Advertising on the Internet – prices for advertising and its types

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    Реклама в ИнтернетеThe number of Internet users is growing every year, which means that the marketing potential of the network is also increasing. For many companies, the Internet has become the main channel of communication with customers due to its huge opportunities in advertising and promoting products and services. Advertising on the Internet has a number of features that are not typical of any other type of activity:

    • Any company, regardless of its size and advertising budget, has access to advertising sites on the Internet;
    • Internet advertising prices allow you to get an impressive result with a small budget;
    • you can control the course of the advertising campaign and quickly make changes to it;
    • advertising on the Internet allows you to collect detailed statistics about your work;
    • can be directed to the necessary target audience;
    • brings quick results, unlike search engine promotion.

    The variety of web resources and methods of communication on the network has led to the emergence of specific types of advertising that are used only on the Internet.

    Internet advertising cost

    The price of advertising on the Internet is one of the starting points for calculating its effectiveness and the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. To estimate the necessary costs and the expected result, before the start of an advertising campaign, indicators such as CPM, CTR and CPC are analyzed. They are used in various types of online advertising, and are key:

    • CPM (CostPerMille) – the cost of one thousand impressions. It is used in those types of online advertising in which the advertiser pays for the number of impressions of an advertising message to visitors;
    • CTR (Click-throughRate) – an indicator of the click through rate of an advertising message. When paying for impressions, this indicator determines the effectiveness of advertising. After all, not all site visitors will click on it when they see an ad. The higher this number, the more effective advertising will be;
    • CPC (CostPerClick) – cost per click. It is used to evaluate those types of advertising in which the advertiser pays for clicks (transitions) of users. In fact, visiting the site by representatives of the target audience of the advertiser is paid.

    Стоимость рекламы в интернете

    Banner advertising is used as a means of communication and brand memorability. These are static or animated drawings that are posted on sites visited by the target audience. When clicking on the banner, the visitor goes to the advertiser’s website. There are entire banner networks that provide advertising services on a large number of sites on the Internet. Such networks allow you to configure various settings for displaying ads:

    • categories of advertising platforms;
    • display time (by day of the week and time of day);
    • regions and cities to display;
    • other restrictions.

    The capabilities of banner networks allow you to generate detailed statistics on the basis of which you can judge the effectiveness of the campaign. The cost of this type of advertising on the Internet depends on the reach of the audience (the number of banner impressions). Banner advertising is good for increasing brand awareness, bringing new products to markets, and announcing various events.

    контекстная реклама

    Contextual advertising

    Unlike banner advertising, contextual advertising brings visitors to your site who are more likely to belong to your target audience. The selection of these visitors occurs even at the stage of displaying an advertising message that is displayed on the search results pages in Google or Yandex. The advertisement is shown only to those users who have set a specific search query, and also have a history of visiting other websites on similar topics. Thus, people who are already looking for a similar product or service come to the advertiser’s website.

    The price of advertising on the Internet using contextual advertising systems is determined by the cost per click, which is set by the advertiser. Depending on this price and the level of competition in a particular niche, the search engine determines the number of impressions for each advertisement.

    Correct setting of contextual advertising parameters allows you to get high efficiency and significantly increase sales from the site.

    MAVR agency specialists set up, launch and maintain advertising campaigns in two main contextual advertising systems – Google Ads (formerly GoogleAdwords) and Yandex.Direct.

    Display advertising

    This type of advertising is in many ways similar to banner advertising, but differs in that the advertising message is delivered to the target audience using video, sound clips, and mixed ad units. The advantages of this type of advertising include its ability to attract attention, interactivity, and entertainment. Video advertising has the highest CTR among display ads and is a powerful tool in the hands of a professional online marketer.

    The cost of media advertising on the Internet

    Media advertising on the Internet is an increasing part of the advertising market. The cost of advertising with media content depends on the number of impressions, and may vary depending on targeting and audience coverage. At the same time, the cost per thousand impressions can vary dozens of times depending on the resource and the scale of the campaign.

    It is impossible to calculate the cost of advertising on the Internet without having data about the product and the company. To accurately determine the price of advertising on the Internet, it is necessary to conduct a qualitative marketing analysis.

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