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One of the important performance indicators of the site, which reflects its performance, is availability, also called uptime. This parameter determines its attendance. If the resource is available, it will provide stable traffic, including a direct impact on SEO. Data hosting companies are not always reliable, distorting the true state of affairs. To determine the real availability of a domain, you can monitor using a third-party service.

мониторинг сайта на доступность

Website accessibility services

Determining the visibility of the site using a third-party service does not take much time. At the same time, most of these programs and systems monitor for free.

You can analyze the site using the following popular systems:

  1. A service that will allow you to check the site for availability for free. The analysis will be supplemented by full-fledged virtual reporting on the work of the entire resource. There is a shortcut to the program in the lower right corner of the PC desktop. Its color indicates the presence or absence of problems with the resource.
  2. Yandex.Metrica. A free service that monitors the visibility of the site every minute in continuous mode. It is obligatory to check the main page for operability: it starts automatically if the system detects sudden changes in attendance statistics. Convenient is the ability to configure the sending of reports and warnings to the mail or phone.
  3. The system assists in checking the availability of the site, monitoring is carried out every 5 minutes. The service is especially useful if you are promoting a resource through search engines. One registered account allows you to control about 50 sites. If a problem is detected, the service sends a notification in any convenient way to the user.
  4. In addition to the usual methods of monitoring a site for accessibility, the service also uses checking the presence of certain words on the page, analyzes CGI scripts, as well as visibility data at different points. From one registered profile, you can control two resources at once. The check is carried out every two hours without interruption.
  5. Nodeping. The foreign service checks the availability of the site and security certificates, and you can set up notifications about the results of monitoring on a schedule. Additionally, the Nodeping service monitors the validity of the domain and provides the ability to receive unlimited notifications at any tariff used. The most expensive package allows you to track up to 200 projects.
  6. The service helps to analyze only one resource. Accessibility monitoring is carried out from several points: they measure the time of the withdrawal of the site, on the basis of which a conclusion is made about its openness for the user to visit. A report on the work done and the availability of the site is sent once a month to the e-mail of a registered user. The service supports many protocols, including POP3 and HTTP, monitors the status of the resource at intervals of at least once an hour.
  7. One of the simplest systems for monitoring the effectiveness and performance of the site. Provides the ability to check up to 100 addresses from the position of two points. Viewing is carried out every five minutes.

The effectiveness of a site of any orientation is affected by its constant work, in particular, its availability to potential users. Third-party monitoring services will identify possible failures and inactivity of the resource, and will notify its owner about this.