Cut out the background online: an overview of the 16 best services

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    To remove the background from a photo, it is not necessary to download Photoshop to your computer and understand its functionality. Online tools will suffice. There are many of them on the Internet, most of them are free and require a simple registration, which will not take you even a minute of your time. And they can cut out the background automatically. We offer a rating of the 13 most popular services for this task.

    How to remove the background online? TOP of the best services

    Adobe Photoshop Express

    Service link –

    It is much easier to work in this service than in a program for a computer. It will automatically remove the background accurately enough online. Here you do not need to manually select the desired area, just follow these steps:

    1. Open the service in a browser.
    2. Upload the image you want to process into it.
    3. Click the “Remove Background” button.

    The system detects objects located in the foreground and removes everything around. Then the picture without the background can be downloaded in high quality in PNG or JPG format.

    • high quality automatic cropping;
    • many additional tools for processing;
    • free functionality.
    • Error detects the background on complex images.

    PhotoScissors Online

    Link to the service –

    Here, too, cropping occurs automatically. Just upload an image and the background disappears immediately. But the service is not always able to clearly define the edges of the main object. Therefore, the original version may be with torn edges or with captured foreign objects in the photo.

    The functionality allows you to correct this situation and add the necessary pieces of the background or, conversely, cut out the extra ones. For a specific task (background removal) PhotoScissors Online fits perfectly.

    • loads quickly;
    • has a simple, intuitive interface;
    • Instantly shows changes in the adjacent field;
    • Russian language design.
    • uploading photos that weigh more than 5 MB will not work;
    • There are also no editing tools.

    Fotor Background Remover

    Fotor Background Remover

    Sservice link –

    Just upload an image and the tool will help you remove the background automatically and accurately.

    In some cases, the service cannot accurately determine the boundaries of the object, but you can adjust them manually, which ensures the accuracy and personalization of background removal.

    • fast loading
    • Works online
    • You can change the background online
    • Russian speaking
    • Paid HD Image Downloads


    Link to the service –

    More suitable for those cases where high precision processing is important. If you’re willing to sit on background cropping a little longer, then you’ll love the service, as it provides one of the best results among peers. Background removal is done manually. For this you need:

    1. Upload a photo.
    2. Circle the border of the main object and the background with a yellow marker.
    3. Color the area to be removed red.
    4. Color the part of the photo you want to keep green.
    5. Click the “Cut Background” button.

    You can enlarge the photo to circle the desired item in more detail.

    • registration is not required;
    • there is a built-in editor for post-processing;
    • all instruments have a Russian name;
    • The functionality is simple and understandable even for beginners.
    • No automatic background detection and removal.

    Clipping Magic

    сайт для удаления фона

    Link to the service –

    Here you only need to make two mouse clicks to cut out the background. The tool works automatically and without registration: just upload the file to the service and it will remove the back of the photo itself. Minor errors can be corrected using the contour refinement tool.

    Like any online service, it does not always cope with complex images. In this case, in the field on the left, where the original is placed, remove the excess with a red marker, and add the necessary one with green.

    • you can upload a lot of photos and quickly process them in order;
    • opens access to functionality without registration;
    • does not have many incomprehensible and unnecessary tools.
    • the utility is paid, so you won’t be able to download the picture – you will have to use services for a screenshot of the screen;
    • remains a watermark.

    Link to the service –

    One of the best services in the collection. It well recognizes people and large objects (for example, cars), and eliminates all other objects in the image. You need to upload the file from your computer, and the program will automatically remove the background. Here you can correct the result.

    The edge is crisp and realistic. The maximum upload size is 8 MB. Images up to 0.25 megapixels can be downloaded for free.

    • works automatically;
    • does not require registration;
    • free;
    • easy to use;
    • Russian speaking.
    • Larger sizes will cost extra.

    Make Image Transparent

    удаление заднего фона онлайн

    Service link –

    Application for simple work with images. Upload the desired file to the service and wait for it to remove the background. Cropping is accurate and clear – the program is able to define objects well. But if something does not suit you, use the tools:

    • eraser – to delete;
    • restore – for restoration.

    They open after clicking on the “Edit” button above the result issued by the service. With the finished picture, you can still work – process it, choose a background from a color or provided options, apply a filter. Despite the English interface, it is easy to navigate even for a beginner.

    • simple interface;
    • accurate definition of edges;
    • the ability to modify the image manually;
    • fast service.
    • a lot of advertising;
    • no translation into Russian.


    вырезать фон с фото

    Link to the service –

    To get started, you need to register on the site. The service works for free and has an English-language interface. How to use:

    1. Go to the main page and select “New Album”.
    2. Find the desired image on your computer and upload it to the service.
    3. Now find the “Magic Highlighter” tool in the Control Panel.
    4. Use it to select the area that you want to cut out from the background. This marker works semi-automatically, that is, you just set the direction, and the object is selected on its own. There is a tool to manually clean up the result.

    The new option is displayed in the thumbnail on the right. If you notice that you have captured too much, you can remove it with an eraser. It is also convenient to make the thumbnail brighter, the background translucent, add clarity, shadows. To download, click the “Finish” button – the picture will be saved to your album, and from there it can be downloaded to your computer.

    • you can upload a whole photo album at once;
    • ample opportunities for highlighting the main object;
    • basic tools for processing the result.
    • English interface;
    • even a semi-automatic tool highlights the desired part with errors and has to be finalized.

    Pixlr BG

    обрезать фон онлайн

    Link to the service –

    A simple Russian-language service that offers automatic cropping of any photo. To use it, you need to register on the site. It removes the background neatly and in most cases correctly, so the processing will take no more than a couple of minutes. The photo is downloaded to the computer without any problems directly from the working field.

    The cutting tools can be customized (brush size and softness) to achieve the desired effect. The service is fast. You can open multiple photos at once and edit them one by one.

    • no paid subscriptions;
    • simple interface in Russian;
    • pleasant design;
    • only the necessary functions.
    • The site states that there are no photo size limits, however, when trying to upload some files, an error is displayed.


    вырезать фон онлайн бесплатно

    Link to the service –

    For simple photos, this intuitive service is suitable. Here you need to upload a snapshot and click the “Apply” button – it will cut out the object in the foreground by itself. The service also provides standard tools for manually deleting and adding sections to correct the result.

    InPixio is free and does not require registration, and the interface is only in foreign languages. But thanks to a small number of tools and a simple processing process, it is not difficult to understand the site.

    • absolutely free;
    • does not require registration;
    • quite accurately determines the background.
    • English interface.

    Apowersoft Online Bakcground Remover

    Link to the service –

    This service works very well and removes the background without error. It is distinguished from the rest by the presence of different algorithms for calculating the main object. That is why, before uploading a photo, select what is shown on it:

    • People;
    • items;
    • logos, text.

    Then just select the desired file from the computer, wait 5 seconds and get high-quality cropping. By standard, there are “Erase” and “Keep” tools for removing and adding a background, respectively.

    • one of the best in carving;
    • very accurately determines the main part of the photo;
    • leaves neat edges.
    • The result is a logo.


    обрезка фона на фото онлайн

    Link to the service –

    Very easy to use Russian-language service. Allows you to quickly crop the background. Minus: does not provide tools for correcting the result. Cuts off the main object automatically and does not give you the opportunity to correct if you made a mistake somewhere.

    But he easily copes with simple images, where the main figure is clearly visible. If you don’t need detailed work and want to remove the background quickly and for free, this option is suitable. You can upload JPG or PNG images no larger than 15 MB.

    • intuitive control;
    • high speed of work;
    • no watermark.
    • No tools for manual refinement;
    • You can download the image only after registration.


    вырезать фон с видео онлайн

    Link to the service –

    An interesting service for those who need to remove the background of a GIF image. It’s completely free as long as the video is under 5 seconds long (Gifs are often that long). Registration is also optional. What do we have to do:

    1. Go to the site and go to the “Remove Video Background” tab.
    2. Select Free Clips.
    3. Upload a GIF file from your computer or choose from the built-in GIPHY database.

    The background will disappear automatically on the site. You can also find a gif on the Internet and simply paste a link to it, which is even more convenient – no need to download extra files. In the service, you can choose a new background for the GIF in the form of a color, picture, and even video.

    Other formats are also supported, such as MP4, MOV. The result is loaded in GIF and APNG formats. If necessary, you can download the gif frame by frame, in which case you will receive an archive with images in JPG format without a background.

    • a unique service for processing gifs;
    • a large selection of background replacement;
    • several ways to upload a video to the service.
    • GIF time limit;
    • incorrect cropping of complex animations.


    The Benzin service will automatically remove the background from any number of your images in just one click and a few seconds. The service is free, its main feature is streaming photo processing in 1C (relevant for online stores on 1C-Bitrix).


    Each service has more strengths than weaknesses, so they are all suitable for background removal. You need to choose based on your needs and knowledge of the language. All the resources presented in the selection are absolutely safe, so downloading the images processed there will not harm the computer.

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