Slogans of the countries of the world – why does the state need a motto?

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    Almost every country has its own motto. Official or “not very”, but there is. At least half of the countries of the world use slogans to convey meanings and messages that reflect their main values and culture to the whole world. The slogans (slogans) of the countries pursue different goals – to attract the attention of tourists or potential investors, to increase the recognition of the state on the world stage, to emphasize the ideology or status …

    слоганы стран

    Until now, the state system of some countries is based on a rigid totalitarian regime. Their slogans do not reflect the real state of affairs and the opinion of the majority of the population. For example:

    “Mighty state” or “Great, prosperous country.”

    This North Korean slogan is clearly not true in many respects. Fortunately, there are few such states. In most cases, the mottos of the countries convey precisely the “popular positioning”.

    6 most common universal concepts mentioned by countries in slogans:

    • Unity;
    • Freedom;
    • God;
    • Motherland;
    • Openness;
    • Work.

    Marketing at the state level or country as a “brand”

    In the 1990s, Simon Anholt, an independent adviser in international politics to the British government, invented the concepts of “place brand” and “nation branding”. His marketing theory is based on the fact that states and nations can in some cases be compared to brands or trademarks. Despite the flurry of indignation, the theory took root. Especially when developing tourism government advertising campaigns.

    Next, we will talk about creative ideas and initiatives of some countries aimed at increasing awareness and attracting more tourists.


    слоган Украины

    In 2011, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs initiated the development of a strategy for positioning the state abroad. As a result, CFC Consulting created an ethnic logo and slogan:

    “Ukraine. Moving in the fast lane”

    The main slogan of the campaign was the motto “Ukraine – openness”. In this phrase, the developers put the associations of the country’s openness to new reforms, investment, development of the tourism sector and global processes.

    In addition to the slogans, a number of other promotional materials were developed, including cartoon characters in national costumes – the girl Garnyunya and the boy Sprytko (in the Russian interpretation, Beauty and Quick). The creative approach cost the state about 100 thousand US dollars.


    слоган Латвии

    Latvian slogan:

    “It is better to enjoy slowly”

    The motto cost the country’s government the equivalent of about 14,000 euros. The river was ordered by the State Tourism Development Agency from the advertising company Adell Saatchi&Saatchi.

    The slogan is aimed at increasing the influx of tourists who like a calm and quiet holiday in the picturesque countryside, good fishing and hiking in the little-touched protected Latvian places. It is noteworthy that the target audience for which the advertising slogan is designed is people over 55 years old. It is this contingent that makes up the majority of European tourists visiting Latvia. The new motto replaced the old slogan: “The country that sings”, which characterized the capital of the country to a greater extent.


    слоган Китая

    Products labeled “Made in China” are viewed with distrust by many consumers around the world. To correct the situation and create a positive image of the Chinese manufacturer in 2009, the Chinese government launched a large-scale marketing campaign. The global advertising slogan was:

    “Made in China, made with the world”

    The promotional video was broadcast on leading TV channels in Europe, the USA and Asian countries. The goods were shown with the “familiar” label that they were made in China, but with an explanation of cooperation with world-famous brands and experts or the use of patented advanced technologies.

    A small conclusion

    In fact, the slogans of countries, as well as “ordinary” advertising slogans, are aimed at attracting attention, calling up the necessary associations, and forming a positive image. Interestingly, some major powers do not have national mottos at all. Sometimes the mottos of countries that differ significantly in cultural, religious and other plans have the same meaning. It happens that slogans even “plagiarize” from other countries. Exactly as advertised.

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