Automate 24/7 YouTube live streams without leaving your computer on

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    If you produce video content, you probably want your influence on the audience to be significant. An excellent solution for you could be going live on the most popular platforms, such as YouTube, Twitch,  Facebook, and Instagram. Recently, live streams have become very popular among viewers, allowing content creators to attract new audiences and increase subscribers, likes, and comments. Another great feature of live streams is opening up new monetization opportunities, usually 1.5-2 times higher than regular videos.

    Unfortunately, live streams bring not only advantages but also some drawbacks. So, they can take up too much time; they are active for a specific time only, and this format is suitable for some channels. However, you can always make your task to go live more manageable with Gyre, the cutting-edge tool that allows you to run 24-hour live streams based on pre-recorded content.

    How does it work?

    Let’s figure out how to use Gyre for 24/7 live streaming on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and Instagram.

    1. Add your video content to Gyre.
    2. Then, choose the order in which the videos will be played.
    3. Select the social network on which the stream will be held and configure the stream parameters.
    4. Finally, paste the stream key into Gyre, set the start and end date, and its end time.

    It is essential to mention that Gyre does not access your channel. This way, you don’t have to worry that your content or data from the channel is unsafe.
    The format of 24/7 pre-recorded streams is perfect for channels where creators cannot engage with their audience face to face. For example, children’s channels, entertainment, educational, musical, and many others. In addition, such a continuous streaming format is welcomed on platforms like YouTube and Twitch and is not considered a repetition of video content.

    Key Guidelines for Maximizing the Utility of Gyre

    Now that you understand how to use the Gyre properly, let’s look at some practical tips on how to get the most out of this tool.

    1. Try to add videos with a total duration at least 40-60 minutes long.
    2. Convert videos according to YouTube recommendations. You can do this manually or use the built-in converter in Gyre.
    3. Start your stream at a time when your audience is most active.
    4. Try to relaunch your stream every three days. During this period, it is most attractive to viewers.
    5. To reach a larger audience, you can launch several diverse streams at the same time.
    6. Take different approaches through Gyre 24/7 live streaming. This way, you can collect and carefully analyze data that will help you increase your audience reach.

    Real-life Examples of Successful Gyre Streaming

    To make sure that Gyre helps improve the performance of any 24/7 live stream. Let’s look at some cases of using this tool.

    1. Case DONA English.

    On this channel, the audience reached 4.8 million. With Gyre’s help, the channel creator achieved impressive results in 10 days. During this period, continuous streams garnered over a million views and contributed to almost 50% of the total watch time on the channel. Notably, the average view duration on the streams is five times higher than regular videos — 8:40 (compared to 1:42 for regular videos).

    1. Case Dream_Fairy_DIY.

    Continuous streams are also valuable for medium-sized channels (683K subscribers). The author, who produces content in the crafting and handmade niche, integrates streams alongside regular videos. This strategy enables the generation of over 20% of the channel’s watch time through streams, attracting views (4.8% of total views come from them) and enhancing the average view duration — up to 5:58 (compared to 1:56 for regular).


    Incorporating streaming into your long-term content strategy can yield significant benefits. For instance, the channel gained nearly 2000 subscribers in just five months, with the average view duration reaching 52 minutes—surpassing the typical half-hour viewing time for regular videos.

    1. Case Prenses MeLisa.

    In nearly a year of active continuous stream launches, the channel accrued an additional 69.5 million views, surpassing 31.6 million views garnered by regular videos during the same period. Moreover, the live streams notably enhanced average viewer retention. For streams, this figure stands at 6 minutes, while for regular videos, it hovers just under 1 minute. The live streams exerted the most significant impact on the watch time metric, accumulating a staggering 7.19 million hours of viewing, constituting an impressive 94% of the total watch time.

    1. Case BIBO TOYS ESP.

    With an audience numbering in the millions, new releases quickly amass hundreds of thousands of views. However, in May 2023, the creator incorporated continuous live streams into their content strategy, starting with 6-8 simultaneous broadcasts. The outcome was nothing short of extraordinary improvements in their statistics. Within the first two weeks, views skyrocketed tenfold, and estimated revenue surged 14 times!

    Advantages of Employing Gyre for Continuous 24/7 Live Streaming

    As you can understand, using the Gyre tool allows content creators to gain wide audience coverage and increase views. At the same time, channel owners do not need to be constantly present on streams; they can launch one or several streams simultaneously and update them every few days to attract viewers. On average, they can expect a 20-30% increase in channel performance without investing almost any effort and time in creating content. In addition, channel owners do not have to worry about having powerful PCs since all streams go through Gyre servers. Anyone can sign up for a 7-day trial subscription to try out all the tool’s functions.