15 Russian-language and 7 English-language services for a copywriter

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    сайт для копирайтера

    It is important for every copywriter and, in general, a person who deals with writing texts to know the following programs, services and sites in order not to lose face in front of the reader and not only!

    I bring to your attention 15 Russian-language and 7 English-language services that I use when writing texts.

    Russian-language services for copywriters

    1. Every copywriter must be literate, write without spelling and punctuation errors. If I have doubts about how a word is spelled correctly, I always look at the website of the reference and information Internet portal “Russian Language” GRAMOTA.RU. Here you can check the words at once against several dictionaries available in the database and skillfully operate with data when communicating with Clients (after all, they are different). The help desk will help you with punctuation and other questions. If earlier printing houses bought a bunch of dictionaries for proofreaders, now there is Google, Wikipedia and Gramota.ru for this.


    2. You can also quickly check the entire text at once for spelling, punctuation, extra characters, as well as “random” English letters in texts (and this happens when a copywriter tries to artificially uniqueize an article by adding instead of “o” or “s” from Russian keyboard layout “o” or “c” from the English keyboard layout) using the text.ru service. The Yandex.Speller service will also help with this.

    text.ru3. Glavred is a very useful service for those who do not have an editorial education. It will help to clean the text from “garbage”, suitable for all informational and selling texts.


    4. Checking the text for uniqueness. There are many good online services like http://www.content-watch.ru/ and text.ru, plagiarism checker software like AntiPlagiarism.NET and Advego Plagiatus. Choose to your liking.

    Проверка на плагиат

    5. The percentage of water content and spam content of the text will help you determine the already known text.ru

    Проверка на водность и спамность

    6. Sometimes you need to choose keywords for an article. In this case, you will need Yandex.Verdstat and serpstat.com more than ever.


    7. To compare texts for similarity, when you need to make 5 (God forbid more) unique articles from 1 article, use the shingles algorithm, it is described in more detail here.

    Алгоритм шинглов

    8. Another tool that will help when writing SEO texts is http://arsenkin.ru/tools. It will help you identify the words that set the topic (lemmatized words).

    Слова задающие тематику

    9. You can evaluate your text for readability using – http://ru.readability.io. The service uses different text readability indicators, and it’s a pity that they are more designed for English texts.


    10. It just so happened that one day I came across an online dictionary of synonyms http://jeck.ru/tools/SynonymsDictionary/ and now I use it all the time. Here are collected not only “classic” synonyms from books, but also “custom” ones. For example, it is interesting that there are 127 synonyms for the word “vodka” in the database, one of which is “let’s talk”.


    11. Aphorisms, popular expressions, quotes, sayings, sayings, interpretation of familiar phrases, myths and legends of Ancient Greece and Rome – this is all that helps me to be inspired, I find on letter.com.ua. There is a very convenient search, which I use all the time.


    Also, more details about all these tools are described in the presentation: “SEO copywriting rules”

    English-language services for working with texts

    1. Optimize paragraphs, remove everything that is too long and unreadable will help – http://www.hemingwayapp.com/
    2. Use http://read-able.com/ to understand the structure and range of readability and distribution options.
    3. A service that will help correct errors, grammar and style – After the Deadline.
    4. ProWritingAid will not only show you what needs to be improved, but also how to improve. It is able to generate detailed analysis of overused words, long sentences, writing style, plagiarism, clichés, etc.
    5. Check your text for common signs of weak English such as misuse of adverbs, passive voice ending in prepositions, tricky homonyms, etc. – editminion.com (closed)
    6. If you want to check the frequency (density) of keywords, or you are just prone to tautology, WordCounter.com is here to help. It counts and ranks words by frequency. The service is great for reducing redundancy and/or repetitive words and phrases in your text.
    7. Are clichés (a fixed, regular, and predominantly automatic verbal formula) and clichés (standard usage patterns) driving you crazy? If “Yes”, ClicheFinder may be a real find for you! Just paste your text into the appropriate field, click the “Find Clichés” button – you’re done! Each “problem” phrase will be highlighted in red.
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