Cool congratulations on March 8

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Прикольные поздравления с 8 марта

Congratulations on March 8

Oh women! What would we men do without you? After all, you give us love. What is there love? It was you who gave us life!.. What am I talking about? Oh yes, Happy Holidays, dear women! Of course, on such a day, just dedicating cool congratulations on March 8 will not be enough. But they will completely complement the “basic” gifts: flowers, sweets and even a modest yacht.

Thanks to two German revolutionaries, all representatives of the beautiful half of humanity will finally hear how much we love them. The only pity is that they have to wait for these words for a whole year … Yes, guys? 🙁 After analyzing the main cool congratulations on March 8, I divided them into three categories, depending on the addressee. So, here’s what I got.

Types of cool congratulations on March 8

  • Love. This kind of congratulations is simply saturated with this wonderful feeling. Basically, they are addressed to beloved girls, wives, classmates. In the latter case, most often from a “secret admirer” 🙂
  • Humor. Do not forget that this day is, first of all, a holiday. And that means fun. You can recite the poem “with humor” at a corporate party, in the office to raise the pre-holiday mood, at home to your beloved mother-in-law. However, you should not go too far when reading funny congratulations on March 8, not everyone has a well-developed sense of humor, some also watch “Crooked Mirror”;)
  • Gratitude. I think it’s no secret to anyone how impatiently our mothers are waiting for the call on this day. Even a birthday card found in the mailbox will make mothers shed tears of joy. Ideally, of course, if you call not on the phone, but on the doorbell. Don’t forget relatives. Give them a congratulation, which will express all your gratitude.

Cool congratulations on March 8

You are with us at work,
Although household chores
Sometimes they still lie on you
We are all male
Forgive us today
Because often we, men,
We make noise and argue for no reason,
Really annoying you.
Let’s decide forever
Today, tomorrow and beyond,
Men take care of women
To save the men.
You are beautiful like roses
There is only one difference:
Roses wither from frost
The charm of women – never!
On Women’s Day, dear,
I drink to the bottom for you
One hundred glasses of wine!
While making a toast,
Like a soul with happiness, light
And full of love!
Not in a separate apartment
And in this whole world
There is nothing more wonderful than you.
I’m ready for these words
Carry around the planet –
Loving, loving!!!

Well, according to tradition – a poem from me:

Best postcard
You are waiting for a call, but the house is quiet.
You are not used to living alone.
So lacking children’s cries,
And here on the contrary – silence …
From night to night – one picture
(Increasingly, he comes in dreams):
You see a little son
And hold in your arms…
Call. Maybe it’s him
Did you come to hug your mother?
But no. Just a postman
Some delivered a telegram.
And suddenly – a smile, tears, happiness …
And the telegram will fly out of hand.
“We’ll be back in the evening. Meet.
Forever yours. Son and grandson

Our dear, beloved women! Taking this opportunity, I want to once again congratulate you on your “professional” holiday. Be happy! And you, men, do everything to ensure that it is so. Good luck! See you in the comments.

Author: Dmitry Tunkov