Slogans for the new year 2024 (Year of the Dragon)

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    You need to prepare for the New Year in advance. How should this be done correctly? And if everything is more or less clear with “food” (I’m sure that every year you buy approximately the same products), then slogans for the New Year will help you mentally prepare for the main winter holiday.

    Слоганы к Новому году

    How to make slogans for the New Year?

    Slogans for the New Year can be printed and hung in your study or office, and then the feeling of the approaching holiday will become even happier. Amuse your colleagues – with a good mood and work better.

    You can invent slogans for the New Year yourself. Just keep in mind that they must meet certain parameters:

    1. Originality. (Believe me, it’s better to come up with something more creative than “May the New Year bring love and happiness”).
    2. Humor. (New Year is a joyful holiday, after all. And who will be cheered up or at least a little cheered up by boring typical slogans? Therefore, it’s better to come up with something that will make you smile).
    3. Uniqueness. (It is better to come up with a slogan dedicated to a specific New Year. Remember, for example, under the sign of which animal according to the eastern calendar the next year will be, what are the distinguishing features of this “animal” – and you can safely create!).
    4. Semantic load. (Here you should work a little with a tortuous organ. Who will be inspired by the slogan “New Year – with new problems”? Personally, bad pictures immediately pop up in my brain).

    New Year’s slogans that I got:

    Слоганы к Новому году

    Slogans for the New Year: “Take the reins of the year of the Dragon”

    “Catch the Dragon by the tail!”

    I hope you get the point? To paraphrase the famous expression “to catch luck by the tail”, we thus wish to reach the pinnacle of success in the coming year. What a coincidence – the dragon also has a tail!

    “Pour yourself some vodka, a share of moonshine –
    Be fire-breathing for the Year of the Dragon!

    This is not alcoholism propaganda. Not at all. Just a little bit of humor that I mentioned earlier. Well, why prevaricate, in the New Year the vast majority no-no, and even fall into the tenacious embrace of the “green serpent”, whether it be a professor or a locksmith of the 2nd category.

    Poster. The poster is a dragon. Inscription: “I will be on the 31st – meet.”

    Again, double meaning. Firstly, the word “meet” sounds like we are welcoming some dear guest. And, as the famous proverb says, “With whom you celebrate the New Year, you will spend it with.” Secondly, this is a reference to a well-known advertisement for one product. What am I talking about alcohol? Okay, don’t be boring…

    “Defeat the Dragon!”

    Personally, this slogan for the New Year reminds me of something from my childhood. The magical world of fairy tales, where brave knights, fighting for their loved ones, certainly defeated all enemies. Be the winners in the New Year – crush your dragons!

    In general, I wish you inspiration and creativity in the coming new year. Leave comments (yes, yes, down there), I will be glad. Good luck!

    Slogans for the New Year, not included in the article

    “Happy new Euro!” (Slavek and Slavko in New Year’s decorations are on the poster. Who are they? Well, those same guys are the symbols of Euro 2012. And somewhere in the corner there is a powdered emblem of the tournament).

    Strongly specific and for a narrow circle of people. But, if you have friends who are looking forward to this championship more than the New Year, then it is the place to be.

    “On the 31st, everything is possible –
    Do you want vodka, do you want ice cream,
    You want lard, but you want sausage.
    Forget about work – the New Year is on the nose!

    no comments

    “WITH. N. G.!” (On the poster, the faces of the Commonwealth countries in New Year’s hats and all that in snowflakes-snowflakes …)

    Yeah, but someone can wear a snow maiden costume. 🙂 Oh. Of course, the similarity of the first letters of congratulations with this community is understandable, but, you know, for a whole year I already get tired of politics. Maybe not worth it?

    Author: Dmitry Tunkov

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