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    The need to use slogans in marketing campaigns to promote brands, goods or services for the majority is a natural and necessary element of promotion. At the same time, a personal slogan is far from being such an obvious necessity for everyone.

    The slogan for a person who sells his services is just as important as for any other brand. The motto that accompanies a person helps to form the necessary image, emphasize the unique strengths of a person as a professional, establish strong associations in the minds of people belonging to the target audience.

    What should be a personal slogan

    Сердце отдаю детям

    When creating and selecting a personal slogan, you can and should use the same rules that apply to slogans in general. In this case, the specifics of the type of activity and the target audience should be taken into account. The classic advertising slogan meets the following requirements:

    • it is small and easy to remember literally the first time;
    • distinguishes a brand, product, service or person from a number of similar ones;
    • fit into the overall marketing strategy;
    • establishes associations with a brand name or a person’s name.

    To achieve these basic requirements, you can use many different methods and technologies that professional copywriters own. However, you can also familiarize yourself with them and apply them to your slogan.

    Well-remembered slogans are usually quite short – most often no more than six words, in rare cases – a little more. All words should be easy to pronounce and understand, and the phrase itself should have a certain rhythm. Often successful are mottos that have rhyme, emotional accents, puns that convey an appeal, based on contrast. At the same time, it is desirable to avoid hackneyed phrases and words that are present everywhere. They have already “become boring” to the consumer, saturated with information, and no longer create clues in his mind. There are often cases when the use of such patterns, as well as hackneyed adjectives, causes rather negative emotions, and works in the negative for the promoted brand.

    How to come up with your own slogan

    Все в жизни, что меня не убивает, делает меня сильнее

    When we see a successful slogan, we can immediately distinguish it from a large number of other options. In most cases, we do this intuitively, starting from our own perception. Intuition can be used when developing your own motto, but it alone will not be enough.

    It is better to use a simple, but quite effective technique that professionals use.

    To get started, describe as briefly as possible in two or three sentences the message that you want to convey to the target audience. The best way to do this is to answer the following questions:

    • What are your biggest strengths as a professional?
    • How are you different from your competitors?
    • What will your client gain that others cannot give him?

    At the same time, it should be borne in mind that the slogan should not sound arrogant or proclaim superiority over competitors. It is aimed at the consumer, which means that it should cling to him, answering hidden questions. As a professional, you know your target audience well and can determine which techniques will be more appropriate for the perception of your slogan. Perhaps it should be refined and strict, or perhaps dynamic and provocative. Perhaps a great solution would be to use irony or associations with famous jokes – it all depends on the specifics of your profession.

    After you’ve brainstormed a few sentences, pick the ones that best describe what you’re thinking and try to make them short and concise. Collections of slogans of famous companies, brands and products, which are quite a lot on the Internet, can help you with this. Check them out, try to understand what turned out to be a decisive success factor in each of them, and embody it in your own motto.

    Another way to get your own slogan is to turn to specialists. Copywriters of the Internet marketing agency MAVR will develop several slogan options for you, taking into account all the features of your business. Extensive experience and knowledge of marketing principles, as well as the rules for writing successful advertising slogans, is a guarantee of obtaining the desired result.

    Slogans of successful people

    Пришел. Увидел. Победил.

    Everything in life that doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. Nietzsche

    I give my heart to children. Sukhomlinsky V.A.

    Do no harm! Hippocrates

    Came. Saw. Won. G.Yu. Caesar

    Contemporaries stand out:

    Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group Corporation,

    “To hell with all of it! Take it and do it!

    Keith Ferrazzi – according to Forbes magazine – the most sociable person in the world. Founder and CEO of consulting company Greenlight,

    “Never Eat Alone”

    Howard Hirsch, Partner at Jumbo Capital Management, Real Estate.

    “Positivity or death!”

    Matt Kuttler, President of ReStockIt

    “Flip Turtles”

    And what slogans, mottos or life credo of contemporaries do you know?

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