Promotion of a YouTube channel using the Provigate service

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    Channel promotion is one of the most important stages on the way to popularity and audience recognition. Every YouTuber sooner or later is faced with the fact that the development of the channel does not go by itself, additional mechanisms need to be connected to this process.

    Official Google Ads, YouTube partners, promotion services – how to choose the best among this number of offers? You just need to remember that the promotion must be official, effective and absolutely transparent.

    These requirements are fully met by a service called Provigate. The developers have created a program that allows you to automatically select the target audience, the best video for promotion, the optimal budget, and even calculate the approximate result.

    Let’s see how it works.

    Продвижение YouTube-канала с помощью сервиса Prodvigate

    The site looks modern and clear. To start promotion, you need to log in through your existing YouTube channel and go to the campaign settings. This process does not take more than 10 minutes.

    настройки рекламной кампании

    Immediately after registration, you will be taken to your personal account, where you can access the advertising campaign settings, online wallet, profile settings and statistics. Statistics are displayed after you have launched the promotion of the video.

    What are the important points to consider?

    If you are still new to this business, trust the automatic settings in the “Audience and Interests” items. Audience analysis occurs due to the uploaded video – the algorithms are looking for users who have previously been interested in videos of similar topics, i.e. driven into the search bar or subscribed to the same authors.

    But for those who have been on YouTube for a long time and perfectly understand the analytics of their own target audience, the service will delight with an extensive menu for selecting parameters. Geography, gender and age of the audience, the subject of the channel – everything you need can be specified manually.

    аналитика целевой аудитории

    The most important question is: how does promotion happen?

    Promotion takes place on the YouTube channel through Google Ads advertising. Yes, you can use this service on your own, but Prodvigate launches an advertising campaign in a couple of clicks, while in order to use the Google Ads cabinet productively, you will need to go through moderation, set up targeting, monitor limits and optimize advertising formats yourself. Hence the most common problem for beginners is the “draining” of the budget for test launches.

    With the Provigate service, promotion starts the moment you click on the button to launch an advertising campaign. As soon as the video passes moderation in Google, the mechanisms begin to offer your video to a potential subscriber.

    формат продвижения

    The cost of promotion depends on your wishes. The advertising budget is formed for a week and starts from 1900 rubles – this is the minimum launch cost. An advantageous offer, because you spend only 272 rubles on promotion per day. According to rough forecasts, this can bring at least 1700 views, but the result depends entirely on the content that you offer the viewer.

    What “goodies” do you get when working with the Prodvigate service?

    • Promotion from the official partner of Google, which has been on the market for 10 years;
    • Constant communication with technical support and the ability to pause the promotion at any time;
    • Only live views and an interested target audience that makes a choice in favor of your channel on their own;
    • Free views received during the promotion of your video. In addition to the video that is currently playing as an advertisement, users are also watching your other videos;
    • You spend time only creating content, not trying to figure out complex targeting mechanisms. At the same time, you get a high-quality result that can be tracked in your personal account.

    If this seems insufficient to you, then it is worth clarifying one more important point. The Provigate service system works like a “snowball effect“, i.e. the promotion does not end even when you pause it.

    The service helps to get the necessary audience, which, by its activity under your old and new videos, will bring the channel to the “recommended” one. YouTube promotion mechanisms closely monitor user activity, and are happy to help promote those YouTubers who receive a large amount of activity.

    Gradually, by reducing the number of paid views, YouTube’s algorithms will show you to more people. Therefore, you will be able to keep the number of new subscribers and views at a high level.

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