Cool congratulations on February 23

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    I had the opportunity to review the congratulations for the holiday that we have all been looking forward to. Everyone has probably already guessed that I mean cool congratulations on February 23rd.

    Features of drawing up cool congratulations on February 23

    Прикольные поздравления с 23 февраля

    Cool congratulations on February 23

    Here you can go two ways.

    • Way one. This holiday used to be called Defender of the Fatherland Day. Therefore, cool congratulations on February 23 can be closely related to the army theme.
    • Way two. A holiday for all men (whether he is a military man or just a manager). After all, each representative of the strong half of humanity, in essence, is also a defender. Women’s Defender 🙂

    Cool congratulations on February 23, which, by the will of fate, came across to me personally

    Actually “subj”, for example:

    Tanks, thunder, cannonade …
    From the 23rd! Need to drink!

    Such a congratulations came to my phone. Everything would be fine if the sender was not one very nice girl. This kind of congratulations on February 23 personally shocked me.

    Yes, I’ve been drinking. And you don’t drink?
    After all, you are a man, you are given.
    Today is a holiday, the 23rd –
    And, of course, I’m in sh*t.

    Gross, definitely. But do not forget that this is a holiday for real men. And they, as you know, will not climb into their pocket for a word! And for what (or why) they will climb into your pocket, you better not know 🙂

    But the most pleasant congratulation for me on February 23 was the following:

    Who said that this is not your holiday?
    Avoiding the raids of the military registration and enlistment office
    You got it here, in civilian life,
    Tempering a real soldier!

    And let there be a slightly careless rhyme and a limping beat. But there are still men in our country who did not serve. And they also want a little attention on this day. As one cartoon character said: “Well, why am I worse?” (With)

    And a little from me:

    Let it warm you in cold winter
    The heart you won!
    And let for others you are just an ordinary,
    You are my general forever!

    So, my friends, feel free to congratulate all your friends, loved ones, colleagues who are lucky enough to be born of the “right” gender for this holiday. And to you, dear women, I will remind folk wisdom: “As you meet February 23rd, you will spend March 8th” 😉

    P.S. While preparing this material, I happened to stumble upon a number of “masterpiece” congratulations: (there should be text)

    Sorry, I never raised my hand to copy THIS.

    Author: Dmitry Tunkov

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