need to select a function such as Pick a winner.

1. To start the draw, click on the “Pick a winner” button. It is located on the main page of the site. Don’t forget to choose the social network where the winner will be determined.

Выбрать победителя Instagram

2. Insert a link to the post in which the contest is held. Click on Find.

Вставьте ссылку на пост, в котором проводится конкурс. Нажмите на «Find».

3. Select the criteria by which the winner will be searched. The default is to include all comments. You can find one that suits you better. It is allowed to check the subscription to an account with a contest. Be sure to include the number of winners.

Выберите критерий, по которому будут искать победителя

4. Upon completion of the collection and processing of data, you will be redirected to the page with the selection of winners. Click on the “Pick a winner” button. After that, a random number will be generated. You will also see the username of the person.

По завершении сбора и обработки данных вас перебросит на страницу с выбором победителей

Результат розыгрыша

5. The service will automatically check the likes and subscriptions. If you want to see all the comments of a person, click on “View participants comments”. If the conditions are not met, you can choose another contestant using the “Change the winner” button.

Сервис в автоматическом режиме проведет проверку лайка и подписки

6. As soon as you complete the check and other manipulations, end the draw. To do this, you need the “Complete the giveaway” button. Then you can see all the results and other details, download statistics.

Итоговые результаты и статистика

Upload data

The application also has the Export data function. It needs to be used like this:

1. To upload subscribers, comments and likes from any account to the database, open the specified section. Don’t forget to decide on the type of data to export. Paste the link to the post or account, and then click on the “Find” button.

выгрузка подписчиков, комментариев и лайков с любого аккаунта

2. Select the type of base collection. It can be all comments or only unique ones, as well as likes. Click on “Start”.

тип сбора базы

3. Upon completion of information processing, you can save the database in a convenient format.

сохранить базу в удобном формате

Random number generator

We also need to highlight such an opportunity as Random generators.

1. The service has two free online generators. These are random number generator and random list generator.

два бесплатных онлайн-генератора

2. The first option allows you to generate a random number within the required limits. This makes it easier to find winners.

random number generator

3. With the help of the second option, you can determine the winner in a contest or draw in an instant. To do this, you must specify a list of names and logins, as well as phones. After uploading the information, the luckiest contestant is determined.

определить победителя в конкурсе или розыгрыше

Summing up, we can say that the You to Gift service definitely deserves attention if you often hold draws on Instagram. It has a lot of useful features that make life easier for bloggers. There are apps in App Store and Play Market.