Overview of the international payment aggregator for business PayOp

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    PayOp is an international platform that provides businesses of all sizes with various payment solutions. The company provides its services in more than 160 countries, has more than 300 payment solutions.

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    This is a project of an international group of companies with offices in the US, UK, Singapore, Ukraine and its own software development team.

    The platform has everything you need to process payments coming from all over the world.

    PayOp’s dynamic currency conversion makes it possible to make an exchange at the current rate, which allows you to avoid additional commissions.

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    Overview of PayOp features

    Processing of international payments

    With 170 countries in which PayOp is available and 200 currencies it can process, your business can go international without worrying about whether you can process payments from customers in different countries. PayOp allows you to confidently expand your audience, and constantly capture new markets through local acquiring.

    In addition, PayOp can handle not only traditional credit or debit card payments, but also internet banking, prepaid cards, e-wallets, mobile or even cash.

    Ease of Integration

    The company provides several solutions for integrating a payment gateway into a website:

    • API
    • Hosted Payment Page
    • server-to-server;
    • Plugins for most popular platform


    Withdrawal of funds is possible via bank transfers, to Visa / Mastercard cards and Webmoney, Paypal, Qiwi e-wallets, via SEPA, SWIFT, ACH, local bank transfers.

    Convenience and accessibility

    PayOp provides merchants with a turnkey payment platform that can be integrated within days.

    Secure payments

    PayOp offers fraud protection as well as encryption of card data provided by customers.

    The platform fully complies with PCI DSS standards and has the highest security level – level 1.

    With respect to business data, PayOp ensures that customer personal information is only available to authorized employees and is deleted upon account closure.


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    • Track all transactions in real time;
    • Transparent tariff plans. No hidden fees;
    • Follow the changes in business indicators online.

    Affiliate program

    By attracting new merchants, you can start earning % of the commissions they pay to our system. The PayOp Affiliate Program allows you to earn recurring commissions while using a platform that helps you grow your business with ease. Join hundreds of sellers in our affiliate program who earn more every month.

    Additional features:

    • Ability to work with high-risk industries;
    • Online invoicing of payments;
    • Mass payouts;
    • Challenging chargebacks;

    By integrating the PayOp payment gateway, you are definitely investing in the future of your business and saving yourself from many hassles, including the return of goods.

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