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    When developing an online business, advertising plays the same important role as the quality of the content. Social networks are currently the main promotion tool that helps to express yourself and gather a community of interested customers. SEO-optimization in social networks will help you scale your business quickly and cost-effectively.

    What is SEO optimization in social networks

    В каких случаях лучше выбрать контекстную рекламу

    Content on social networks is also indexed by Google and Yandex search engines, just like regular sites. Therefore, large brands are actively developing pages and blogs, attracting new subscribers and increasing the scale of the company.

    SEO-optimization of social networks is the creation of content that is useful and interesting for subscribers, as well as meeting the requirements of search engines. Social networks have their own algorithms that, with constant data updates, show readers relevant and interesting information.

    What is the purpose of social media optimization?

    • increasing link popularity through useful content – including a section with a blog in the site structure, a selection of materials relevant to the topic in a user-friendly format;
    • attraction of incoming links;
    • ensuring the distribution and export of content with links to the source – adding audio and video files to specialized pages along with a description of the company’s website.

    Website optimization for social networks is called SMO (social media optimization). It is also a way to combine information on a site and a page in the community: embed commenting, voting forms, widgets, etc. Brands that are already leading social networks often use the services of SMM managers for compiling content and promoting. But this will only help on a community scale, and in order for the page to be visible in the search, you need to connect additional methods.

    Differences between SEO and SMM:

    Aimed at optimizing the site for the requirements of search enginesAttracting clients through their pains and needs
    Aimed at raising the site in the top search engine resultsCreating an interested community around the brand to increase sales
    Copywriters write texts with key occurrences, page usability increasesExperts supervise communities, create a content plan, set up targeting
    Dealing with search engine requirements and peopleWorking with the human psyche and needs

    Why is social media marketing important?

    СММ Банда

    The Internet is full of information, and the one who submits it in a larger volume and in the best possible way leads the market for goods and services. Your company may be the best of its kind, but it doesn’t make sense if the potential audience doesn’t know about it. Social media promotion with an active page helps future customers learn about your brand.

    What benefits will the social network bring to the site:

    • increase in the influx of interested users;
    • the ability to better analyze the needs of the audience in order to adjust the product to its needs;
    • constant support of communication with clients in social networks;
    • in the event of an emergency on the site, the social network will take over the load and manual processing of orders;
    • a tool for notifying customers about new offers, discounts and promotions;
    • to increase conversion, users can register on the site using their account;
    • to increase activity, visitors will comment on page materials, leave reviews and communicate with each other.

    Now it is optimal to promote through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte and YouTube.

    What features of social networks can be used during promotion:

    1. VKontakte is a popular social network of Runet, which has the main link weight. Since users often click on links from community posts, placing them in the text will help drive traffic to the site. Advanced advertising opportunities (targeting, contests and sweepstakes, advertising posts) allow you to actively recruit a new audience.
    2. Twitter. Search engines actively promote this social network in the top of the issue, but the account must be popular among subscribers. Likes, comments, retweets are taken into account, therefore, if the audience is wound up, the site will not be promoted.
    3. Facebook. At the moment, the SEO promotion algorithm in this social network is not fully understood, since the links are hidden under the “nofollow” attribute. But experts note that pages with a large number of reposts and likes increase the importance of the site in search robots. On Facebook, you can like not only publications, but also the page itself, which will also increase the site in the top of the issue.
    4. Instagram is a social network with tens of thousands of paying customers. If you find your loyal audience, it can be turned into regular customers.
    5. YouTube. Suitable for those who pay attention to the visual component and focuses on creativity. In the videos, you can give useful tips, examples of how to handle the goods of your company. Users will search for video on demand, finding your channel and, as a result, your site.

    Steps to set up social SEO

    тесто по социальным сетям

    1. Page title

    In addition to the brand name, it should briefly reflect the essence of the product, help the user find a product or service. Use queries that reflect the type of your activity. To search for an audience by geographic location, you can specify the city in the title.

    2. Description of the community

    Must include keywords so that the search engine can find and raise the page in the top of the results. But you can’t make a description from keywords alone – the audience will not be able to read the text, and search robots will consider it spam.

    3. Content filling

    Tests should also include keywords, preferably in a diluted form. It is important to consider the quality of publications and the frequency of placement. It is necessary to be active every day so that the audience does not lose you, but also not to make dozens of posts a day so that the page is not blocked for suspicious activity.

    4. Quality of comments

    Keep track of how active subscribers are: it is important to maintain a pleasant and lively atmosphere in the community, avoiding aggression. Profanity and spam should be removed immediately so as not to incite hostility between the audience and the company.

    Comments and publications change and are updated daily, and search engines do not always manage to process and index them in time. The title and description remain constant, so you need to make them visible to search engines and informative to users.

    What tools and services will help you maintain the page and create content:

    • Serpstat. Service for the selection of keywords and phrases. Shows query statistics, tools automatically select free topic words that can be used to compose descriptions and texts of publications.
    • Amplifr. Program for delayed posting. Pre-written texts can be published in any of the linked social networks. Also offers account analytics.
    • Social rank. Service for analyzing followers on Twitter and Instagram. Ranks visitors by gender, age, location. A separate function allows you to identify the most active subscribers.
    • Pictochart. A service that allows you to submit complex information in an accessible form. One of the best tools for creating infographics.


    The benefits of professional promotion in social networks

    Курсы интернет маркетолога

    Above, only general information about promotion through social networks was presented. For the effective operation of a native advertising campaign, it is necessary to continuously monitor market trends not only in the chosen niche, but also in the online industry as a whole.

    Why you need specialists to promote your website on social networks with the help of SEO:

    • a complete analysis of the market and competitors’ accounts is carried out, working promotion tools are identified;
    • working with the most popular social networks, developing content for them: writing optimized texts, holding draws;
    • increasing the credibility and recognition of the company in a short time.

    A developed personal brand linked to the store’s website opens up new opportunities: a multiple increase in profits, expansion of production, the possibility of entering the global market and cooperation with well-known companies.

    A team of marketers, copywriters and SEO and SMM managers will help you create or promote a website through any popular social network. To quickly achieve the goal, it is better to develop several platforms at once. You don’t have to learn how to search for keywords, compose SEO texts, attract an audience – our team of online promotion professionals will do it for you!

    Main conclusions:

    1. SEO-optimization in social networks is a promotion tool that allows the brand page in the community to work with the site.
    2. To actively work on the Internet, you need to have both a high-quality web platform and an active page on the social network with real subscribers.
    3. You need to build a community content plan taking into account the requirements of the community so as not to be blocked for violating the rules.
    4. To reach the widest audience, it is better to develop several platforms at once. This way you can significantly increase traffic due to the all-round influx of visitors.
    5. For effective SEO-optimization of the site, you need to use keyword compilation services and subtly embed them in the texts of publications.

    If you have not yet begun to develop social networks to raise the site in the top of the results, it’s time to connect this tool. Our team will help you create a high-quality smm editorial plan that will attract users, increase views and brand awareness!

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