Phone for a businessman – how to choose a mobile suitable for a business person

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How will a businessman’s mobile phone differ? Naturally, the presence of specific functions and applications. Among the installed programs should be all those functions that a businessman is used to using in the office and at home. View morning mail, get acquainted with a couple of documents on the way to work – all this should be able to modern mobile device.

A businessman is a person who spends most of the day in communication. He has many acquaintances, friends, business partners. Therefore, you need to buy an inexpensive phone that will have a convenient diary in which you can easily find the necessary addresses and contacts. A capacious phone book will be a definite advantage when choosing the right model.

телефон для бизнесмена

The first thing a business person needs is information. It is difficult to imagine a more complete source of information than the Internet. The ability to quickly carry out correspondence on the road, to monitor fluctuations in stock prices is the first need of a businessman. A mobile phone for a business person should have not only high-speed Internet access, but also the ability to synchronize with a PC to transfer the received data.

Internet, documents, texts and mail. These applications are much more convenient to work on the big screen. Therefore, a businessman’s cell phone should have the largest possible display. The need to visit branches, travel a lot, make appointments and perform other similar actions requires the presence of a built-in navigator in the device, and preferably an updated weather report for several cities.

Communicator or smartphone provide the most functionality. In order not to be limited in the choice of installed software, businessmen choose “smart” devices that allow them to create a list of software at their own discretion.

New budget smartphone or old flagship: which is better?

Often, when buying a phone, the consumer wonders if an inexpensive, fresh-off-the-line product wins over a time-tested device sold at an equal cost.

What is interesting about the flagship?


Every year, the price for a popular model will decrease, however, the “younger” the purchase, the more inaccessible it is. If the gadget is no longer produced, the only option is to purchase a used device.

Software update

When the leader is 5-6 years old, then, most likely, the last software upgrade was at least 3 years ago and will not be loaded again. If the device is 2-3 years old, all programs are updated, fresh applications are available for download. Developers fix bugs. Such nuances allow you to install programs on smartphones that use the maximum graphics settings (including games).


In the manufacture of flagships, high-quality materials are used, such as glass and metal, which make it possible to create not only visually, but also tactilely pleasant sensations when using. But we must remember that a used product may have scratches, chips and other external damage.


Perhaps one of the most important attributes of any equipment. It is noted that many devices after 2-3 years of life begin to discharge in less than half a day.


Over time, the quality of the photo / video decreases, but many models retain the functions of shooting widescreen video. In advanced smartphones, all the chips and innovations are relevant at the time of release, but this does not exclude such bonuses as fast wireless charging, autonomy and performance, and sometimes a camera.

телефон для бизнесмена 2022

What will a modern budget device answer?


The cost will be significantly lower than that of the most popular analogues. If the buyer is not interested in any specific functions, and his main goal is financial availability, then the choice here is obvious.

Software update

Any “fresh” phone is a guarantee of getting the latest software version, as well as high processor speed. Specifications allow you to install complex graphics applications, however, with lower quality settings.


Beginners are attracted by the trendy design, but the materials used are often cheap, such as plastic. Occasionally there are models with a case made of glass and metal.


An indisputable advantage of any newly appeared mobile device. Often, cheaper versions are equipped with high-capacity batteries, which compensate for the shortcomings of other functions.


In new phones, despite the smaller number of pixels, the quality of the resulting photos / videos at first remains on top.


As a publicity stunt, the advantages of screen size, resolution, and screen brightness on new smartphones are often embellished.

In modern state employees, certain innovations are often used, such as 5G, stereo speakers, infrared, type C 2.0 charging, etc.

Top 5 Best Business Smartphones 2023

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro
  • Huawei P50 Pro
  • Infinix ZERO ULTRA
  • Vivo V25 Pro