6 Ways to gain instagram followers in 2024

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    In this article I’ll tell you about ways to recruit Instagram subscribers, and we’ll look at the pros and cons of each method.

    The main function of followers in 2024 is to increase trust in your account. When a person comes from an advertisement to your profile, personal profile or store, he should not have a novelty trigger. The user should not think that you created your page today.

    Practice shows that if you run advertising on a page with a small number of subscribers, then such advertising is unprofitable in almost 100% of cases. This situation occurs due to the novelty trigger. People don’t trust pages that have few followers.

    підписники в Instagram

    How then to increase the number of subscribers? Let’s look at the main methods of recruiting subscribers.

    1. Buy Instagram followers

    Bots are the best solution at the initial stage of promotion. Getting Instagram followers is the cheapest way to close the novelty trigger. You can design your profile well, add photos, stories, gain 5-10 thousand subscribers, likes and comments.

    Your account will start to look attractive and you can already run ads on it based on your target audience. People will start actively subscribing. Targeted and other advertising will produce many times greater results.

    On the Trend24.top website you can get quality subscribers with a guarantee. Trend24 provides 6 packages for boosting subscribers, with prices starting from $0.099 per 100 subscribers. Detailed information about prices and available packages can be found on the website. When registering, receive a bonus of up to $5!

    Pros: low cost, can be set up quickly, the best option at the initial stage, the account will not look new.

    Cons: bots, inanimate audience.

    2. Launch of targeted advertising

    Targeted advertising is advertising aimed at specific people who may be interested in a particular product or service. You run ads on your posts or stress. People are starting to subscribe, but in very small numbers. The price for such a subscriber is very expensive – up to several dollars. To gain 1000 subscribers in this way, you need to spend 2000-5000 dollars just on advertising itself.

    Pros: many live subscribers.

    Cons: high price per subscriber; almost no one subscribes to an account with a small number of subscribers.

    3. Advertising with bloggers

    You order advertising from bloggers/publics on a page or on a page. A small part of people will subscribe, but the method is quite expensive.

    Pros: live subscribers.

    Cons: most bloggers will not agree to advertise a page that has 50 subscribers, low profile conversion.

    4. Masfollowing and oiling

    You subscribe to the pages of other users, scold, comment, watch stress and people can subscribe in response.

    Pros: live audience.

    Cons: strict limits on Instagram (they can block the account), a small number of people will subscribe to a new profile, this method does not work well in 2024.

    5. Conducting a drawing

    An Instagram giveaway is the organization of a competition or prize draw among your followers. This is an effective way to attract new subscribers, increase your profile activity and interaction with your audience.

    Giveaway organizers set certain conditions for participation, for example, you may be required to follow their profile, tag friends in the comments, use a certain hashtag, or take a certain action to enter the competition. Prizes are also determined by the organizers and can include a variety of things: from branded products to gift certificates or other interesting prizes.

    Pros: a set of live subscribers.

    Cons: if you have few subscribers, the method almost does not work.

    6. Participation in Giveaway

    Giveaway on Instagram is a form of giveaway where users can win certain prizes or gifts organized or sponsored by a certain profile in exchange for performing certain actions.

    Pros: real subscribers come, but they are not interested in your page.

    Cons: expensive, there may be unsubscribes from 30 to 80% immediately after the draw.

    So, to gain followers on Instagram you need to fill out your profile, add posts, fill out stories. Next, the easiest way is to gain subscribers, curses and comments. And when the profile already looks good and inspires trust, you can move on to targeted advertising, purchasing from bloggers and other methods of promotion.

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